Audi Q3 Problems: 7 Most-Known Issues (Explained)

The Audi Q3 is a compact, luxurious SUV that is popular for its fashionable styling, luxurious interior choices, high-end technology, and responsive handling.

However, just like every other vehicle, it is not impenetrable to problems.

In this article, we discussed the typical problems of Audi Q3 and the owners of the solution can employ if possible.

Before we dive in, would you like to know about the best and worst years of Audi Q3?

Common Problems With the Audi Q3

There are few complaints about the Audi Q3 compared with some brands. For example, Car Complaints recorded only 22 complaints for all 9 model years, 2015-2023. We listed the issues some owners have reported below.

1. Electrical Issues

From owners’ reports, there are a series of issues that developed in the Audi Q3 owing to electrical issues, which further negatively affected the functionality of certain features in the car.

This can range from minor to serious issues.

Some owners reported electrical issues related to the antenna not working properly or failing to work. There are also complaints about issues with lightning.

Some drivers reported the rear lights refuse to come on and affect other lighting systems in the car.

However, similar to this complaint is one where the owner mentioned all the light was malfunctioning while driving, and none will work.

There are quite a lot of complaints about the Audi Q3 electrical system.

Some owners also reported power steering failure, touch screen refusing to power on, power window malfunctioning, and air condition not functioning, among others.

However, note that these complaints are very few and not applicable to all model years. They are also more prominent in some model years than the others, such as the model year 2015.

For proper repairs, most electrical issues are best resolved when owners take their vehicles to certified mechanics for proper check and repair.

2. Faults With the Suspension

Suspension issues are another complaint Audi Q3 owners have reported mostly in their 2020 model years, though very few complaints.

According to owners, one of the common symptoms of suspension issues is excessive bumpiness or rough rides, where the car bounces up and down on a rough road.

This may be owing to a failed shock absorber causing a bounciness in the suspension.

You can check if this is the case by pressing the car down on one side and then releasing it to see if the car will bounce back and settle or bounce up and down a couple of times.

If the latter is the case, this may signify a problem with the shock absorber.

The issue can also be a clattering suspension owing to a tie-rod end or ball joints that are worn out. You can verify if this is the case by jacking up the vehicle, then moving the front wheel while holding the tie rod ends.

Any slight movement in the ends signifies the joints need changing.

Faulty suspension can also lead to oil leakage, control arm failure, saggy suspension, and uneven tire wear.

Whichever of the signs your vehicle is showing, the faulty suspension may be owing to worn-out parts, a design flaw, or another issue different from the ones we mentioned above.

However, whatever the cause may be, it is important to repair the suspension to guarantee the car’s performance and safety when driving.

Whether owners can or can’t perform the procedures we recommended above, it is best to visit a certified mechanic for a proper diagnosis and repair of any suspension issues in your car.

3. Transmission Problems

Some owners have complained about transmission issues in their Audi Q3, which may develop owing to overly aggressive driving, driving on rough roads, collisions, and others.

Others have complained of leaking transmission fluid, where there is a red fluid under the vehicle. This may be because of transmission fluid lines that have cracked over time because of heat and road debris.

There is also the possibility of a torque pump that has developed a crack or an axle seal that has weakened.

To solve the problem, the sources of transmission fluid leakage can be from the transmission pan or the transmission gasket.

Replacing the gasket will stop the leak. It can be because of loose bolts that attach the pan to the Q3 transmission, which owners can tighten.

Note that it is important to attend to any leakage urgently. This is because the transmission fluid is flammable and excess transmission fluid leakage can lead to more complicated issues.

Some owners have also complained of their Q3 cracking and squeaking, especially during acceleration. This may be owing to loss of fluidity in the transmission oil. Changing the oil in the gearbox may rectify this problem.

Note that changing the transmission oil on time, before the appearance of these noises, will help avoid damage to your car.

There are also reports of shakiness, whistling noises, or an odor of burning fuel emanating from beneath the hood.

Whichever you may notice from your vehicle may be owing to the reasons we mentioned above.

However, where symptoms persist, we recommend taking it to a certified mechanic for proper diagnosis, as some issues may occur owing to other reasons aside from those we mentioned above.

4. Engine Problems

There have been reports of the model years (2019 to 2022 Audi Q3) shutting off completely and refusing to start during drives several times.

Others complained the engine shut off completely and failed to start after stopping at traffic lights.

Though a delicate issue, some owners have reported Audi could not find a remedy for it and the only solution is for drivers to put the car back into ‘park’, then restart the engine.

This can be very dangerous, especially when driving on busy roads.

However, stalling engines in these cases can be owing to some electrical issues, such as a bad battery.

There are also reports of timing chain failure, which can lead to engine misfires, rattling sounds from the engine, and others.

We recommend owners take urgent action when they notice any of these in their vehicles. Visiting a certified mechanic for proper diagnosis and repair is necessary.

Where there is no solution for stalling engines yet, avoiding busy roads may be the best option when owners have to drive their cars.

For timing chain failure, it may warrant owners’ need to replace the timing chain or the whole engine where owners don’t attend to the car urgently.

5. Cooling System Issues

Issues with the cooling system may be owing to low coolant, which some owners have complained about in their 2018 model year.

Low coolant may result from radiator damage, bad radiator cap, bad radiator fan, bad thermostat, and faulty water pump.

Issues with a cooling system can lead to overheating of the engine in a vehicle, which can then lead to a burst head gasket, smoke coming from under the hood of the car, and a stuck temperature gauge.

It can also reduce the performance of the engine.

Note that a blown head gasket is a costly damage from overheating. It is more expensive to repair than a thermostat or water pump.

Whichever symptom you may have noticed, we recommend taking your vehicle to a certified mechanic for proper diagnosis and repair as needed.

6. Leaking Sunroof, Doors, and Windows

There are many complaints from owners about water leaking from some parts of their vehicles.

These include the sunroof, doors, and windows of their 2020 Q3 and, in certain cases, unidentified sources.

However, most of the complaints include leakage from the sunroof.

From reports, leakage can occur in the sunroof because of stress cracks in the plastic water channel encircling the sunroof or because there is a blockage in the drain tube.

Where the latter is the case, owners can clean out the tube to rectify this issue. However, we recommend taking your car to a professional for proper diagnosis and repair.

7. Problems With the Forward Collision Avoidance

For the 2022 Audi Q3 model year, some owners have reported complaints about malfunctioning forward collision avoidance.

Owners have reported the pre-sense system not working by failing to warn the driver of the object in the front, which can be dangerous where owners depend on the feature for safe driving.

We recommend taking your Q3 to your dealership for proper diagnosis and repair.

General Pros and Cons of the Audi Q3

Many pros come with the Audi Q3 models aside from the issues we mentioned above.


  • The Q3 offers solid built quality and attractive styling many owners love
  • Excellent ride quality for passengers’ comfort
  • High-quality materials for a luxurious look
  • Offers a long list of optional features
  • Model years offer enough safety features and good safety ratings


  • Electrical Issues
  • Faults With the Suspension
  • Transmission Problems
  • Engine Problems
  • Cooling System Issues
  • Leaking Sunroof, Doors, and Windows
  • Problems With the Forward Collision Avoidance

With all these cons, check out if your Q3 is part of the Audis you can lease or not.

What Do the Reviews Say?

According to reviewers, the Q3 offers good luxury and enough standard features as a sub-compact SUV. However, it may be slow with limited cargo space.

The 2023 Q3 is a good luxury subcompact SUV. It has a well-crafted and handsome interior and comes with plenty of standard tech and driver-assist features. It also comes standard with Audi’s Quattro all-wheel-drive system… The base engine is a little sluggish, however, and it doesn’t offer much cargo space.

Source: U.S. News

In some ways, there’s no doubt that the pint-sized Q3 delivers. Interior quality has long been an Audi hallmark, and the Q3’s got plenty of it. How about a hushed, compliant ride? Yep, the Audi comes through again with a suitably serene character on most surfaces…

Source: Edmunds

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What’s the Resale Value Of Audi Q3?

The resale value of the Audi Q3 differs based on year, condition of use, and trim levels, among others. However, we listed the resale value on each model according to Edmund’s prices below.

Year Mileage                       Price                       
2015 114,104 $9,683 – $17,796
2016 99,841 $12,028 – $21,008
2017 85,578 $13,976 – $25,901
2018 71,315 $16,288 – $25,824
2019 57,052 $18,910 – $32,139
2020 42,789 $22,565 – $33,100
2021 28,526 $25,100 – $35,113
2022 14,263 $27,141 – $38,182

Meanwhile, check this article to know about the common issues with Audi SUVs.


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