Are Atturo Tires Any Good? (Checked & Explained)

If you drive an SUV, truck, or crossover, then you will want to consider Atturo Tires.

These tires are uniquely designed to provide you with off-road performance and handling as well as excellent durability.

Here’s everything you will want to know about the current line-up of Atturo Tires.

What Many Miles Do Atturo Tires Last?

The treadwear warranty on most Atturo tires is about 50,000 miles. That means that eh tires will likely last about 50,000 miles before they need to be replaced. However, the actual mileage of the tires will depend on several factors.

Atturo Tires Closeup

First, you will have to consider how you use the tires. If you are doing a lot of off-road driving, then you will likely need to replace the tires before the 50,000-mile point.

That is because one mile over rough, uneven terrain will apply more wear to a tire versus driving on asphalt.

Another thing that you have to consider is the weather and the road conditions where you drive. For instance, if you drive in an area that gets lots of rain and snow, then your tires may undergo more wear than tires that are driven in an area with light weather conditions.

Also, consider how hard you drive the vehicle.

For instance, if you have a high-performance SUV, truck, or crossover, then chances are that you will be pushing the limits of the vehicle.

On the other hand, if you don’t drive aggressively, then there is the potential that you can make the tires last longer than 50,000 miles.

Finally, you will want to consider the weight of your vehicle.

For instance, if you put your tires on a heavy-duty truck that does lots of towing and hauling, then the weight on the tires may cause them to wear out faster.

How Noisy Are Atturo Tires?

Since Atturo tires are designed for SUVs, trucks, and crossovers, you can expect a little more noise from them. However, most owners have reported that they hear more of a hum than any intrusive noise during highway driving.

It is important to consider that you will be hard-pressed to find tires for SUVs, trucks, and crossovers that do not have some level of noise when they are driven at highway speed.

With that in mind, it is a good idea to take a look at each model and read the buyer reviews to see what they have to say about the road noise.

Also bear in mind that if you are purchasing Atturo tires that are designed primarily for off-road use, tire noise will be a little more apparent.

This will simply be the trade-off that you will have to make to own tires that will provide you with a higher level of grip.

Are Atturo Tires Reliable?

When it comes to the length of reliability, Atturo tires claim that they have a lifespan of about 5 years or 50,000 miles. Of course, the length of time and amount of miles will vary according to the way the vehicle is driven.

Given the category that Atturo tires occupy (affordable SUV, truck, and crossover tires), they are considered reliable. That is because the company specializes in a specific type of tire and each model comes with its treadwear warranty.

If you want to use your vehicle for lots of off-road use, then you should have no problem relying on Atturo tires.

However, if you are doing some extreme off-road driving, such as driving up a mounting in extreme conditions, then you will want to invest in premium off-road tires.

That being said, Atturo tires should be reliable enough for most SUVs, trucks, and crossover owners.

Are Atturo Tires Better Than Other Tires In The Same Price Range?

Atturo tires are considered to be one of the top picks in the affordable truck, SUV, and crossover category.

A full set of Atturo tires cost about $1,000 which puts the brand in the same competitive category as Continental and BF Goodrich.

One of the reasons some people may not consider Atturo to be as good as other brands are the fact that the company is relatively new to the market.

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Atturo tires have only been available since 2009.

Compare that to other tire companies which have been in the business for over 100 years. This simply means that Atturo has less of a track record, and they will need to take some time to prove themselves.

The bottom line is that Atturo tires are just as good as other tires in their price range.

However, the company’s lack of brand recognition may make it harder for them to stand out from the competition.

Where Are Atturo Tires Made?

Atturo tires are made in factories in Taiwan and Thailand, and the company’s headquarters is located in Waukegan, Illinois. The company may have only been in business since 2009, the factories that they use have been producing tires for over 80 years.

That means that the quality of the tires is excellent for their affordable price.

Some people may consider tires may outside of the United States, Europe, and Japan to be lower quality. However, there is no indication that Atturo tires are any lower in quality compared to other tires in their category.

Also, all Atturo tires come with a treadwear warranty that lasts up to five years.

This is where the tires are designed and where many of the tires are shipped out.

Before any tires are shipped to customers, they undergo a multi-point inspection to ensure that they meet company standards.

Are Atturo Tires Considered High Quality?

Atturo tires are considered to be among the best made off-road tires in their price range. While you should not expect these tires to compare to products twice their price, they should do the job for most drivers.

As an example, if you own an SUV and you like to drive off-road, then you should have no problem using Atturo tires to traverse over rocks, dirt, mud, and other terrains.

Also, if you intend to use your truck for towing and hauling, Atturo tires should be an ideal choice.

However, it is recommended that you become familiar with the specs on each particular tire before you make a final purchasing decision. That is because some Atturo tires are ideal for specific activities.

For instance, certain models are ideal for off-roading while others are excellent when it comes to driving in the snow.

Top Atturo Models

Currently, Atturo has about a dozen tire models available.

Here’s a look at four of their more notable and popular tire models that are currently available:

  • AZ800
    If you are looking for an affordable street tire for your SUV, then the AZ800 is going to be a solid choice. This tire has durable construction and provides lots of grips so you can confidently handle your SUV in rough road conditions.
  • AZ850
    If you want to add some more performance to your SUV or crossover, then you will want to check out the AZ850. This tire provides a better acceleration response to vehicles with higher horsepower ratings.
  • AW730
    The AW730 is the brand’s durable snow tire. Its unique tread pattern allows it to handle some of the most challenging snow, sleet, and icy road conditions.
  • Trail Boss
    This is the brand’s most massive tire. If you are looking for big, beefy tires for your truck or SUV, then the Trail Boss will give you the size and durability that you are looking for.

The Bottom Line on Atturo Tires

When it comes to affordable off-road driving, Atturo tires will be able to provide you with excellent value for your money. You should expect these tires to last you about 50,000 miles or five years.

While the brand may be newer compared to other tires makers, they are certainly worth consideration.


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