Are Arizonian Tires Any Good? (Checked)

Arizonian tires are some of the most affordable tires. Yet, most car owners often question their quality.
Are you one of the car owners who are not familiar with Arizonian tires?

Perhaps you want to buy Arizonian tires, but you want to ensure they last you longer?

This guide answers your questions and highlights some features of Arizonian tires.

How many miles do Arizonian tires last?

The Arizonian Silver Editions offers from 55,000 to 65,000-mile tread life warranty. This is a good indicator of how long the tires will last, and it places Arizonian tires as good standard tires that last a little longer than your average tire.


If any Arizona tires editions blow out before they attain the warranted mileage, you will get a new tire. But, you will replace them on a prorated basis.

Also, you will be responsible for covering a percentage of the tire’s replacement cost.

The warranty itself confirmation that the Arizonian tires can last you for years. Especially if you don’t have bad driving habits. Or if you make an effort to take good care of your tires.

The uniformity of the Arizonian Silver Edition is 2/32 inches of wear. That means your Arizonian tires may last you for nearly five years. Of course, that will depend on whether you buy them old or new.

Use the following tips to ensure your Arizonian tires last you longer:

  • Maintain proper air pressure regularly –
    If you drive your car with deflated tires will significantly increase wear and tear on your Arizonian tires.
  • Rotate your Arizonian tires –
    Get your Arizonian tires rotated at least every 5,000 miles.
  • Check alignment twice a year –
    If you drive a car with misaligned wheels, that will increase tread wear on your tires.
  • Balance your wheels –
    Driving your car with unbalanced tires will cause uneven wear. Or give your vehicle an uncomfortable ride.

How noisy are Arizonian tires?

A constant hum or the squealing sound of tires can be irritating. Thankfully, Arizonian tires are among the less noisy tires in the market.

Arizonian tires come with several features that make them reliable and less noisy. Arizonian tires’ advanced pitch sequencing and compact shoulder design reduce road noise.

With pitch sequencing, each Arizonian tire tread has design cycles or pitches. Circumferential lengths of replicated gradients are randomly modulated in a sequence to reduce the amount of noise on each tire.

So you should expect a quiet and comfortable ride altogether. Whether you are on the highway or the open road. Otherwise, if you hear any rattling noise, it can be due to your wheels being out of balance.

Or components of your suspension wearing out. Don’t delay if you hear any strange sounds. Take your car to a wheel expert to check your four wheels out.

If you can sort out those issues quickly, you will continue to enjoy a comfortable ride from your Arizonian tires.

Are Arizonian tires reliable?

Arizonian tires are among the most reliable and durable tires in the market. These tires won’t let you down as long as you take good care of them.

Features that make Arizonian tires stand out to include the following:

  • Optimized Tread Profile feature
    Arizonian tires have an all-season tread compound that makes them durable and comfortable.
  • Staggered Shoulder Blocks
    All Arizonian tires have staggered shoulder blocks that deliver impressive braking abilities. Other than that, the blocks help to improve your tire’s steering response.
  • Excellent handling
    All Arizonian tires have an asymmetric tread design that ensures excellent handling in any weather condition. You will navigate slippery terrain with peace of mind knowing that it has excellent traction.

Are Arizonian tires better than other tires in the same price range?

If you are looking for affordable and reliable tires, you should consider Arizonian tires. They are one of few tires that deliver all-year performance.

But price differentiation should not be the only Arizonian tire’s selling point. Besides price, Arizonian also offers excellent quality and durability.

Some tires in the same price range can’t match those qualities.

According to Discount Tire, Arizonian tires offer smooth handling and responsiveness better than many premium tire brands in the market.

Arizonian Tires come with computer-designed tread patterns that emphasize low-rolling resistance. This feature, on its own, guarantees you an excellent economy.

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Especially if you drive a typical passenger vehicle.

This all-season tire is suitable for all types of cars, family sedans, minivans, and crossovers. Even midsize SUV owners will benefit from using Arizonian tires. The tire’s performance puts it on par with other well-established brands in the market.

Most Cooper drivers looking for quality and affordable replacement tires choose Arizonian tires. While Cooper may not be one of the biggest manufacturers, it can certainly compete with tire brands such as Goodyear and Michelin.

Unfortunately, Arizonian tires tend to struggle to navigate heavy snow and ice. So if you live in a snowy region, you won’t find Arizonian tires helpful.

Where are Arizonian tires made?

All Arizonian tires are made in Cooper’s facilities in the United States. There was no need for Cooper to manufacture them overseas if they had all the facilities to manufacture tires locally.

In 2015, Cooper decided to launch Arizonian Silver Edition III tires. The brand has since become synonymous with:

  • quality,
  • reliability,
  • and comfort.

Arizonian Tires are exclusively available at Any car owner can use this e-commerce to order Arizonian tires and a wide range of other tires.

It promotes a wide range of brands, including Mastercraft and Starfire, to Roadmaster and Mickey Thompson.

Are Arizonian tires considered high quality?

Motorists consider Arizonian tires as one of the most durable tires. What sets these tires apart from other tire brands is that they are also insanely affordable.

The Arizonian tires have a lasting tread compound that easily traverses wet and dry conditions.

That’s not all.

The Arizonian tires have smaller serpentine blocks. Those blocks are responsible for giving tires a smooth and comfortable ride.

The tread of the Arizonian tire can endure all seasons. The lateral grooves and zig-zag stripes ensure that your ride is always smooth.

Furthermore, you will be getting other features that other brands do not offer. So you will be getting good value for your money.

If you are not a fast driver, Arizonian tires may last you for a long time. However, they won’t be helpful if you try to climb mountains or drive in snowy weather.

Arizonian tires are primary tires that will take you from point A to B. If you need anything more than that, consider other brands.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Arizonian tires are good. That said, if you want to get the best results out of them, pay attention to the following:

First, don’t keep Arizonian tires for more than ten years on your car. We expect Arizonian tires not to last more than three years for the most part. Once they exceed ten years, replace them immediately.

Secondly, Arizonian tires have a wide range of offerings for various purposes.
Hence, it’s always crucial to know what you are looking for. And most importantly, use only new Arizonian tires.

Thirdly, make sure you choose the suitable tire sizes for your car. In other words, the tires shouldn’t be too big or too small for your vehicle. Bigger tire sizes can confuse your engine and even cause damage to your suspension and stability system calibrations.

If you are unsure about the suitable tire sizes, check your owner’s manual.

It will have all the information that you need.

Alternatively, you can ask your tire technicians to help you. They will know which Arizonian tires will be perfect for your car.

Lastly, replace them if you see any signs that Arizonian tires are wearing out. Signs you should be on the lookout for include uneven wear, cracks and bulges, frequent air pressure issues, and discomfort.

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