How Long Do Cooper Tires Last? (Checked)

Cooper tires are one of the popular tires in the market. Yet, it’s nearly impossible to know how long they may last you.

Are you considering buying Cooper tires but unsure about their quality?

This guide answers that question and more.

How many miles do Cooper tires last?

Generally, Cooper tires can last you for 40,000 to 80,000 miles. It depends on each tire’s size or tread pattern. The longevity is also impacted by how you drive. Cooper tires will last 6 years if not being used.

For instance, the tread warranty of CS5 grand Touring is 80,000 miles. Whereas The Discoverer HT3 has 50,000 miles.

On the other hand, The Cooper AT3 tire has a lifetime warranty of 30,000 miles. But there are specific requirements that your claim for a warranty should meet.

Let’s look at them:

  • Your tires must be purchased new and used only on your vehicle.
  • You need to produce proof of purchase. In other words, you should have an invoice that proves when and where you’ve purchased your Cooper tires.

If your tire becomes damaged during the first 2/32″ circle, Cooper will replace it. And you won’t pay for the tire.

Still, Cooper Tires® and its authorized retailers reserve the right to reject your claim. They can also change the mileage warranty at their discretion.

Use the following tips to keep your tires in good condition:

  • Avoid under or overinflated tires.
    Driving under or overinflated tires may cause your tires to wear fast.

The easy way to check air pressure is by using a tire pressure gauge to measure your tires correctly. It will allow you to ensure Cooper tires get sufficient air pressure.

First, remove the valve cap on your tire. Then press the air pressure and wait for it stops making a hissing sound.

  • Rotate your tires regularly.
    You should rotate your Cooper tires at least every 6,000 miles.
  • Avoid hard braking.
    When you brake hard, your tires will squeal and wear out faster.
  • Inspect your tire for any damage
    Tire Condition and Age. If you see any cracks, that indicates that your tire is aging.
  • When your treads are 6/32 inches, your tire tread is sufficient.
  • If your tire tread is 5/32 inch, your summer tire won’t handle slippery roads.
  • It would help if you were concerned your tires are 4/32″ – 3/32″. Replace them immediately.
  • When your tires have 2/32″ tread, they need urgent replacement.
  • If you see abrasions, you should consider replacing your tires, too.

How many years do Cooper tires last when not used much?

The lifespan for Cooper tires is impressively longer than most tires in its segment. Expect Cooper your tires to last you up to 6 years when you don’t use them much.

Remember, tread depth is not the only way of determining the age of a tire. You should always check the tire’s date of manufacture. This way, you will be able to successfully establish the life span of each Cooper tire.

You will find the chronological age of your Cooper tire on the tire sidewall. Check the tire, and you will see characters following the symbol “DOT.”

The last four-digit code identifies the date your tire was manufactured.

Let’s put it into perspective:

The first two digits represent the week your represent your tire was manufactured, while the last two digits represent the year. For example, when you see 5021, that means the tire was manufactured in the 50th week of the year 2021.

Cooper® recommends replacing tires that are beyond ten years.

So, if your tires are ten or more years, replace them with new ones. Even when you think your tires have not reached their tread wear limits.

Do Cooper tires last longer than other brands?

Yes! Cooper tires can last more than many other brands, especially if you take good care of your tires.

Moreover, Cooper uses several rates to make their tires stand out.

First, Cooper uses traction ratings. With this rating, Cooper grades a tire according to its grip quality. The best Cooper should have an AA rating. At the same time, a tire with the lowest rate will get a C grading.

Secondly, Cooper uses a score of 300 to 500 to measure the tread wear of a tire. That means a tire that has a 300 score will ultimately have less tread wear.

Thirdly, Cooper tires measure temperature resistance:

This measurement allows Cooper to evaluate how well its tire will perform in extreme heat. Again, Cooper uses A, B, and C metrics to establish this. With A being excellent, B for sufficient, and C for mediocre.

Are Cooper tires worth the high price?

Most definitely! First, Cooper tires are of good quality. Secondly, they are available at an insanely low price.

Besides, when you purchase Cooper tires, you are guaranteed durability, comfort, and integrated technologies.

Cooper tires’ prices start at $70 to $530, depending on the size of tires you are looking for.

We can safely say Cooper Tires offer you good value for your money. Hence, Cooper Tires won the 2022 Best Value title.

Copper tires match almost every region. They are one of few tires with fuel-efficient low rolling resistance tires abilities. Here are the factors that influence the price of Cooper tires.

  • Cooper’s brand
    Cooper is a reputable brand, so most car owners aren’t hesitant to buy Cooper tires.
  • The size of the tire
    Smaller tires tend to cost less than large tires.
  • Type of tire
    Flat-runs, low profiles, and similar Ultra-High-Performance tires will cost slightly more.
  • Raw materials:
    The type of materials Cooper uses to produce a tire will also impact the overall price.

How do Cooper tires rate?

Nearly all Cooper tires have a better rating. They have a UTQG overall rating of at least 500, which is impressive compared to other brands.

In contrast, other competing tire brands have an average rating of 400.

Interestingly, all Cooper winter tires have M+ S rating. Their tires are not likely to disappoint when you navigate snowy weather.

Are Cooper tires still considered high-quality?

Cooper tires are considered high-quality tires by many car owners. They are also one of the few tire manufacturers that prioritizes quality and good.

Cooper makes sure that all tires are durable and dependable. They do this by focusing on the quality and the safety of tires.

Cooper tires offer comfort and outstanding performance on the road. And if you take good care of your tires, they will last you for years.

It is crucial to note that the longevity of Cooper tires doesn’t mean you should use Cooper tires after ten years. Or that you should consider installing old Cooper tires.

Here are some of the factors that Cooper focuses on when manufacturing quality tires:

  • The tire’s design
    Copper makes sure that each tire gets enough grooves, treads, and wide shoulder notches.

They do this by applying the tread compound method to keep you safe on the road. Also, to enhance fuel-efficiency on your car.

  • Adaptive traction formula
    All Cooper tires have an adaptive traction formula and Secure Grip pattern. Thanks to these two features, you will have reasonable control of your car. Even on slippery roads.

Final Thoughts

The tire wear of your standard Cooper tires will depend on the terrain you drive and the region in which you live. For instance, if you live in an area with mostly gravel roads.

Or where there are snowy weather conditions.

Don’t expect your Cooper tires to last you long.

If you live in a snowy region, consider using Cooper Weather-Master tires and the Cooper Discoverer M+.

Both tires offer the best grip on snow and ice. Besides, both tires have a very high density of sipes in the tread. Sipes will allow you to drive on snow with peace of mind.

Remember, the longevity of your Cooper tires will depend on your driving habits and how you maintain your tires.

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