Are Goodyear Tires Quiet or Noisy? (Read this First)

Goodyear has been making tires for over a century, putting it among the oldest and most successful tire brands.

The company’s tires offer superior quality, comfort, and fuel efficiency. Are they quiet as well?

Find out in this article.

Are Goodyear Tires quiet or noisy?

Goodyear tires have a reputation for their quiet performance and remarkably smooth rides. Much of this is because of the SoundComfort tire technology that reduces tire noise to the barest minimum.

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Are Goodyear Tires More Quiet Than Other Brands?

Yes, Goodyear tires are definitely quieter than many tire brands on the market today. Only a handful of tire brands can compete with the American tire maker in terms of noise reduction.

This includes premium brands such as Michelin, Bridgestone, and Continental.

Why are Goodyear tires quiet compared to their rivals? First, the SoundComfort technology on these tires reduces the level of noise getting into the cabin by 50%.

The SoundComfort technology is a simple system that uses a built-in sound barrier to cushion vibratory effects on tires.

This barrier is a polyurethane foam layer attached to the inner tire surface, which reduces tire vibration.

When a tire vibrates, the air in it also vibrates, causing tire cavity resonance. The resonance is responsible for the noise that filters into your vehicle’s interior during trips.

With Goodyear’s SoundComfort technology, tire vibration and tire cavity resonance reduces, resulting in a tranquil riding experience.

Second, Goodyear uses asymmetric tread designs and Resonance Attenuated silencer grooves on its tires. Both features combine to kill road noise and vibrations for a quiet ride.

Goodyear used unique tire technologies and innovative tread design to create these quiet tires.

This is further proof of the American tire manufacturer’s dedication to improving ride comfort for its customers.

How Are Goodyear Tires Tested for Noise?

Before mass production, Goodyear tests its tires against different criteria, including noise. Goodyear’s in-house engineers, government-run testing bodies, and independent auto publications and organizations conduct the tests.

This approach, called the “360°Quality Tests Approach”, maintains the integrity of the testing process.

Goodyear conducts the following tests to determine noise levels on its tires:

  • a. Coast-by test:
    The aim of this test is to measure the incidence of tire noise while driving. The test driver will enter the track at a stipulated speed, cut the engine, and then engage neutral. Thus, he coasts by the microphones placed on both sides of the track.
    The microphones pick up the sound from the vehicle to determine the external rolling noise on the tires. Typically, the driver repeats this maneuver twice. In the first, he enters the test zone at 70km/h; the second, at 80km/h.
  • b. Constant speed test:
    This test measures vehicle noise, to which road/tire noise, contributes, at a consistent speed. In this case, the vehicle moves through the track at a fixed speed (usually 50km/h).
  • c. Acceleration (wide-open throttle test):
    Like the constant speed test, the acceleration test measures vehicle noise caused by the tires. The only difference is that the driver does not move through the test zone at a constant speed. Rather, he enters at 50km/h, with the vehicle in second or third gear and accelerates as he drives through the track.
    Note that the previously mentioned tests only measure external rolling noise and vehicle noise.

Goodyear uses the following procedure to measure interior vehicle noise:

  • First, engineers set up the testing apparatus. This includes a rotating drum covered with a replica of a coarse road surface, a tire (size 205/55R16), and seven microphones.
  • Afterwards, the rotating drum is accelerated up to a point (60km/h), and then the microphones measure the sound pressure of the tires in decibels (dB).

What Goodyear Tires Are the Quietest?

Here are some of the quietest tires from the Goodyear brand:

Goodyear Assurance ComfortTred

Road noise increases significantly when you drive over rough ground, bumps, expansion joints, and all uneven ground.

To mitigate this, the Goodyear Assurance ComfortTred features a shock-absorbent layer that cushions vibratory effects of driving over uneven roads.

Additionally, the tire comes with wide circumferential grooves and asymmetric tread pattern that reduce tire friction and noise. This results in a silent ride that is both comfortable for drivers and passengers.

However, the Goodyear Assurance ComfortTred is more than just a quiet tire, and can hold its own performance wise. Thanks to special tread pattern, grooves, and shoulder blocks, it gets a good grip and stability on dry pavement.

Moreover, sturdy tire sidewalls mean you can expect exceptional tread life and increased durability.

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Goodyear Eagle LS-2 Radial

An all-season tire should offer year-round traction, stability, and responsive steering. The Goodyear Eagle LS-2 Radial Tire provides noiseless riding as a bonus. It performs excellently on wet roads, in part because of its use of wide grooves that remove water effectively.

Suitable for a range of vehicles including sedans and crossovers, the LS-2 tire combines impressive performance and durability.

A specially formulated all-season tread mixture and symmetric triple tread block pattern boost this tire’s grip on dry roads.

Likewise, nylon-reinforced steel belts in the tires ensure long-term durability.

The unique, computer-optimized tread blocks eliminate road noise and vibrations, meaning you can have the quiet rides you desire.

Moreover, a polyester cord body further helps increase the smoothness and quietness of the ride.

Goodyear Wrangler Radial

SUV-specific tires, with their aggressive tread patterns, are hardly quiet on rides. However, the Goodyear Wrangler Radial tire shows that all-season SUV tires can provide stable, quiet, comfortable rides.

It features several design elements that bolster its smoothness, ride quality, and handling.

For example, the tire combines an optimized tread pattern with a sturdy all-season compound for increased grip on wet surfaces. It also has full-depth grooves that eliminate water to prevent hydroplaning.

Dry performance is stellar, too, with bigger tread blocks giving this tire excellent grip on dry roads.

The innovative tread pattern and design ensure noise on the Goodyear Wrangler tires is minimal. This is good, especially for individuals who want a quiet riding experience.

Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac

The Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac is an all-round performer and offers superior grip on both slick roads and dry pavements. One factor responsible is Goodyear’s TractiveGroove technology.

Located at the bottom of the tire’s circumferential grooves, the TractiveGroove tech boosts traction in deep snow and mud.

Furthermore, the Wrangler DuraTrac features angled shoulder blocks and a symmetrical tread pattern that increase stability in different road conditions. These features, coupled with traction-enhancing aggressive grooves, make the Wrangler DuraTrac a champion on all surfaces.

Typically, stiffer treads, like those found on the DuraTrac tires, often increase noise level. However, Goodyear engineers have made sure the aggressive treads do not become a source of noise on the tires.

How? The traction grooves and crosscut sipes prevent the trapping of air in the tires, which lowers tire noise.

Goodyear Fortera HL Radial Tire

Already used as OEM equipment on several trucks and SUVs, the Fortera HL radial tire is one of the best tires in its class.

The product offers all-season traction and control, with tranquil performance as a bonus. It is also a delight to drive in all road conditions, thanks to its innovative tread design.

The Goodyear Fortera HL Radial tire combines special all-season tread and optimized tread design for improved traction and handling on wet and dry surfaces.

Meanwhile, bigger tread blocks and center ribs provide a mix of excellent steering response, improved cornering, and better handling qualities.

Road noise and vibration are somewhat subdued on this tire, as it uses a computer-optimized tread pattern.

This means you can go for rides without having to deal with excess interior noise.

What Goodyear Tires Are Noisier?

Here are some noisier tires from Goodyear:

Goodyear Assurance FuelMax

The Assurance FuelMax is an energy-efficient tire that comes with a fuel-saving tread compound.

However, reports suggest buyers have to choose a tradeoff between fuel savings and comfortable riding. According to customers, the noise level on the Assurance FuelMax is near unbearable and decreases ride quality.

A Toyota Camry owner said he noticed high road noise on the Assurance FuelMax immediately after mounting them.

Similarly, a Mazda CX-9 owner said road noise on this tire often increased significantly once the car reached 55 mph.

Like the previous owner, the Mazda owner noticed the problem even while the tires were new.

Researching further, we found additional noise-related complaints for the Assurance FuelMax tires. A Honda Pilot owner reported instances of the tires squealing when turning at corners. This owner also added that the tires made an irritatingly loud noise, even on smooth roads!

Can You Make Goodyear Tires More Quiet?

If you do the right things, you can significantly reduce the noise on your Goodyear tires. Below is a list of activities that can help make your tires quieter:

  • Replace wheel bearings
  • Replace worn suspension components
  • Rotate your tires regularly
  • Get your wheels aligned properly
  • Rebalance your tires
  • Ensure your tires have the correct amount of air pressure
  • Try driving at lower speeds

Which Tire Brand Is The QUIETEST?

dunlop tire

As almost every major tire brand is in the industry-wide competition to produce quiet tires, it is hard to pick the quietest.

However, we have compiled a list of the quietest tire brands to aid your buying decision:

1. Bridgestone

2. Michelin

3. Goodyear

4. Dunlop

5. Pirelli

6. Continental

7. Cooper

8. Hankook


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