Do All Cars Come With Floor Mats? (Checked)

Car floor mats are used to protect the car from filth and wear.

In this article, we will answer your questions about whether all cars come with floor mats.

We will also look at the reasons some people upgrade their floor mats.

Here’s the short answer to whether all cars come with floor mats:

Not every car comes with floor mats. Whether your vehicle comes with floor mats depends on the model, trim level, car dealership and other variables. Thankfully, car floor mats are cheap and you can buy them easily if they didn’t come with your vehicle.

Do You Always Get Floor Mats With a New Car?

You can always get floor mats with a new car. It depends on the brand and sometimes the dealer. Most car models automatically come with floor mats while others don’t.

There may be instances your dealer requires you to pay for them. In others, the car dealers already included the prize of the floor mats in your purchase.

In these cases, these car mats are always superior to the free carpet mats that came with your new car.

Also, some car companies manufacture quality, customized, durable, superior floor mats for their cars. However, they may require you to pay to get the product.

You can ask your dealer for your mats if they didn’t install any in your car.

They will give you the free carpet mats that come with new cars. They should if your car brand includes them.

The dealership may consider installing the superior mats in your car for free. It depends on the situation that surrounds your transaction.

Such situations include a car that has been in their inventory for too long. That they want it out of their custody with no further delay might get you free carpets.

Another reason might be that they have made enough profits from your payment. You already covered the cost of the mats.

The last case is the car dealer wants to give you for free. It may be an act of excellent customer service.

Ask for your floor mats if your dealer didn’t include them in your purchase. Through your inquiries, your dealer will inform you if they came in your car or not. Why do some people upgrade the original floor mats?

Consumers install car mats in their cars for more protection and better aesthetics. They come in different materials, designs and forms.

People don’t just decide to upgrade their car mats for no reason.

Reasons People Upgrade Their Car Mats

The materials used in car mats range from rubber to carpet mats. Most cars come with floor mats that consumers consider incompetent in a lot of ways. Here are some reasons to upgrade your floor mats:

Quality and Durability

People upgrade their car mats because of quality and durability.

In most cases, they exchange the floor mats that came with their cars for all-season rubber mats. Consumers trust rubber mats for:

  1. The ability to protect cars effectively
  2. Their quality materials
  3. Their ability to serve in all weathers
  4. And their ability to last long

You can’t be certain your original car mats are one of the best because they came with your car.

Inspect and ensure they are serving the purpose you installed them for. Upgrade them if they aren’t.


Also, people upgrade their car mats because the original ones failed to satisfy their preference. 

People want to be comfortable and satisfied with the looks of their car mats. They want car mats that have lovely designs and colors.

People believe the color and designs of car mats tell a lot about them. And some people just prefer certain colors or designs for no reason.

Most car mats that come with cars don’t have these features.

Whether it is because of color or design, it is one reason consumers pay to have their car floor mats changed.


People change their original car mats because of mobility. They need their car mats to stick to one spot.

The shifts some original car mats make when the drivers step on the pedal can be uncomfortable. It is why people call upgrade to floor mats with Velcro that remain in position despite the movement of the car occupants.

Do Toyota Cars Come With Floor Mats?

Toyota cars come with floor mats. In most cases, the quality of these car mats is low and you may prefer to upgrade them.

If the upgraded version of your car mats does not suit you, you can request its removal or a change.

There are instances your car dealer would have already upgraded them for you and add the cost to your payment.

Also, Toyota produces top-tier car floor mats for their customers. They install these car mats based on your preference. You can also customize them.

You should know they are not for free.

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Do Kia Cars Come With Floor Mats?

Not all Kia cars come with floor mats. For some of their products, you buy them separately. Kia has various car mat designs available for its consumers.

You can purchase your floor mats specifically for your car model. You can also make requests for special designs.

Sometimes, the dealers would have helped you install them. You can change them to your preference.

Do BMW Cars Come With Floor Mats?

Your BMWs cars come with carpet mats just like most car brands. You may upgrade them to superior mats.

If you are lucky, you may get it for free from your dealer.

Do JEEP Cars Come With Floor Mats?

JEEPs come with car floor mats. They include them in your cars as standard offers. You can change them just like other cars’ mats.

Do Audi Cars Come With Floor Mats?

Audi includes carpet floor mats in your car. They come with your new car for free. You can decide to change or upgrade them depending on your preference and needs.

Audi also sells floor mats that are shaped into your car’s model. You can customize them.

You should include car mats in your budget when buying your Audi car.

Do Hyundai Cars Come With Floor Mats?

Your Hyundai car comes with floor mats.

You should consider authorized Hyundai car mat dealers if you want to upgrade them. Your car dealer too can provide them for you.

Do Honda Cars Come With Floor Mats?

Honda cars come with floor mats. The floor mats are carpet mats you will want to upgrade.

Honda, however, produces the floor mats you need for your cars. They are of better quality and durability than their original car floor mats.

Do Mini Cars Come With Floor Mats?

Minis cars come with floor mats. These floor mats are ordinary, just like other car mats.

You may consider opting for all-weather floor mats when purchasing your car. You are required to pay for them.

If not, consider upgrading your floor mats from other vendors.

Do Subaru Cars Come With Floor Mats?

Subaru cars come with carpet floor mats. You can include their all-weather rubber mats in your package.

The Subaru offers a series of packages in their services. You can choose from them during your purchase.

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Do USED Cars Come With Floor Mats?

Some used cars don’t come with floor mats while others do.

Most previous users do include car mats when selling their cars to dealers. It depends on the dealer to include them in your purchase.

They can give you if you ask for them, in cases where they didn’t add them. And some dealers include floor mats in your car only if you pay for them.

I will like to inform you that most dealers include floor mats that are of lower quality and durability in your cars. You may need to upgrade them like most customers.

Do Carvana Cars Come With Floor Mats?

Carvana deals in used cars on an online platform. They purchase and sell used cars online. They own physical companies in the USA and they are the first of their kind.

Carvana includes floor mats in their cars, depending on the car model and design. You can ask for them if your car mats are missing.

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