Where Can You Drive a U-Haul? (8 Helpful Examples)

U-Haul is the go-to rental company among many people who are trying to move from one location to another, whether in-state or out of state.

This is owing to its many locations, which makes it easy for customers to rent vehicles and return them with no stress.

However, despite finding U-Haul in almost every location, this does not mean you can drive them everywhere.

In this article, we will discuss if drivers can drive U-Haul to certain locations, tunnels, lanes, tolls, and freeways. Read along as we discuss these topics depending on the type, size, weight, height, and width of the U-Haul. 

This Is the Answer to Where You Can Drive a U-Haul:

You can drive a U-Haul to almost anywhere. As long as you meet the requirements and you are ready to abide by the rules and regulations governing the place. Also, U-Haul doesn’t limit you from driving to places that permit their vehicles, even if you need to cross the US/Canadian border.

Can U-Haul Vans Drive on Parkways?

U-Haul vans of a certain weight, height, and size can drive on parkways. These include U-Haul cargo vans and the 10-foot vans in most states. These vans have a weight that doesn’t pose any actual harm.

However, U-Haul vans with a weight that is over 26,000 pounds fall under commercial vehicles, as stated by the law. The vans do not have access to the parkways because their weight can pose a danger of crashes.

Can U-Haul Vans Drive on the Freeway?

You can drive U-Haul vans on the freeway because most freeways are usually accessible to all vehicles except pedestrians and bicyclists. Also, freeways are public ways that the government built for long, safer, and faster travel.

Note that to drive a U-Haul van on a freeway, these lanes have a limited speed. The minimum speed the US federal government allows on an interstate freeway is 45 mph, but may differ from state to state.

However, vehicles that cannot drive at this minimum speed limit will delay transportation movements, thus the USA does not allow them on the road. So far, U-Haul vans can drive at 45 mph and more and fall under the category that can legally move on freeways.

Can You Drive a U-Haul Out of State?

U-Haul vehicles can go out of state when drivers rent them for one-way moves. With the one-way move, you can move across town, state, or even the country.

Also, the one-way move allows you to drop the vehicle at another U-Haul location that is closer to your destination.

However, moving to another country means adhering to new regulations and laws. We advise renters to accustom themselves to these regulations and laws before taking a U-Haul to such a country.

Also, note that U-Haul will charge you based on the type of vehicle, the size, the location, the point of origin, the period of rent, and the drop-off location when you rent a vehicle with them.

Can You Take a U-Haul to Canada?

U-Haul does not limit its vehicles to only the states in the USA. With locations in Canada, you can take U-Haul there provided you will abide by the law of the Canadian border.

Also, be sure you have the legal documentation for such moves.

So far, there is no limit to the type and size of U-Haul vehicles that can enter Canada. Drivers can drive U-Haul trucks, trailers, vans, and U-Box containers to Canada without restriction, provided they meet all requirements.

Also note that Canadian law may not allow certain things to cross the border with you, especially certain edibles and ammunition. And you may need to present certificates for some of your goods before they can move in with you.

Make an in-depth inquiry about the requirements and guidelines before making a move to Canada with U-Haul.

Can U-Haul Drive in the Carpool Lane?

The regulations for U-Haul vehicles that can use the carpool lane differ from state to state. However, in most states, certain U-Haul vehicles can drive in the carpool lane provided they carry only a certain number of passengers and have the right weight and size.

Common to these states is that they do not allow vehicles towing trailers, large trucks, and vehicles that are subject to a 55 MPH speed limit to use the carpool lane. Any U-Haul that falls under this category will have to find another route to get to its destination.

But a few states have different regulations. One is Arizona, which allows vehicles to pull a trailer on the HOV lanes.

Virginia, however, allows any vehicle with 2 or 3 passengers to use the lane during HOV hours. Any other time allows the lanes to be opened to all vehicles.

Endeavor to check with your state before using a carpool lane in your location, as these states carry different regulations.

Can You Take a U-Haul Through the Lincoln Tunnel?

U-Haul vehicles can go through the Lincoln tunnel but must be of the right weight, height, width, and dimension. However, note that whichever U-Haul it is, they can’t go in the center tube.

U-Haul vehicles that do not meet the required specifications will have to contact the port authority to get approval. These vehicles include vehicles that exceed the height of 13 feet (156″), the width of 8 feet, and 6 inches (102″).

Vehicles that exceed 80,000 pounds of gross weight, a single axle exceeding 20,000 pounds, and a tandem axle exceeding 34,000 pounds require a permit to use the tunnel. U-Haul vehicles that do not meet this specification must get a permit to use the Lincoln Tunnel.

Note that drivers will pay tolls to use the Lincoln tunnel when going in the New York-bound direction.

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Can a U-Haul Go Through the Holland Tunnel?

U-Haul can go through the Holland tunnel provided they are trucks that fall under the category of commercial vehicles in classes 1, 2, and 3.

They must be two- and three-axle single-unit trucks. Also, these trucks must not exceed the height limit of 12 feet 6 inches and a width limit of 8 feet.

The U-Haul pickup trucks meet these criteria, but not the larger trucks. However, if you are carrying cargo that is overweight or over-dimensional, you will need to get approval from the tunnel authority to use the tunnel.

Also, note that U-Haul vehicles and equipment that fall under classes 4, 5, and 6 cannot use Holland vehicles.

These are trucks with four, five and six axles. The bridge authority also prohibits U-Haul trailers, tow vehicles, and vans from using the tunnel, just like in regular vehicles.

However, U-Haul drivers will pay a toll to use the Holland tunnel on the way to New York.

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Can a U-Haul Go Through Tolls?

U-Haul can go through tolls. It does not matter because it’s a U-Haul. What matters is to get the toll paid.

Whichever U-Haul vehicle you are driving, when you take it through a toll road, U-Haul gets the toll bill as the registered owner of the vehicle.

The company has the obligation to pay the toll and charge the customers that incur the charges, as they have stated in their contract. However, U-Haul will notify the customers through messages or emails if there is a need to pay a toll bill.

Note that if you are towing a trailer, the toll company will bill varying charges for the trailer and the towing vehicle. Also, there is a $1 administration fee on every toll charge that a U-Haul driver incurs that is against the contract.

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