Where Are Toyota Mirais Made? (Solved & Explained!)

The Toyota Mirai is Toyota’s only hydrogen-powered vehicle.

Because the Mirai is powered by hydrogen rather than electricity, it emits water vapor instead of smoke.

If you are looking for a dependable alternative-fuel car, the Mirai is proving to be worth the money.

Where is the Toyota Mirai made?

Toyota Mirai is made in Japan in Toyota City. They are not produced in the United States. However, the United States does market them and sells them quite frequently. You can see where your car was produced on your vehicle’s VIN.

Where Are Toyota Mirais Being Made?

The Motomachi plant in Toyota City produces the Mirai.

Since the Mirai operates on hydrogen extracted from water, rather than electricity, it is no wonder the vehicle is built at Toyota’s roots, Japan.

Are Toyota Mirais for the U.S. Market Produced in the U.S.?

The United States does not produce the Mirais it sells.

Toyota Mirai is only made in Japan. Nevertheless, the U.S. market generates the highest sales of the Mirai.

Even the Japanese car market does not sell as much Toyota Mirais as the United States of America.

According to Wikipedia, Toyota has sold about 6,200 Mirais in the United States, while 3,500 units have been sold in Japan as of December 2019.

Are They Assembled in the U.S.?

The Toyota factories in the U.S. do not assemble the Mirais it sells.

The Motomachi plant, the factory that produces them, is also responsible for assembling them.

How Can You Tell Where a Specific Mirai Was Produced?

All Toyota Mirai cars were produced in Japan. So, if your car is a Toyota Mirai, you can be certain it was made in Japan.

To determine whether your car was produced in Japan, check the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

The VIN is a unique code that indicates the model year of a car, the location where it was manufactured, and other basic information.

You can find it on the metal dashboard of your Mirai.

The first character on your car’s VIN represents the country where it was produced. Where the car was produced outside America, the first character would be a letter.

Since Toyota Mirais are only produced in Japan, the first letter on your VIN will certainly be the letter ‘J.’

Are the Japanese or European Built Mirais Better?

No Toyota factory in Europe builds the Mirai.

As a matter of fact, Japan is the only country where the Toyota Mirai is manufactured. So, this question is not applicable to the vehicle.

That said, we can assure you that the Toyota Mirai provides excellent quality to its users.

Several reviews of the vehicle claim it rides smoothly and has a comfortable cabin.

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Where Is the Mirai Designed?

The Toyota Mirai was designed in Japan by Yoshikazu Tanaka, Product Manager of Toyota’s Product Planning Group and his group of designers.

Where Are Toyota Mirais Made for the Australian Market?

The Toyota Mirai sold in the Australian market are produced in Japan.

Where Are Mirais Made for the Canadian Market?

The Motomachi plant in Toyota City, Japan, builds the Toyota Mirai sold in the Canadian market.

Where Are Mirais Made for the U.K. Market?

The Toyota Mirai vehicles sold in the U.K. market are manufactured in Japan.

Is Toyota Planning to Move Its Production?

Toyota does not intend to move production of the Mirai anytime soon.

Is Toyota Hiring or Firing People in the U.S.?

Toyota will hire new staff in the United States of America this year.

The organization put out job postings on Glassdoor, a job search website, in July 2020.

Also, the Mazda-Toyota partnership announced its plans to hire new factory workers at its Alabama plant in January 2020.

If you are considering applying for any of the vacant positions, you’ll need to prepare yourself for a series of tests.

Besides interviews, Toyota takes its job candidates through background checks and drug tests.

So, convicted felons and alcohol addicts will probably not get the job. Nevertheless, a guest blogger on indeed.com, another job search website, claims Toyota may consider convicts for temporary positions.

Unlike its rival vehicle brands, Toyota does not plan to fire any members of staff in the States this year.

While Toyota may not sack workers this year, it will reduce the number of temporary factory workers employed by partner agencies.

The action was influenced by the negative effects of the coronavirus on Toyota’s sales.

In spite of this, Toyota will not keep the excess generated from the cut to itself. Rather, it will donate the money to coronavirus funds in the United States.

Is Toyota an American Company?

Toyota is based in Japan.

However, the company has established factories in many countries outside Japan, including the United States of America.

In fact, the largest Toyota factory is located in Georgetown, Kentucky, USA.

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