Where Are Honda Passports Made? (Solved & Explained)

The Honda Passport offers typical crossover SUV qualities, including attractive styling and copious cargo space.

It also has a comfy cabin that features several creature comforts.

In this article, we consider where the Honda Passport vehicles are made.

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Where Are Honda Passports Made?

Honda makes the new-generation Passport at its manufacturing plant in Lincoln, Alabama, USA. However, manufacturing of previous models took place at a plant in Lafayette, Indiana. The shift in production location of the Passport reflects the model’s journey.

When the Passport was a re-badged Isuzu SUV, it was manufactured at the Subaru Isuzu plant in Lafayette, Indiana, until 2002.

Honda re-introduced the Passport in 2019 and moved production to the Honda Manufacturing of Alabama (HMA) plant in Lincoln, Alabama.

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Are Passports for the U.S. Market Produced in the U.S.?

Currently, Honda produces Passports for the American market at its Lincoln, Alabama plant in the USA.

A 2020 Cars.com study found the Passport to be 7th most “American-made” vehicle. That meant a large number of the parts in the Passport were produced locally in the United States.

Are They Being Assembled in the U.S.?

Besides sourcing parts for the Passport locally, Honda assembles the model in the US as well.

Presently, assembly of Passport vehicles takes place at Honda’s plant in Lincoln, Alabama.

Honda assembled older generation Passports in the US at the Subaru Isuzu plant in Lafayette, Indiana.

The reason for this was an agreement between Honda and Isuzu to exchange certain models in their respective lineup. So, in reality, the Honda Passport was just an Isuzu car with a Honda badge.

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How Can You Check Where a Specific Passport Was Produced?

You can check the production location of your Honda Passport by checking its release date.

Older Passport models (1993-2002) were manufactured in collaboration with Isuzu Automotive at the latter’s factory in Lafayette, Indiana.

However, Honda has been producing the new-generation Passport models (2019-present) at its factory in Lincoln, Alabama.

You could check the Vehicle Identification Number to confirm your vehicle’s production location as well. The VIN is a 17-character string that represents your car’s identity.

Vehicles made on the American continent will have a number as the first character of their VIN.

Cars made in Europe, Asia, and other continents will usually have a letter as the first character of their VIN.

Are Japanese or European Built Passports Better

Honda has never built — and doesn’t build — the Passport SUV in Japan or Europe, only in the United States. As such, this question does not apply to the Passport models.

Where Is the Passport Designed?

The Honda Research & Design Studio designs the Passport SUV.

The R & D studio also designs other Honda SUVs, including the Pilot and CR-V.

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Where Are Passports Made for the Australia Market?

Any Honda Passport that finds its way to the Australian market must have come from the USA.

Honda neither produces nor sells the Passport in Australia.

So, you would have to import the vehicle from the United States if you want to drive it in Australia.

Where Are Passports Made for the Canada Market?

Honda makes Passports sold in the Canada market at its factory in Lincoln, Alabama.

This is because the Lincoln, Alabama factory manufactures the Passport for the entire North American region.

Where Are Passports Made for the U.K Market?

Honda Passports used in the UK are manufactured at Honda’s manufacturing plant in Alabama, USA.

However, you must know that Honda itself doesn’t sell the Passport in the UK. Thus, you’d have to buy it from an independent seller who imports vehicles or import it yourself.

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Is Honda Planning to Move Its Production?

There are no indications that Honda will move production of the Passport SUV from the Lincoln, Alabama plant.

However, if sales increase, the Japanese automaker may extend production to other factories.

Is Honda Hiring or Firing in the U.S.?

Honda has made some temporary layoffs because of falling sales, which forced automakers to reduce production.

It may actually lay off some workers at its factories depending on whether the economy rebounds.

Based on our findings from browsing job listings on Indeed.com and Glassdoor, we believe Honda is hiring at some of its factories.

However, it doesn’t seem like Honda will hire in large numbers, given the present economic climate.

Is Honda an American Company?

Honda is a Japanese company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

It’s easy to confuse Honda for an American company, as it has entrenched itself deeply into the American market.

Honda was the first Japanese car company to establish an American subsidiary.

It is also one of the largest employers in the American automotive industry. Based on this, many often believe Honda is an American company.

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