Where Are Chevrolet Impala Made? (Solved & Explained)

For years, the Chevrolet Impala has served as America’s value family sedan.

Introduced in 1958, the Impala has enjoyed popularity among buyers because of its plush interior, comfortable ride, and affordability.

In this new article, we discuss the Impala’s production location.

Where Are Chevrolet Impalas Being Made?

Chevrolet Impala is manufactured at various GM factories located in North America before distribution and export. The first factory is the GM Detroit-Hamtramck Plant in Michigan, USA. Its second factory is the GM Oshawa Plant in Ontario, Canada.

Are Impalas for the U.S. Market Produced in the U.S.?

GM used to build the US Chevrolet Impala at the Detroit-Hamtramck assembly in Michigan, USA.

However, the automaker stopped American production of the Impala in 2020, citing falling demand for sedans in the United States.

We should also note that GM has made Impalas for the American market at its Oshawa plant in Ontario, Canada. However, the production also stopped there in 2019.

Are They Being Assembled in the U.S.?

Before discontinuing the US model in 2020, GM assembled the Impala at its plant (Detroit-Hamtramck) in Michigan.

It has also assembled Impalas in California, Maryland, and Louisiana at different times in the model’s production run.

The GM Oshawa plant in Canada has also assembled Impalas for the US market in the past.

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How Can You Check Where a Specific Impala Was Produced?

The Vehicle Identification Number can reveal where a specific Impala model was produced.

The VIN comprises a combination of numbers and alphabets, with each holding certain information about the vehicle.

For instance, the first number in the VIN (it could be a letter in other cases) represents what country the vehicle comes from.

The first VIN number on vehicles manufactured in the USA is usually 1, 4, or 5.

The 11th number/letter in the VIN shows where the vehicle was manufactured. Called the plant code, this number/letter identifies the plant that built the vehicle.

From our research, the plant code for vehicles made at the GM Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly is ‘U’.

Meanwhile, the plant code for vehicles made at the GM Oshawa Car Assembly is ‘1’.

Are Japanese or European Built Chevrolet Impala Better?

GM does not have plants in Japan or Europe building the Impala models.

Because of this, it is impossible to make any comparison between Japanese and European-made Impalas.

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Where Is the Impala Designed?

The majority of Chevrolet models, including the Impala, are designed at the GM design facility at the Warren Tech Center in Warren, Michigan.

Past designers of the Chevrolet Impala include:

  • John Cafaro — 8th generation Impala (2000-2005)
  • Louis “Chip” Thole — 9th generation Impala (2006-2016)
  • Steve McCabe — 10th generation Impala (2014-2020)

Where Are Impalas Made for the Australian Market?

The Chevrolet Impala doesn’t sell in Australian territory as there’s no right-hand drive variant.

The only way to own a Chevy Impala in Australia is to import it and pay for right-hand drive conversion.

Where Are Impalas Made for the Canada Market?

Chevrolet used to build Impalas for its Canada market at the GM factory in Oshawa, Ontario. This was before it discontinued the model in 2019/2020.

Where Are Impalas Made for the U.K Market?

Chevrolet has no Impala models on sale for the UK market.

The reason is that the American car company doesn’t make right-hand drive variants of the Impala for export.

Nevertheless, you can import a Chevy Impala model into the UK. You would only have to convert it to right-hand drive before driving it.

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Is Chevrolet Planning to Move Its Production?

Chevrolet has stopped production of the Impala at its plants in the USA and Canada in 2020.

This is reportedly because of reduced demand for sedans, which has seen sales fall to all-time lows.

Is Chevrolet Hiring or Firing in the U.S.?

General Motors, which operates Chevrolet, has fired some workers early this year after a sharp decline in demand halted production in US factories.

However, GM also has some yet-to-be-filled positions at some of its factories in the USA, including roles in New York and Michigan.

Is Chevrolet an American Company?

Chevrolet is an American vehicle manufacturing company under the control of General Motors.

The company is one of the longest-running and most popular car makers in the United States.

It manufactures most of its vehicles in the USA, making it a truly American brand.

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