Where Are Chevrolet Cruze Made? (Solved & Explained)

The Chevrolet Cruze is a popular compact car for many American families.

It comes with several high-end driver assistance features, a comfortable cabin, and decent fuel mileage.

Where is the Cruze made? Let’s find out in this article.

Where Are the Chevrolet Cruze Being Made?

The Chevrolet Cruze has been produced in several countries, including Australia, Brazil, China, Colombia, India, Kazakhstan, Russia, South Korea, Thailand, the United States, and Vietnam.

From 2014 to 2020, GM produced the Chevrolet Cruze in China, the United States, Mexico, Argentina, and South Korea.

Are Cruze for the U.S. Market Produced in the U.S.?

Before killing off the Cruze in 2019, GM produced the US models at its plants in Lordstown, Ohio.

However, GM produced only the Cruze sedan in the US.

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GM produced the Cruze hatchback for the US market at the Ramos Arizpe plant in Mexico.

The factory already produced the Cruze hatchback for the global market, and GM wanted to save costs by importing it into the US.

Are They Being Assembled in the U.S.?

Before their discontinuation, the US Cruzes were assembled at the Lordstown Assembly in Ohio.

However, GM assembled the hatchback variants at its Ramos Arizpe factory in Mexico.

How Can You Check Where a Specific Cruze Was Produced?

Decoding your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is the most accurate way of knowing where your vehicle was built.

First, you need to figure your vehicle’s World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI) from the VIN. The WMI is usually the first letter or number in the VIN.

For instance, American-made vehicles use either one, four, or five for their WMI. Also, Mexican-made vehicles have two as their official WMI.

Second, you can check the VIN for the vehicle’s Plant Code, which signifies what factory made your vehicle.

The 11th number or letter in the VIN code usually represents the Plant Code.

Every GM assembly or plant has its plant code stamped on vehicles it builds.

The Lordstown Assembly in Ohio has ‘7’ as its plant code, just as the Ramos Arizpe plant in Mexico has ‘S’ as its plant code.

The VIN is usually under the driver’s side dashboard or around the driver’s side door.

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Are Japanese or European Built Cruze Better?

There are no Japanese Chevrolet Cruze models, but the company once made the vehicle in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The Cruzes were made in Russia prior to 2016 and have the same level of quality as other versions made in other countries.

Where Is the Cruze Designed?

The GM Design Center at Warren, Michigan designs most GM models.

Judging by this, we believe the Cruze was likely designed at the same location.

Where Are Cruze Made for the Australia Market?

Most Cruze models sold on the Australian market were imported or produced locally by Holden, GM’s Australian subsidiary.

Holden started importing the Cruze from South Korea into Australia in 2008, although it later started local production in Elizabeth, South Australia in 2011.

Holden stopped producing the Cruze in Australia in 2016. Afterward, it resolved to import from South Korea.

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Where Are Cruzes Made for the Canada Market?

If you bought a Cruze sedan in Canada, it likely originated from the US — the Lordstown, Ohio plant handled production for the US-Canadian market.

But, if you bought a Cruze hatchback, then it likely came from Mexico — the Ramos Arizpe handles production of the Cruze hatchback for the international market.

Where Are Cruze Made for the UK Market?

The Cruze was sold in the UK as the Holden Cruze, the right-hand variant made in Elizabeth, Australia.

Is Chevrolet Planning to Move Its Production?

As of 2020, GM has stopped all production of the Chevrolet Cruze models.

Only one factory in Argentina still makes the Cruze models.

According to GM, the decision to stop making the Cruze is part of a strategy to move fully into producing SUVs and electric vehicles.

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Is Chevrolet Hiring or Firing in the U.S.?

GM has made some layoffs, especially for the slow demand for its cars. Reports suggest that GM fired over 650 people.

Even with this, we found that GM is still filling positions at some of its facilities in the United States.

According to Glassdoor search results, the company is filling several positions in Michigan, Georgia, and Kansas.

Is Chevrolet an American Company?

Chevrolet is one of the most iconic American car brands. It was founded in Detroit, Michigan, and was later bought by General Motors in 1918.

The official name for Chevrolet is the Chevrolet Division of General Motors Company. GM is also an American Company.

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