What Modifications Can You Do On Leased Cars? (11 Things Checked)

Leased cars often come with some forms of comfortability, especially when you compare their cost to that of an auto loan. However, these cars also come with loads of constraints to adhere to.

So, in this article, we discuss what modifications you can do on leased cars, delving into 11 different modification options and their applicability.

Let’s get started!

1. Can You Put a Hitch on Leased Cars?

It may or may not be permissible to put a hitch on leased cars. It may be possible as long as it’s not against the terms and conditions specified in the lease agreement.

Besides, if the hitch won’t cause a damage, dent, or mark of whatever form to a vehicle, you may be allowed to put it on a leased car.

Mind you, attaching a hitch to a vehicle means the vehicle will be used for some towing or trailing activities. Thus, you may incur a damage or dent to the chassis of the car in the process.

In this regard, it is best to just avoid putting a hitch on a leased car since you’d be required to return the car with no human-factor damage.

A hitch, otherwise known as tow hitch, tow bar, or trailer hitch, is a metallic device that you can fix to the chassis of a vehicle to make towing easier.

It can be in the form of a tow ball, a tow hook, or a tow pin. Whichever form it comes in, a hitch often leads to a modification of the chassis of a vehicle.

And, it may cause damage to a car either in the process of performing its designed functions or just accidentally.

2. Can You Change Rims on a Leased Car?

You can definitely change the rims on a leased car. Unlike other modifications that people could think of doing on leased cars, changing or upgrading the wheel and tire doesn’t endanger the car in any way.

Mind you, it is important you get a professional to do this in order to ensure a smooth modification. You won’t love to damage the wheel of a car that you only get on a lease deal, unless you’ve decided to purchase the car, eventually.

Besides, one of the legalities involved in using a leased car is returning it in the condition you got it at the end of the leased period.

So, while you can modify the rims, you have to keep the old ones safe and refit them before the end of your lease period.

3. Can You Add a Bike Rack on a Leased Car?

You may or may not be allowed to attach a bike rack on a leased car. This is because while some bike racks pose no potential damage or risk of defects to a car, some may cause dents or paint peels.

Well, it all depends on the type of rack to use and how safe it is on the car’s body.

Again, you’ll have to consult the T&C in the lease documents to determine whether you can add a bike rack to your leased car or not.

The truth is, some car leasing companies might allow for such a modification, even though you may be strictly advised to use ONLY a safe rack.

4. Can You Put a Body Kit on a Leased Car?

Because body kits end up creating a custom look on a car, you may not be allowed to apply some of them on a leased car. Body kits often come with a collection of materials like wing mirrors, spoilers, and bumpers.

As long as you can replace these parts with the car’s original ones, you can have your way.

Mind you, body kits come in various types:

  • Bumper kits
  • Wide-body kits
  • Carbon fiber kits
  • Full body kits
  • And others

The modification needs of a car owner will determine the ones to use. Nevertheless, you’d hardly find a car leasing company that will allow you to apply body kits on a leased car.

While we will advise you to respect the lease’s T&C, it is important to keep things simple if, at all, you just have to apply a body kit on your leased car.

Besides, you may only incur some loss on yourself after removing the kits from the car, as you may find it hard to sell off the body kits on good deals afterwards.

5. Can You Change the Tires on a Leased Car?

It’s OK to change the tires on a leased car, as long as you keep the original ones. Mind you, leasing companies usually work with an end-of-lease inspection, which is usually about 60–90 days before the end of the lease periods.

So, if the condition of the lease had specified against doing modification of any form, you may incur some costly fees on yourself for modifying the car.

Otherwise, you just have to keep the original tires and refit them on the car before the end of the lease period.

For more information about this topic, we have an article that talks about whether leased cars come with tires. 

6. Can You Add Custom Plates on a Leased Car?

You can definitely add a custom plate on a leased car, as long as you meet all the legal requirements. Obviously, the car would have been registered by the finance provider before it gets to you.

So, all you have to do is get their permission before moving ahead with the custom plate application.

Besides, you’ll greatly need the finance provider as a nominee to successfully facilitate the registration.

Don’t forget that you’ll have to undergo a similar process used in getting the custom plates when it’s time to remove it.

Most likely, the lease company will require you to change the plate back to the original one some few weeks before the end of the lease period.

So, rather than subjecting yourself to the stress of the double processes involved in getting a custom plate and removing it, is it not best to just maintain the original plate?

7. Can You Alter the Exhaust on a Leased Car?

Your finance provider will most likely not allow you to alter the exhaust on a leased car.

Although, like many other car components, you can easily alter and restore the exhaust of a car, an alteration of an exhaust will likely lead to a change in the way the engine of a vehicle works.

Rather than thinking of altering the exhaust on a leased car, it is best you ensure the performance of the vehicle meets your desired satisfaction before opting to use it.

Since you’ll only be using the car for a limited period, why altering the exhaust anyway?

8. Can You Do a Paint Job on a Leased Car?

No, you cannot do a paint job on a leased car. This is because changing the color is almost tantamount to changing the car.

Besides, you’d hardly even find a financing company who’d give in to such an idea.

Rather than painting the car, you can use a color wrap to give the car your dream color. But you’ll have to remove the wrap and restore the vehicle’s original color before the end of the lease period. However, be aware of these common problems with car wrapping.

In other way, you’ll have to repaint the car back to its original color before the end of the financing period. Otherwise, you may have to incur some costly charges on yourself for violating the lease conditions.

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9. Can You Put a Private Number Plate on a Leased Car?

You can definitely put a private number plate on a leased car. However, you’ll need the approval of the finance provider before you can be allowed to even apply for the number.

Remember that the original number wasn’t registered by you? So, only the official owner has the right to consent to the approval of the use of a private number on a leased car.

Note that private number plates are not very different from custom number plates, aside from the fact that you get the liberty to choose your desired number and alphabets on the private ones.

10. Can You Put Spoilers on a Leased Car?

It’s no big deal adding spoilers on a leased car, insofar as the addition of the aerodynamic device does not cause any damage to the car during installation.

Spoilers are an interesting addition to a car. If you’re not familiar with their functions, you may think their addition is for aesthetic purpose. However, spoilers get in the way of unwanted air around the vehicle to prevent or reduce lift.

When a vehicle is at high speed, the surrounding air creates a high pressure capable of lifting the car. Spoilers get in the way of this aerodynamic motion to give the vehicle an improved stability.

So, you can definitely put these devices on a leased car, as long as you can easily remove them before the lease period expires.

11. Can You Tint the Windows on a Leased Car?

You can also tint the windows of a leased car. Mind you, the process of tinting a window, and even the removal of the tinted materials, should be done with extra care.

This is because you’d be charged for any damage done on the window when you return the vehicle.

So, as long as you render no damage to the vehicle’s window, many car finance providers will allow you to tint the windows of a leased car.

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Final Thoughts

The truth is, you can do whatever you want on a leased car as long as you intend buying the vehicle outrightly. However, if you only wish to use the car for a short while, as it is arranged for, there is a limit to what you can do with it.

So, when next you think of modifying a leased car, always ask yourself “what’s next after the lease period?”.


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