Triumph Tiger 800 Problems: 7 Known Issues (Explained)

The Triumph Tiger 800 is a competent bike, but it comes with minor flaws, just as expected with machines.

We have researched the Triumph Tiger 800 and found the most-mentioned problems you could be facing with these models.

Let’s get started!

1. Frequent Stalling Issues

A small portion of Triumph Tiger 800 owners have experienced stalling issues.

Most of the time, stalling happens while the bike is idling but can also happen while in motion.

One reason for this problem could be traced idle control stepper and its inability to withstand different elements. In this case, a replacement stepper motor would need to be installed by a certified dealer.

Another reason for the Tiger 800 to stall could be the air to fuel ratio of the bike is imbalanced.

If this is the case, first check that your air filter is clean. If you’ve been riding through dusty terrain, the air filter could be clogged, and thus the bike is not getting enough air to operate correctly.

If the air filter is clean and your still having issues with the bike stalling, take it to your local certifiedTriumph dealer. Many Tiger 800 owners have reported that their dealership created a custom or installed an aftermarket mapping system.

This seemed to fix the issue for many owners, even when their bike was completely stock.

2. Overheating The Engine

The engine of the Triumph Tiger 800 is prone to produce more heat than average, especially when the weather is hot.

Many users have complained about heat through the seat, causing discomfort to them.

The engine of the Triumph Tiger 800 is liquid-cooled; however, it still gets overheated quickly.

The bike can also overheat if the coolant level is low. The liquid-cooled engine of the Triumph Tiger 800 has an inbuilt radiator that is responsible for circulating the coolant around the engine for active cooling. When the correct coolant is filled to the appropriate level, the engine will be cooled well.

The coolant level in the bike engine has to be just right to avoid engine overheating. If there is a coolant leak, then you will experience overheating frequently. Therefore, there is a need to assess the level of bike fluids regularly accurately.

Another reason could be that the engine oil level has reached a low level and therefore increases the chances of the bike overheating.

3. Engine Oil Leaks

The Triumph Tiger 800 has a common problem with frequent engine oil leaks.

Oil leaks could lead to overheating and other complications if not handled on time.

This issue could be a result of a factory defect.

  • Oil Filter: It is typical for the oil filter of your bike to wear out too quickly.
  • Valve Gasket: When the valve gasket gets weak or old, its failure will lead to oil leaks. This occurs more often when the bike has high mileage.
  • Drain Plug: The bike’s drain plug is prone to damage, especially when the threads are misaligned.
  • Hose and Tubes: These are the primary causes of oil leaks. When the material wears out, or the connection points get weak, the engine oil will seep through.

Other Minor Issues With The Triumph Tiger 800 Bike Are:

4. Idle Control Malfunction

When the Triumph Tiger 800 operates in dirt roads or dusty terrain, it is likely to have issues idling.

Therefore, it will be challenging to start and stall when idle control fails.

5. Side Stand Issues

The side stand of the Triumph Tiger 800 is a bit longer than usual.

You will probably find it difficult to lean the bike to the side.

Additionally, the center stand can also become faulty, which makes it more difficult to park.

General Pros And Cons For The Triumph Tiger 800

Comfortable and Easy to Handle:

The Triumph Tiger 800 has a very comfortable riding posture for the riders and the perfect seat and steering alignment.

It is built to accommodate a variety of riders comfortably.

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Between the weight of this bike and the option for a different seat makes the Triumph Tiger 800 a desirable bike for a wide variety of riders while it also gives a smooth riding experience.

Gas Mileage:

This bike model has a high fuel efficiency profile with an average of 40 – 52 mpg.

With the 5 gallon tank, you can easily reach 250 miles before needing to refuel.

Riding Technology:

Another upside to using this bike model is its stability.

The Tiger 800 is steady while riding and has an efficient traction system that stands out from most other bike models.

This motorcycle’s torque is perfect and allows you to ride comfortably while switching between different riding modes.

Additionally, the Triumph Tiger 800 has ABS brakes. This will give you the much-needed confidence to ride it both on and off the road.

The liquid-cooled engine of this bike gives riders a smooth and seamless experience.

It is stylish with a titanium finish. Also, the finish gets across to the engine, which has a matte finish.

The screen of this bike is adjustable making. It is easier to set it to your desired posture while riding.


  • Frequent stalling issues.
  • Overheating of the engine.
  • Engine oil leaks.
  • Idle control malfunction.
  • Side stand issues.

What Do The Reviews Say?

The Triumph Tiger 800 has a perfect engine as it lacks the backlash gears dominant in previous bike models.

“You get a lot for your money and a bike that works well both on-road and off.”

Also, it is responsive and accelerates smoothly while combining a free-flowing exhaust system. Additionally, the torque of this bike is impressive, with almost full torque at 2,000 rpm.

The Triumph Tiger 800 comes with an off-road riding ability with an active suspension system. Also, the height of the seat is lower than other models.

This bike gives you a seamless experience both off the road and on the field. Its traction control is adjustable to suit your taste while allowing you to choose between three riding modes. Also, the ABS brakes on this bike are very responsive.

Although the price of the Triumph Tiger 800 might be high, you get value for your money and even more.

Coupled with the high-grade specification, its engine is highly effective, while its fuel tank will allow you to run up to 270 miles efficiently.

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What Is The Resale Value Of The Triumph Tiger 800?

Year Mileage (miles) Price ($)
2011 5000 6,231
2013 13000 6,236
2014 11000 6,231
2016 4000 8,478
2017 11000 9,986
2018 2000 10,851
2019 600 14,42

NB: The above prices are estimated. Therefore they are likely to change based on your location and the mileage on the bike model. Additionally, the model also determines its price to a large extent.

Final Thoughts

The Triumph Tiger 800 is a well-built bike that combines technology with a stylish look to suit different riders.

Also, it is made with durable materials that make it a long-lasting bike.

Additionally, these bikes are lightweight. That gives the rider a hitch-free ride. The Triumph Tiger models combine a couple of big brands such as Pirelli Scorpion, Bridgestone Battlewings as well as Metzeler’s Karoo to provide enhanced tire delivery to riders.

Conclusively, the Triumph Company builds bikes with advanced and continuously progressive technology to satisfy the needs of experienced customers. Also, the prices of these bike models are in line with the value it gives to riders.

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