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6 Typical Issues With Triumph Rocket 3 (Explained)

The Triumph Rocket 3 is a power bike built for speed. With its massive build, it caters to the needs of a variety of riders.

We have found the most common problems and issues you might be facing with the Triumph Rocket 3 bikes.

Let’s get started!

1.    Engine Failures

The engine of the Triumph Rocket is prone to early failure. This is a significant problem as it will most likely lead to a trip to the mechanic.

Unfortunately, detecting engine failure is a bit difficult, especially when there is no visible sign. It is difficult to pinpoint where the issue is from.

As a result of the issues, you may experience strange sounds coming from the engine. Most of these issues may be as a result of prolonged use without servicing.

However, there are still some problems that may occur due to the quality of the material used for manufacturing the engine.

The Triumph Rocket has a complex engine. You need to do some regular checks on the engine to avoid a sudden breakdown.

Some of these routine checks are:

  • Sound: The sounds vary depending on the engine type and the magnitude of the vibration. It’s important to be familiar with the noise your bike makes. This will make it easier to detect if your engine has a malfunction as there would be a change in the bike’s sound.
  • Engine Gauge: The Triumph Rocket 3 comes with a variety of gauges that help you monitor the changes in the engine. It comes with an indicator that tracks the coolant temperature. Also, a gauge responsible for the head cylinder temperature as well as the oil temperature is found in the bike.
  • Oil Filter: The residue in the oil filter of your bike can indicate a problem with your bike. Excess debris could result in engine failure. You should pay special attention to the oil filter of your triumph rocket 3.


2.    Faulty Regulator

The Triumph Rocket 3 has a common problem with its regulator rectifier. The regulator rectifier has a unique role to play as it regulates and rectified the voltage required for charging the bike’s battery.

Your regulator rectifier may develop problems as a result of excess heat.

Additionally, a faulty battery can lead to a damaged regulator rectifier. The ground connections play an essential role in the regulation. A bad battery connection, poor grounding, and loose battery connections can also cause problems.

Here’s how to locate the problems:

  • Diodes: The diode of your bike’s regulator rectifier may get burnt, hence, resulting in issues such as dim headlights and irregular bike starts. Also, you will notice a quickened battery drain which will gradually bring the engine to a stop.
  • Burnout of Shunt Regulator: When your bike’s shunt regulator burns out, the regulator rectifier will be unable to control the voltage and the battery may overcharge. Your bike’s headlights may suddenly become very bright.


3.    Electrical System Failures

It is not unnormal to experience problems with your bike’s electrical system primarily when it has been used for a while. However, it becomes a problem when it happens more often than not and when it occurs in a relatively new bike.

Most models of the Triumph Rocket 3 bike are prone to issues with the electrical system.

As a result, you may experience ignition failures. Sometimes, it could be caused by excess current flow through the ignition switch.

Also, a blown main fuse may have the bike to run poorly or cause it to die completely. This main fuse may become faulty as a result of vibration. This is an integral part of your bike as it can affect the overall electrical system of your motorcycle.

The ground wires of the Triumph Rocket 3 may also develop problems which can result in electrical issues.


4.   Loss Of Oil

There is a common issue among Triumph Rocket 3 models with oil loss. A recall of the bikes was made to fix this issue.

As a result of this, the bearing does not get oiled as it should.

You may experience oil loss while leaving the rear tire slippery at all times. It is essential to check these vital components of your bike whenever you buy a new or fairly used one.

Other minor problems with the Triumph Rocket 3 bike models are:

5.    Transmission Issues

The Triumph Rocket 3 bike has known issues with gear transmission.

It could lead to the motorcycle getting stuck in neutral. Also, it could jerk suddenly from the 2nd gear and refuse to go into the 3rd gear. Additionally, it could get stuck at the third gear and refuse to go forward.

6.    Excess Engine Noise

It is usual for a bike engine to have a loud sound. However, the Triumph Rocket 3 may experience a loud engine noise that occurs due to the wearing of the component in the cam chain.

This noise could sound like the rattling of a can and could further increase if not fixed quickly.

General Pros And Cons For The Triumph Rocket 3


The Triumph Rocket 3 has an excellent torque that is endless. Hence, you will have a perfect experience while riding, especially at a curve. Also, this bike is extremely comfortable.

The size of this bike is massive.

Also, this bike is stable. This is because of its tubular frame that is made of steel and the dynamics of its steering. Also, the 1695 mm wheelbase makes it stable on the road.

The design of this bike is unique. The accessories on the bike also give you more practical experience while riding.

With a spacious 24-liter tank, the bike can easily approach a range of 200 miles. The seat of the Triumph Rocket 3 is also built to accommodate a variety of riders comfortably. The seat is low and allows for seamless riding experience.


  • Recurrent engine failure.
  • Faulty regulator rectifier
  • Intermittent electric system failure
  • Incessant loss of oil.
  • Transmission issues.
  • Excess engine noise.

What Do The Reviews Say?

The Triumph Rocket 3 is a big bike and it’s quite heavy. Although this is perfect for riders with a taste for big machines, it is still easy to ride without much hassle.

The ground clearance for the Triumph Rocket 3 is not a crazy as expected. The handling of this bike is also perfect for any rider with experience.

The position and height of the seat are extremely comfortable and more natural than the usual arched back seating style. Also, the footrests are moved backward to employ a more suitable position than the feet forward position.

The big Rocket 3 has a few issues that you should be wary of. For one, there have been so many complaints about the ignition switch. Also, constant flickering with the key after turning the ignition on can cut the ignition out.

Additionally, the rear brake pads are a bit heavy-handed as well as the rear tires. The clutch is also prone to slips.

Another issue to look out for is that of fluid leaks which may be trapped behind the oil tank. The temperature of the bike is also an issue to look out for.

“You turn the ignition on and if you fiddle with the key the ignition can cut out – we’ve had to change quite a few barrels over the years.”
Source: Motorcyclenews.com

The Triumph Rocket 3 2019 model produces more torque than the previous models and also has a powerful engine that makes it stand out. Also, the look of this bike is nothing compared to its predecessors with its upgraded components.

Another fantastic feature of this bike is the reduced weight despite its improved 2500cc engine. The total 88 pounds reduction from the old model makes it lighter with an enhanced engine capacity.

With its adjustable footrest, you can easily tweak it to suit your needs. Additionally, the position of the handlebar has been laid back to accommodate a more suitable posture.

A shortcoming with this bike model is the ground clearance as well as a little difficulty trying to move it through turns. However, it still has more comfortable steering, which is not expected of a bike of its weight.

Its switchable riding modes and traction controls also make it desirable. Also, the 240 section rear tire and triple exhaust headers give it an impressive pedigree.

All in all, the weight, torque, and power of this bike put it among the top muscle cruiser bikes when it will be released.

“Riding the old Rocket 3 was a lot of fun, but it was an experience dominated by the engine and the weight. ”
Source: CycleWorld.com

What Is The Resale Value Of The Triumph Rocket 3?

Year Mileage (miles) Price ($)
2005 19000 5,2
2006 30000 5,195
2009 13000 6,599
2012 3000 11,499
2014 19500 5,598


NB: These prices are estimated; hence, you could get these models either at an increased or reduced rate. Additionally, the price depends on the mileage on each bike model as well as your location. Also, ensure that the bike is in good shape and suitable for you.


Final Thoughts

The Triumph Rocket if used carefully and maintained properly, will deliver to its highest capacity. Also, this bike requires careful to use as well as upgrades where necessary.

Conclusively, check the gears and ignition of any previously used bike you buy as these are the most common issues with this bike. Also, the price of this bike is a bit pricey but when compared with its productivity, is worth the price.

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