Toyota Tacoma & Cargo Capacity (Data On ALL Models)

When deciding what model of Toyota Tacoma to buy, its cargo capacity is among the most important factors. The capacity varies from one vehicle to another.

Keep reading to find out how much you can store in your preferred Toyota Tacoma model.

How Much Cargo Space Do Toyota Tacomas Have?

A Toyota Tacoma can carry up to approximately 1,000 to 1,685 lbs depending on its trim level. The 6ft-bed Toyota Tacomas offers the largest storage space. They have a width of 6.2 ft and a height of 5.9 ft.

Please note that The Toyota Tacoma first-generation models are compact pickups, while the third and second generation are mid-sized pickups.

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1st Generation (1995-2004)

The 1995, 1996, and 1997 models were the first Toyota Tacoma to enter the market. They come in three engines, which include 2.4L, 3.4L, and 2.7L.

They can carry up to 1640lbs and have a bed length of 6ft.

The 1998 models featured similar specifications to the previous vehicles from the same generation. However, the company introduced the PreRunner model. It had a payload of 100lbs and a bed length of 6ft.

The 1999 models have a payload of up to 1,664 lbs and a bed length of 6ft.

We still have lots of these on our American roads – which testifies that Toyota Tacomas last a long time.

The storage space can accommodate two large briefcases. Regardless of its large storage space, an individual should not exceed the indicated weight. Overloading the truck causes challenges when breaking.

In 2000, the company released the Tacoma StepSide, whereby the crew cab was 5ft while the extended cab was 6ft. The payload for these vehicles varies between 1,588 and 2,069.

The other models had no changes in their bed length and payload.

The Toyota Tacoma models for this Generation ended in 2004 without further changes in dimension and payload-related changes.

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2nd Generation (2005-2015)

The payload for the 2013 Toyota Tacoma comes in different trim levels.

These trim levels determine the capacity that each vehicle can carry. The weight is approximately 865 lbs to 1450. It has a bed of 5ft.

The 2012 Toyota Tacoma model can carry up to 865 lbs and 1400 lbs. The weight variations would vary from one trim level to another.

The access cabs have a 5ft bed, while the double cabs, such as TRD Sport, SR5, and TRD Off-Road, have a 6ft bed.


The 2011 model’s payload varies between 880 lbs and 1510 lbs, which varies from one trim to another.

The vehicles have a 6- or 5ft bed, depending on the trim.


The 2010 models with a 2.7L engine feature a payload capacity of approximately 1320 lbs to 1570 lbs. Those with a 4.0L engine have a payload of 995lbs to 1440 lbs. The vehicle has a 6ft bed and can only fit items up to this length.


The 2009 model accommodates a weight of approximately 895 lbs and 1570, depending on the trim level. The vehicles also have a 5ft or 6ft bed, which varies from one trim to another.


The 2008 models come in different configurations with various body styles, such as the Double, Access, and Regular cab. The Access and Regular cabs have a 6ft bed, while the Double cab offers the choice of a 6ft or 5ft bed.

The payload for a Tacoma Toyota with a 4.0L engine is approximately 865 to 1580.

The payload for a 2.7L engine is approximately 1,340 to 1,620 lbs.


The 2007 Toyota Tacoma comes in two engine types: a 4.0L and a 2.7l. The 4.0L supports a weight of approximately 1350 to 1,640 lbs while the 2.7 L supports 875 – 1,610 lbs.

All models have a 6ft bed except for the Double cab, which is 5ft.


The 2.7L and 4.0L 2006 models feature a payload of approximately 875 to 1,610 lbs. The vehicles have a 6ft bed which can only fit items up to this length.


The 2005 Toyota Tacoma features a 6ft bed and a payload of 910lbs to 1615. The payload varies from one trim level to another.

3rd Generation (2015- Present)

These newer Toyota Tacoma trucks are good at towing.


The 2022 Toyota Tacoma comes in a double or access cab.

The vehicle has a bed length of 6ft or 5ft and, therefore, cannot fit items longer than this size. Depending on its trim level, it can carry approximately 1,095 to 1,685 lbs. The maximum weight is indicated on the door to avoid overloading the vehicle.


The 2021 SR and SR5 Toyota Tacoma models can carry approximately 1685 lbs.

The TRD SPORT carries approximately 1105lbs to 1525lbs. The Limited and Off-Road models carry up to 1395 lbs.

The bed length for these models depends on the trim level, which can lead o a vehicle with a 5ft or 6ft bed.


The 2020 Toyota Tacoma vehicle is among the most powerful vehicles in its generation. The car can carry approximately 1440lbs to 1680lbs.

The truck’s bed offers a similar height and weight, but its length varies from 5ft to 6ft.


The 2019 Toyota Tacoma model offers enough space to accommodate five people’s luggage. Lowering the rear seats also offers additional space for approximately one medium briefcase.

The model can carry a weight of up to 1620lbs.


The 2018 Toyota Tacoma comes with a 2.7 and a 3.5L engine. The 2.7L engine supports up to 1275lbs while the 3.5 L supports up to 1295lbs. 

The vehicles have a 6- or 5ft bed, depending on the trim level.


The 2017 Toyota Tacoma with a 2.7L engine can carry up to 1405 lbs while the one with a 3.5L can support 1620lbs. The 2019 models have a bed length of 6ft or 5ft.

It can accommodate two large suitcases or approximately a number of five people. Lowering the rear seat creates additional space, but doesn’t mean you should exceed the indicated payload.


The 2016 models also have 3.5 L and 2.7L engines. The 3.5L supports up to 129elbs while the 2.7L engine can carry up to 1380lbs.

The trucks have a bed length of 6ft which can only accommodate items up to this length to allow closing of the back door.


The 2015 models marked the beginning of the third-generation trucks but were not a major improvement from the second-generation Toyota Tacoma vehicles.

The models feature a 4L and a 2.7L engine.

The 4L Engine can carry a weight of up to 1360lbs while the 2.7L engine can support up to 1300lbs.

Depending on the trim level, they feature a 6ft and 5ft bed length.

How Much Cargo Space Do Similar Mid-Size Pickup Trucks Have?

The payload for a Ford ranger varies depending on the year’s model and the trim level.

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These vehicles have a cargo space that can accommodate approximately 964 lbs to 6050 lbs. 

They have a bed size of 6ft, similar to most Toyota Tacoma trucks.

The Jeep gladiator has a payload of 1105lbs to 1700lbs and a bed length of 5ft.

These specifications match a large number of Toyota Tacoma models from different generations.

The Chevy Colorado comes in three types of engines, which determine every vehicle’s payload.

The 2.5L engine supports a payload of 1440 pounds while the 3.6L and 2.8L can carry 1574lbs and 1496lbs, respectively. The vehicles can have a bed length of 6 feet and 4 inches or 5 feet and 2inches.

The dimensions lie within the same range as the various Toyota Tacoma models.

The payload for Nisan Frontier varies from one model to another.

The Frontier King Cab can carry 1610 lbs, the Crew Cab 1480lbs, and the Crew Cab Long Bed 1360lbs. The Frontier King and the Crew Cab Long bed have a length of 6ft, while the Crew Cab has 5ft.

Can You Mount a Rooftop Box on a Tacoma?

An individual can install a rooftop box on a Toyota Tacoma to increase storage space.

While this section does not offer much storage space, it allows you to carry extra belongings. It’s ideal for the items that need to be tied down to offer extra safety while on the road.

The Toyota Tacoma might allow you to add extra space on the rooftop, but this doesn’t mean you should carry items exceeding the indicated weight.

If you exceed this weight, the vehicle will take a long time to brake, and this could be dangerous, especially when driving on the road. The space is only made for carrying additional light belongings, which require more safety.

It’s also advisable to choose a rooftop box that fits your Toyota Tacoma’s size.

How Big a Trailer Can It Tow?

A Toyota Tacoma’s towing capacity depends on the model and trim level.

The lowest towing capacity for these vehicles stands at 3500lbs. The maximum towing capacity is 6800lbs, which comes with the V6 tow package.

The weight for most trailers fits within this range, so your Toyota Tacoma would help a lot with your towing needs. When decoding what trailer to tow, it’s advisable to check the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure the Toyota can handle the weight.

It’s also indicated on the inside side of the driver’s side door. These numbers would prevent you from towing an excess weight that could damage your trailer.

Which Tacoma Model Has the Most Cargo Space?

The 6ft-bed Toyota Tacomas offers the largest storage space. They have a width of 6.2 ft and a height of 5.9 ft. The TRD Pro is slightly larger by a few inches, but this doesn’t significantly affect the cargo space.

Given the current technological advancements, Toyota has made various modifications to its Toyota Tacoma vehicles to improve efficiency. The engine types are among the common modifications that determine the cargo space or payload.

However, the cargo space also varies depending on the bed size.

The Toyota Tacoma comes with two different bed sizes. A 6ft and a 5ft bed.

Which Mid-Size Pickup Truck Has the Most Space?

The Ford Ranger is the largest mid-size pickup truck. The trucks come with different engines, each with a different payload capacity.

The payload varies between 964 lbs and 6050 lbs. Although they have a 6ft bed, their height allows them to accommodate more cargo than other mid-size pickup trucks on the market.

The truck also comes at the top of the list regarding other factors, such as fuel economy. However, its storage space doesn’t significantly differ from other trucks in the market.

The cargo space allows people a wide range of options for their preferred mid-size pickup truck.


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