Are Tires Covered By Warranty? (22 Brands Checked)

Every car brand offers warranties for certain durations of time.

However, most vehicle brands don’t make the tires that come with their cars. For this reason, car owners are often doubtful that a car warranty covers its tires.

Are tires covered by warranty?

Most vehicle warranties do not cover the tires, but in some cases, they are covered depending on the brand you buy it from. It is the tire manufacturer that usually provides warranties for their products, and if you treat tires too roughly, you may void that warranty.

Are Tires Covered by the Warranty on a New Car?

Yes, but only in a few cases, such as Ford and Lincoln cars.

For instance, Ford offers a limited warranty of 36,000 miles on the tires of new cars. However, in most cases, the tire manufacturer provides the warranty on their tires.

According to, tire warranty often lasts for about 4-6 years.

Tire warranties cover free repair if the tires develop faults within the duration of the warranty. They also cover the replacement of tires in case their original tires have manufacturing defects.

To enjoy this warranty, you must present proof that you have maintained your tires regularly.

1. Are Tires Covered Under Ford Warranty?

Yes, says Ford offers a 36,000-mile warranty on the original tires of their vehicles.

When your tires become faulty within the duration of your warranty, you might have to pay for a percentage of the repair.

This depends on how long your car has traveled before the fault:

  • At 1-12,000 miles, Ford pays 100% of the repair costs.
  • At 12,000-24,000 miles, Ford pays only 60% of the repair costs.
  • At 24,000-36,000 miles, Ford will only pay 30%.

2. Are Tires Covered Under Hyundai Warranty?

No, they aren’t.

Nevertheless, Hyundai offers a Tire Protection Plan that you have to pay for. The cost of each protection plan differs according to the size of the tires.

This plan lasts for 5 years, and it only covers faults that occur when glass or nails hit the tires. Please note that this plan does not provide protection against wear and tear.

If a tire needs replacement, Hyundai will only change the faulty tire. Replacing one tire means you have to replace all the tires.

So, you’ll need to cover the cost of the 3 remaining tires out of pocket.

3. Are Tires Covered Under Kia Warranty?

No, they aren’t.

Just like Hyundai, Kia also offers a tire protection plan to its users.

Kia’s tire protection plan lasts for 5 years. Under this plan, buyers get free tire repair when nails or glass hit their tires, or when their tires run over potholes.

In addition, Kia allocates $5000 as a life benefit for vehicle owners.

Car owners may get free tire replacement if the life benefit is not spent on the repair of other parts.

4. Are Tires Covered Under Honda Warranty?

No, Honda’s warranty doesn’t cover the tires that come with the car.

However, you can purchase the Honda Tire and Rim Protection plan.

This plan has two options:

The Standard Plan:

Under this plan, Honda offers $40 for each tire repair and $200 for tire replacement.

Any Honda user that purchases the standard plan gets a maximum life benefit allocation of $1200.

The Deluxe Plan:

Under this plan, buyers will also get $40 from Honda for each repair.

In contrast to vehicle owners under the standard plan, those who pay for the Deluxe Plan enjoy a $5000 life benefit allocation from Honda.

Both plans expire after a year of purchase.

5. Are Tires Covered Under Toyota Warranty?

No, tires aren’t covered by the warranty on a new Toyota car.

Rather, the tire maker provides a tire warranty plan that covers the free replacement of tires with manufacturing defects.

If your tires have production defects, you may reach out to Toyota to refer you to the tire manufacturer.

Also, Toyota offers a tire protection plan; the 5-year Toyota Tire and Wheel Protection is a paid package.

If you purchase this plan, Toyota will replace your tires when nails, glass, or potholes damage them.

6. Are Tires Covered Under BMW Warranty?

No, BMW does not offer a warranty on the original tires on their new vehicle.

Only the tire maker provides a warranty on the tires.

However, when you purchase replacement tires from the BMW Tire Center, you get to enjoy a free 1-year Road Hazard Tire coverage.

This plan will only cover the free repair of punctured tires that occur within a year of the purchase.

7. Are Tires Covered Under Subaru Warranty?

No, they aren’t.

Nevertheless, Subaru may call up the maker of their original tires to give you a free replacement if your tires have manufacturing defects.

8. Are Tires Covered Under Audi Warranty?

No, the Audi car warranty does not cover the tires that come with the vehicle.

If, however, you pay for the Audi Tire Protection Plan, the company will foot the bill for the repair of a tire that is damaged by road hazards.

You’ll get these benefits for 7 years after the purchase of your new car, according to

Please note that the Audi Tire Protection Plan does not cover worn tires.

9. Are Tires Covered Under Acura Warranty?

No, the original tires on Acura vehicles are not covered under the car warranty.

Instead, Acura offers a paid tire protection plan called the Acura Tire and Rim Protection.

Acura users who buy this plan will enjoy free repair or replacement when sharp objects like glass puncture their tires on the road.

10. Are Tires Covered Under Cadillac Warranty?

The Cadillac Warranty does not include its original tires.

Rather, Cadillac offers a paid tire protection plan, just like most car brands.  This plan lasts for 3-5 years.

The services covered under this plan are the same as the previous protection plans discussed.

11. Are Tires Covered Under Chrysler Warranty?

The Chrysler warranty does not cover the original tires mounted on their vehicles.

You may check the glove compartment of your car for the tire maker’s contact if you have any queries about your tires.

12. Are Tires Covered Under Chevrolet Warranty?

The Chevrolet Warranty is one of those few car warranties that include tires in their coverage.

Still, this 3-year warranty only covers tires with manufacturing defects. If your tires are worn, you’ll have to replace them with your money.

13. Are Tires Covered Under Dodge Warranty?

Dodge does not cover their vehicles’ original tires in their warranty.

14. Are Tires Covered Under GMC Warranty?

GMC’s New Vehicle Limited Warranty binds GMC to cover the repair or replacement of original tires with manufacturing errors.

15. Are Tires Covered Under Jeep Warranty?

The Jeep Warranty excludes the tires mounted on their vehicles from the factory.

16. Are Tires Covered Under Lexus Warranty?

Lexus tires are not covered under warranty.

As an alternative, Lexus offers a 6-year Tire & Wheel Protection Platinum to customers willing to pay.

People who purchase this plan get free tire replacement if their original tires are defective. Lexus may also pay for the replacement of your tires if they are hit by road perils like nails or potholes.

17. Are Tires Covered Under Mitsubishi Warranty?

The Mitsubishi warranty doesn’t cover the original tires on their vehicles.

You’ll find the contact information of the tire maker in the car’s glove compartment.

18. Are Tires Covered Under Mazda Warranty?

Mazda doesn’t cover the tires that are mounted on their vehicles from the factory under warranty.

In addition, they don’t provide tire protection plans.

If you notice manufacturing defects on your tire, you may contact a Mazda dealership for information about your tire manufacturer.

19. Are Tires Covered Under a Mercedes Warranty?

Mercedes Benz offers a 4-year new vehicle limited warranty that covers tires and wheels.

If you report defective tires within the duration of the warranty, Mercedes will replace them for free.

In addition, the manufacturer of the original tires on Mercedes Benz cars also provides a warranty on their tires.

20. Are Tires Covered Under Tesla Warranty?

The Tesla warranty does not cover the original tires on its new vehicles. In fact, there are several things that are not covered by Tesla’s warranty.

Neither does the brand offer a tire protection plan.

If your tire gets damaged because you drove over a pothole or glass, you’ll have to foot the bill.

Otherwise, you can contact the tire maker.

21. Are Tires Covered Under Volvo Warranty?

Only the tire maker offers a warranty for the original tires on new Volvo cars.

However, Volvo has a tire protection plan for its customers.

If the tire on a Volvo car is damaged because of bad road conditions like potholes, Volvo will pay for the repair.

They may also pay for a tire replacement in case they are already ruined. This plan does not cover worn tires.

In case you have a Volvo car, and you need to replace your worn tires, we suggest you buy them from a Volvo dealership.

If you do, you’ll enjoy a 2-year road hazard coverage, under which you’ll get free tire repairs for 2 years after your purchase.

22. Are Tires Covered Under Volkswagen Warranty?

Tires are not covered under the Volkswagen warranty.

You’ll have to contact their tire maker if you notice any problems with the tires on your new car.


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