Tesla’s Ordering Process Explained: 3 Simple Steps (For Beginners)

Teslas are some of the most popular vehicles available today. They gained this popularity because of their exquisite style, powerful electric motors, and numerous convenience features.

You might be interested in purchasing a Tesla and wondering how the process goes.

These are the steps you would go through to buy a Tesla.

1. Design Your Tesla

The next step is to make your Tesla model as unique as you are. You can choose from various options to personalize your car the way you want. For example, you can select a regular version of a vehicle versus a performance version.

The Model 3, for instance, has a performance model. 

That one is faster and has a much farther driving range than the standard model.

Your color preferences may also differ from other shoppers. Thus, you can choose a different color. The Model 3 comes in Pearl White or Midnight Silver Metallic.

However, you can select Red, Deep Blue Metallic, or Black; those colors will cost you extra.

You also have the option to choose from a few different interior color choices. Some models only have two colors, while others may have more options.

The next decision you’ll have to make is how much authority you want to give your car. You can add Enhanced Autopilot if you want your car to change lanes automatically. 

This option is best if you wish to use the Summon feature as well.

Alternatively, you can choose the Full Self-Driving Capability. The Autosteer feature is still being developed, but the company says that it will not make the vehicle completely autonomous.

You’ll also need to consider your charging preferences, and you’ll have the option to add a charger of choice when you’re finished selecting your driving options.

Home chargers are not automatically included. Therefore, if interested, you would add one during this part of the process.

2. Choose Your Payment Options

Once you have made all of your choices, you can move on to your payment options. Tesla offers a variety of options for you. You can lease the car or purchase it. Leasing arrangements usually require a hefty down payment when you sign the contract.

You may also have a restricted number of miles you can drive before paying additional fees.

You can choose from 10,000, 12,000, or 15,000 miles, and your initial down payment will change accordingly.

Leasing arrangements are typically 24 or 36 months as well.

You can choose from three different methods when it comes time to pay for your Tesla. You can pay cash upfront at a Tesla dealership. Naturally, you’ll save money because you won’t have to pay finance charges.

You can use a credit or debit payment card to pay the down payment and fees for a lease agreement, or you can have your Tesla financed.

Make sure to educate yourself about what it takes to Get approved for Tesla lending.

The down payment for a financing agreement is usually around the same as the down payment for a leasing agreement. Financing arrangements for Tesla models are generally 72 months.

Once you choose your preferences, you can move on by pressing the “Order With Card” button. That will take you to a different screen where you can enter your credit card information.

Check the summary of your order before you enter the information. If you agree with everything it says, you can proceed.

You will have to pay a non-refundable $250 ordering fee to secure your vehicle.

The last step is to read the agreement and then click the box that says you agree with everything mentioned in that agreement. Hit the “Place Your Order” button, and you will be on your way to quickly becoming a proud Tesla owner.

3. Prepare for Your Delivery

Your process is only beginning when you place your order for a new Tesla. Afterward, you’ll want to start getting ready for your car’s arrival.

Teslas are often delayed and you need to be prepared to wait a bit.

We have more here on how accurate Tesla’s estimated delivery dates are.

These are some of the actions you need to do as you await your delivery date:

Download the Tesla App

You will need to be proactive and download the Tesla app because it will be your best friend during this entire process.

The Tesla app is your control center.

You’ll be able to use it for various tasks when you get your vehicle. Therefore, you should download it and familiarize yourself with it.

The Tesla app is also where you will be notified if your Tesla arrices early.

Enter Your Trade-In Information

You may want to trade in an older vehicle you have. Tesla does accept trade-in vehicles, but you need to go through the processing using the app.

Tesla is known for offering a good trade-in price.

You’ll need to enter your VIN information and then let Tesla know how many miles you have on the car, along with other information they request. 

You will then need to take your vehicle to Tesla so that they can perform a thorough investigation of it.

After the investigation concludes, they will give you an offer for your car. You can accept it or decline it. If you accept it, they will use it to reduce the price of your new or used Tesla.

Complete a Credit Application

You may also want to complete a credit application to have your Tesla financed. Now would be the perfect time to complete that application.

You can apply with Tesla or use an outside credit union or bank to receive your funds.

It may be much more beneficial for you to receive a loan from Tesla because of its convenience. The Tesla company will not be your lender, but it has connections with a wealth of lenders that can help you.

You can see just how hassle-free it is to purchase a Tesla if you desire one. You can do most of the process on the Tesla website. Thus, you can begin your process by getting online and finding a Tesla that matches your unique preferences today. It might be the smartest move you have made in a long time.

Choose Which Tesla You Want

The first step toward buying a Tesla is to choose the model you desire. Selecting the suitable model for your needs requires knowing what you want from your car.

You’ll also need to perform a comparison of all your options so that you can choose the perfect model. Tesla’s features vary from car to car.

Therefore, when you do your research, you’ll want to compare the following:


The first thing to review is the vehicle’s price, as you’ll want to stay within your budget. The most expensive Tesla model is the Model S by far.

You might need to pay a price in the neighborhood of $105,000 if you choose that one. The model 3 is closer to $65,000, which may be more attainable and reasonable for you.

Driving Range

The next factor to consider is the driving range. You must ask yourself what your driving habits are to estimate the range your personal vehicle should have.

The Model S has an estimated range of 405 miles, while the Model 3’s range is 272. You’ll need to consider that if you are a person who enjoys taking long trips.

Cargo Capacity

Cargo capacity is another feature you can compare. It’s good to know the vehicle’s cargo capacity if you travel frequently and need to take large suitcases with you.

The Model Y has the highest cargo capacity, and it has a full 76 cu ft of capacity, while the S and 3 have 28 and 23, respectively.

Top Speed

Top speed is also important to you if you seek a bit of a thrill. Most of the new models have speeds within the same range. The S can get up to 149, while the Y can get up to 135. The 3 is right in the middle, with a top speed of 140

You can compare all of the models right on Tesla’s website. If you see one that interests you, you can click the “Order Now” button to purchase one.

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