How Does Tesla Roadside Assistance Work? (7 Things To Know)

Tesla EVs are one of the leading cars in the automotive industry. This brand has basically revolutionized the world for electric vehicles, but we cannot say that they do not break down or have some faults at a point in their lifetime of usage.

Tesla, understanding this issue, rolled out a feature called the road assistance feature that offers Tesla owners roadside assistance where there’s a need for it.

Find out in this article what this feature is all about and what services it covers.

What Does the Tesla Road Assistance Entail?

This feature is dedicated to helping drivers in various emergency situations relating to their Tesla rides.

As stated earlier, it is normal for any vehicle to have car trouble on the road and while some may require a simple fix to get going, others will require professional services.

Thus, Tesla rolled out the feature with their vehicle such that if you are stranded and need any car service, you can always reach out and seek out emergency services immediately.

Owners can request this roadside assistance through the Tesla mobile app. It can be accessed from the bottom of the app’s home screen.

When this icon is tapped on, it will bring up a range of expected issues with the car to give an idea of what is wrong.

Tesla also advises owners to add additional information if needed that could help the Tesla help team to locate the vehicle and be conversant with the issue at hand.

Providing this necessary information is extremely crucial. After supplying the information, owners would then have to click on “Request Help” and then be patient for a response.

What Services Does the Tesla Roadside Assistance Cover?

It is important to note that the services rendered by this assistance feature are limited in a way, as they do not take charge in every faulty situation.

According to Tesla, the package covers the following:

1. Flat Tire Coverage

Suppose it happens that you have a flat tire, the Tesla roadside assistance team helps you with a loaner so that you can drive your vehicle to the nearest service center to replace your tires.

After this is completed, it is compulsory to return the loaner wheel to Tesla within three days. The roadside assistance will then come to install the original wheel and go back with the loaner.

In a case where there’s no wheel available, the team can help you tow your vehicle to the nearest service center. However, the distance must not exceed 50 miles. If it does, you would have to cover the extra miles with your money.

2. Lockouts Coverage

The roadside assistance team can help you if you accidentally lock your keys in the car. This assistance comes in remotely as they would unlock it from their end, provided you stated the necessary information concerning your vehicle.

However, for this to be done, you must be in an area with an internet either 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi.

If this cannot be done remotely, the roadside assistance will send a trained towing service provider, still within 50 miles, to manually unlock your doors. If it exceeds 50 miles, you would have to pay for the extra charges.

Lastly, if you lost the key fob, this service will cover your towing from the stranded place to the service center to make the new key fob. However, the expense of making the key fob is on the owner.

3. Tesla Towing Coverage And Breakdowns

Another service under this Tesla package is towing coverage. If your car is stuck because of a mechanical or technical failure, you can contact the roadside assistance to help you out.

However, this mechanical or technical failure must be covered by warranty. You might want to check the 9 things Tesla warranty covers here.

Unlike the limited 50 miles, this towing service goes as far as 500 miles to get to the nearest Tesla service center. Anything over 500 miles will be paid for by the owners.

Moreover, on getting to the service center, if it is found out that the failure was not under a warranty issue, you will be charged for the whole towing on your repair bill.

Although, the automaker stated that this coverage is wider than what they listed on the website. As it states, “For all services not listed, we are still equipped and ready to assist you”.

This means that even if your situation is not in the range of options on the Tesla app, you can definitely still reach out to the customer support representative to assist you.

At the very least, they will assist you with a towing service to get you to the nearest service center. It is also important to note that Tesla roadside service can only be requested once per incident.

How Long Does Tesla Roadside Assistance Work?

This package is covered for four years or 50,000 miles. Ypou’ll find the package specification in the battery and drive unit coverage in Tesla’s new or pre-owned vehicle’s limited warranty.

This means that any service within these four years will be done for free.

Another luxury of this package is that it is transferrable. This means that this package can be used by another new owner of the same vehicle so far the warranty has not expired.

This also goes for a used Tesla. The new owner only has to contact the automaker to show proof of ownership.

That said, make sure you check out how reliable Tesla really is here.

What Are the Services That the Tesla Roadside Package Will Not Cover?

It is crucial to note that the onus of responsibility sometimes falls on the owner and Tesla would not take charge of the situation because, to a large extent, the maintenance of a vehicle lies with the owner.

Below are some situations that the Tesla Roadside Assistance would not cover.

  • Broken windows
  • Windshield repairs
  • Driving the vehicle off-road 
  • Removing the vehicle from mud or snow
  • Collisions, accidents, or crashes would not be covered 
  • Transportation back to the service centers after repair 
  • Damage caused by negligence 
  • Custom clearance is not covered
  • Storage charges
  • Damages caused by vandalism.

Can Roadside Assistance Be Used if Your Vehicle’s Warranty Expires?

The roadside assistance continues working even after your warranty period expires. However, you will be responsible for any service after the warranty.

You can always get the cost estimates and require their service through the Tesla mobile app.

Is Tesla Roadside Assistance Worth It?

The Tesla road assistance feature is a very juicy deal for owners and it also comes free. Imagine having some repair and maintenance for your vehicle for four years or 50,000 miles for free.

And even after 4 years, you can consider purchasing the roadside assistance package through your vehicle insurance instead of the extended services agreement. This is apparently a cheaper option.

Other Alternatives To Use if Your Tesla Roadside Assistance Expires?

Below is a list of options to consider if your Tesla roadside agreement expires and you don’t want the extended service agreement:

1. You Can Opt for Cell Phone Companies

Some companies offer roadside assistance, although limited to owners. Thankfully, it usually costs a tiny fee and they will include it in your monthly phone bill.

2. Towing Coverage

This offer usually comes with most insurance companies, but they often offer them to their own drivers.

However, if you already opted for full coverage insurance, you may request to buy the roadside assistance service through your insurance. This is way cheaper in the long run.

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