10 Reasons European Cars Are So Popular (In America)

Many Americans prefer European car brands like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, and Audi to American brands these days.

So far, these cars have been dominating the US market for a while, competing with popular US cars in all categories. It makes you wonder why Americans love these brands so much. Many Americans drive and register European cars in the US.

Join us as we explore why European cars are trendy in the United States.

1. Most European Cars Have Attractive Styling

Most European cars have distinctive styling in every aspect that sets them apart from other brands. This styling includes exterior and interior looks that are classic and attractive.

This is because European automakers ensured detailed and thoughtful designs in every area of their cars.

The classy exterior looks of these cars are enough to attract car enthusiasts, and so are their unique interior designs. So far, many Americans got their European cars only because they love the looks and feels compared to other brands.

Also, European seat styling, hand-stitched fabrics, exterior patterns, and other unique features have all contributed highly to these cars’ popularity in the United States.

Cultural aspects have a significant effect on the aesthetic features of European cars. This is the reason most European automakers take pride in the appearance of their cars over other factors.

This is not the same with other automakers. With that in mind, there are other reasons American cars aren’t popular in Europe.

Companies like Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW, and more, make stunning cars anyone will love in any part of the world.

Owing to this, many owners of European cars are prone to get admiring glances wherever they drive to, compared to cars from other regions.

2. They Brandish Advanced Safety Features

In vehicle safety, European cars have higher standards for safety innovations than US cars. Many of these brands have proven to be safe to drive on the roads.

This has not only contributed to European popularity in America, but they have also influenced the auto safety standard in the industry.

One such instance is the Swedish car maker, Volvo, which introduced the first three-point seat belt to its customers in 1959.

This safety feature has since then been a major feature in most cars, American included. Making Volvo a top leader in car safety among other auto-makers.

Also, Mercedes was the first to equip its cars with Anti-lock Braking Systems in the late 1970s. Since its creation, this feature has saved countless lives. It now comes in modern cars as a standard feature.

Another safety feature Mercedes invented and patented is the Crumple Zone in 1952, which absorbs the energy impact during a crash. This feature is now a requirement every modern car possesses.

There are other safety features from European car manufacturers that other automakers now incorporate as standard features in their cars.

So far, European cars have not only positively influenced the safety of cars, but this feature has also made them quite popular in the US.

3. These Vehicles Also Have Exceptional Quality

European cars possess outstanding quality and craftsmanship that contributes to their popularity. This is one good way European cars are different from American ones.

Most of these automakers built their cars using the best quality, from the engineering, interior, and exterior, to other parts of their vehicle.

With these features, most European cars offer owners a solid, unique, and classic ride unpopular to other car brands.

So far, carmakers like Volvo, BMW, Mercedes, and others are quite popular for their high standard that customers can’t help but love.

Driving European cars is not only about class, these brands also offer quality makeup that encompasses detailed and intentional touches for lovely driving experiences.

4. They Have Longer Lifespans

European cars are also popular for their durability among other cars. Their automakers build cars with better materials.

With that in mind, find out if Japanese cars last longer than American or European ones.

Owing to their quality, these cars are less likely to develop faults sooner. Instead, the high-quality materials make them break down less frequently to give them a longer lifespan.

However, although you will pay more to get your European car, it will eventually be worth the years it will last. This is because they are likely to last longer than other brands.

There have also been claims that most European car brands are more likely to survive a crash increasing their reputation for durability than other brands.

5. European Automakers Prioritize Quality Engineering

These cars are popular for their well-made engineering and this popularity continues to influence their aim to offer quality engineering with less regard for costs.

European carmakers carry out thorough research to ensure they offer great cars. This brings about technology that can stand the test of time.

Meanwhile, many cars manufactured in the US are quite affordable.

American automakers, however, do their best to minimize auto repair costs for their customers while maintaining quality.

6. Advanced Technology

The advanced technology in European cars makes them easier to drive compared to other cars. These cars offer better built-in technology in safety, entertainment, luxury, and others.

With just a push of a button, owners can change the temperature of their cabin and seat, access music, change seat position, and others.

Most of these brands have pro-active staff that enhance the technology of their products from time to time. This is a reason these brands are among world leaders in the automotive industry.

Their innovative technology methods to adopt features like car connectivity, the usage of lightweight materials for efficiency, ever-ongoing research, continuous development, and more have contributed immensely to the popularity of these cars over the years.

7. Better Fuel Efficiency and Gas Mileage

European cars are fuel efficient because automakers built them with consideration for the fuel standards in Europe. The cost of fuel is substantially higher in Europe than in other continents.

This is the reason automakers build European cars in a way that allows drivers to get more out of each gallon. Other vehicles, however, have less fuel efficiency, making European cars more popular.

Hence, with consideration for fuel efficiency, European cars offer lower costs at gas stations, which can be a lifesaver in certain expensive locations.

8. Good Reputation

European carmakers have come a long way in the car industry. Building these outstanding car companies requires dedication, years of experience, and trust.

Automakers like Land Rover, Jaguar, and others are brands that have been in the car business for many years.

These companies have also maintained their credibility, values, sophistication, and performance since their inception.

Owing to these reasons, some customers trust them more than other brands. Few things can beat longevity in an industry.

Note that European automakers not only have a reputation for delivering up to their promises, but they also ensure their products meet their customers’ expectations in every way.

You may understand these reasons better if you know the differences between American and European cars.

9. Outstanding performance

Another contribution to European cars’ popularity in America is that they offer adequate performance. One such is the handling the cars offer at higher speeds.

Note that speed laws in certain European countries are less strict than in the United States.

When looking for cars that offer better handling while driving at high speed, European cars come in handy. They can turn a corner without much difficulty.

These brands also offer better braking than other car brands. They prove to have shorter braking distances while offering great power and acceleration customers love.

10. Better Resale Value

From research, European cars have better resale values, especially luxury models. This is owing to their high-end status, longevity, better fuel economy, and some other points as mentioned earlier.

While these cars can be expensive, owners can make the money back when they resell it depending on the usage.

So far, most luxurious European cars often sell for a higher price but importantly, depending on the market. Thus, learn all you can about the market before selling your car to get the best selling price.

However, the best resale price is gotten from the moment you purchase the car. How well you maintain your car also has a significant effect on its market value.

To get the best from the resale, owners must have maintained their cars by following the maintenance schedules the manufacturer recommended. These include oil changes, brake checks, and other car services.

Check your owner’s manual for the best maintenance guide.

Final Thoughts

Overall, there are many other reasons that may affect individual preference for European cars such as personal history with a brand or a love for foreign products.

Anyway, it’s noteworthy that European cars are loved worldwide and not just by Americans.

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