8 Reasons Cars Are Safer Than Motorcycles (Explained)

People oftentimes view motorcycles as thrilling modes of transportation, as they offer a sense of excitement and freedom. However, when it comes to safety, there’s no denying that cars have a significant advantage over motorcycles.

While there are certain advantages of riding motorcycles, it is important to keep in mind the reasons why cars are safer so riders can make informed decisions about their mode of transportation.

Further, we will explore some key factors that make cars a safer choice than motorcycles. You can also find out if SUVs or pickup trucks are safer.

1. Four Wheels Provide Stability, Motorcycles Don’t.

Due to their design and construction, the four wheels of a car provide a wider base for support and greater stability than a motorcycle’s two wheels.

The weight of a car is distributed more evenly across its four wheels and this makes it less likely to tip over or lose balance, unlike the motorcycle, which has two wheels that are more susceptible to tipping over.

Cars also provide stability features such as cabins and roofs that protect and secure their occupants. In contrast, due to the absence of these features in motorcycles, riders or occupants are exposed to other vehicles on the road.

While motorcycles offer some benefits like eco-friendly nature and providing a sense of freedom over cars, they are still considered dangerous due to their lack of stability.

In terms of acceleration and maneuverability, motorcycles can perform better, but they can also increase the risk of accidents if not handled properly.

2. Cars Have Enclosed Spaces While Motorcycles Embrace the Wind.

Having a complete body structure that envelops the occupants, cars provide a secure space.

On the other hand, motorcycles have an open design that exposes the rider and passenger to elements, making them highly susceptible to injuries during an accident.

Cars have a cabin that is sealed off with doors and windows from the outside environment to create a controlled environment, unlike a motorcycle.

Other than the cabin, cars have enclosed spaces such as the trunk or boot where you can store your bags and cargo.

Overall, enclosed spaces in cars offer several advantages, such as:

  • Privacy and security for passengers
  • A comfortable environment with regulated temperature and reduced noise levels
  • Health benefits by filtering out harmful particles and gases while reducing exposure to UV radiation from the sun, and
  • Improved fuel efficiency due to better aerodynamics

3. Cars Have the Upper Hand With Seatbelts and Airbags.

Seatbelts in cars keep the driver and passengers in place during impacts.

Airbags are also a part of the vehicle-occupant restraint system which uses a bag that inflates rapidly and increases cushioning if there is a collision.

In contrast, motorcycles do not have seatbelts or airbags because it is considered safer for riders to be thrown clear of the bike in the event of an accident.

Motorcycles do not have safety features, but riders can remain safe by following safety guidelines.

4. Road View: Cars Overtake Motorcycles’ Visibility.

There is a common misconception about motorcycles having better visibility than cars.

However, cars are proven to have better visibility than motorcycles. Cars have more oversized windows and mirrors, which provide a wider field of vision.

The view drivers get through the side and rear glass is important as it helps them maneuver safely, whether they are

  • Changing lanes
  • Merging onto a highway, or
  • Getting into a parking spot

Ultimately, both motorcycles and most especially cars can have good visibility depending on their design and position on the road.

5. Cars Provide Shelter From Harsh Weather.

Extreme weather conditions such as rain or snow make it difficult for motorcyclists to commute shorter distances, let alone longer journeys.

When it rains, motorcycles are not as easy to ride on slick wet roads as two wheels have a tricker center of balance as opposed to the four wheels of a car.

With a car, drivers and passengers are protected from rain, wind, and cold temperatures by the vehicle’s roof and windows.

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Additionally, cars are equipped with air conditioning and heating systems that make the driving experience comfortable driving in extreme weather conditions.

6. Four Wheels Give More Control Advantage.

Cars are easier to control than motorcycles because they have a lower center of gravity and higher aerodynamic down forces which allow them to corner at a higher speed than race bikes.

Cars are also easier to learn and control than a motorcycle because the gears on a motorcycle are quite complicated.

For instance, in a car, you can easily switch from second to fourth without needing to touch the third gear, unlike the motorcycle which uses a sequential gearbox.

Motorcycles are considered 38 times more dangerous than cars because riders need to hone their skills and confidence to control a bike while fine-tuning their situational awareness.

Conclusively, driving a car requires less physical skill and coordination than riding a motorcycle, making it easier for most people to learn how to drive.

7. They Are Less Vulnerable to Road Hazards.

Providing more stability and occupant protection, cars are less vulnerable to road hazards than motorcycles.

Bad weather and road conditions do disrupt the operation of a motorcycle and could cause accidents if proper care isn’t taken.

According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), motorcyclists and their passengers are more vulnerable to accidents leading to injuries or even death than drivers in closed vehicles.

This is because speeding and attempting risky maneuvers, such as weaving between cars by riders (due to the nature of the motorcycle) can lead to dangerous crashes.

Car drivers, according to research, many times aren’t aware of the challenges faced by motorcycle riders on the road.

Therefore, both car drivers and motorcycle riders need to be aware of each other’s presence on the road and take the necessary precautions to avoid accidents.

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8. Cars Are Easier To Maintain Than Motorcycles.

Vehicle maintenance is essential for safety and by having more parts that require maintenance periodically, they are generally easier to access and repair than motorcycle parts.

For instance, the process of changing a car’s oil is quite straightforward and can be done by most car owners, unlike changing the oil in a motorcycle which requires more skill and specialized tools.

Tire maintenance is also crucial, and maintaining the correct tire pressure reduces rolling resistance and ensures that they aren’t worn out. This also is an easy task that can be done by most car owners.

Brake maintenance is another critical aspect of vehicle maintenance that can be checked and maintained by most car owners.

In a general sense, cars are easier to maintain than motorcycles because they require less specialized tools and knowledge.

Having a well-maintained car reduces the risk of accidents caused by mechanical failures or malfunctions that can occur due to poor maintenance practices.

Final Thoughts

The safety of driving a car and riding a motorcycle is dependent on several factors, which include:

  • The risk of accidents and injuries
  • The severity of the injuries, and
  • Legal and financial considerations

Based on recent statistics, the fatality rate for motorcycle accidents is higher than that of car accidents.

Numerous factors can influence the likelihood and severity of accidents on both vehicles and motorcycles.

By following safe driving practices such as wearing appropriate protective gear and being aware of the risks and challenges associated with each mode of transportation, drivers and riders can help minimize the risk of accidents and injuries.

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The Basics of Vehicle Safety Maintenance | Safe Motorist


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