6 Reasons Cars Are Better Than Public Transportation (Explained)

The age-old debate between private cars and public transport still lingers today. We all know that different people prefer either mode of transport.

Using private cars over public transport has slowly increased over the years. This shows that people prefer to use their cars over public transport.

However, there are several reasons this is the case because the numbers are rising. In this article, we’re discussing some reasons cars are better than public transportation.

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1. Public Transport Is Inconsistent

Public transportation often faces unforeseen circumstances when it comes to schedules. It might get stuck in traffic or face schedule changes.

For example, a bus can’t weave through congested traffic as well as a car can. All that time spent in traffic adds up and might make some people late.

Another issue is that the bus or train times and schedules might change without a warning. Sometimes there’s no way of telling if the schedules have changed and you’ll be stuck waiting.

Public transports are also susceptible to bad weather, and this can result in delays. There’s often no way of knowing if the bus is delayed and all you can do is wait.

A bus is a very large vehicle, and it is difficult to maneuver in really bad weather conditions. It has to be slower in these conditions to keep passengers safe.

In contrast, a private car will be consistent because you can calculate travel time beforehand. Using a GPS app will calculate travel time and also consider the traffic on your route.

Private cars are also better when it comes to driving in bad weather conditions. A car is smaller and, therefore, quicker.

You don’t need to worry about delays and cancelations when you’re in your own car. For more consistency, you might look into ordering an Uber for added reliability.

However, even rides like Uber aren’t very reliable because the driver can cancel the ride. If you’re stranded and it’s late, this can become a real nuisance to deal with.

2. Cars Provide More Flexibility

The flexibility of a car makes it way more reliable than public transportation. You can get to exactly where you need to be without worrying about bus stops and train stations.

Some places are also not served by public transportation. You might have to take another form of transport or walk to your desired location.

Not every city and metro has bus stops and train stations available everywhere. This means you might have to walk from far away just to get to a bus stop or train station.

You’d also want to know if dogs and pets are allowed on buses/trains.

In a private car, you don’t have to worry about not reaching a certain place. You can go directly to that location and just park the car as close as possible.

A car also allows you to make changes to your destination or take a quick detour.

A bus or train cannot make spontaneous stops along the route taken.

This flexibility means you don’t have to worry about missing your schedules on public transportation. You can stay out as late as you want without worrying.

Buses in particular are much slower and can extend the length of your travel. In rush hour traffic, the travel time is extended further and may cause delays or even cancelations.

3. No Privacy on Public Transportation

One of the most important reasons people buy cars is because of the privacy you get in your own car. There is little if no privacy when using public transportation.

This is more so for people who like to keep to themselves and you can’t really do that on a bus or train. There are people around constantly and sometimes even a lot of noise.

Public transportation does not provide much privacy as you overhear conversations, and your personal space is invaded.

For example, in a car, you can talk and laugh over the phone as loud as you want. This would be considered rude if done on a bus or train because other people can hear.

You can always use headphones to play your music, but then you can’t really sing along to your favorite tunes.

Most people who wear headphones on public transport indicate that they don’t want to be disturbed.

In a private car, on the other hand, you can sing as loud as you want and play your favorite music loudly. You have the option to use the car’s Bluetooth to make and receive calls without touching your phone.

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4. Private Cars Are More Comfortable

Public transportation was not exactly built for comfort and this can be a detriment for most people. This is especially true for really long trips where comfort is a priority.

Buses and trains are designed to haul as many people as possible to their destinations. This means you are often cramped in the small seats without any wiggle room.

The seats themselves are built and designed to last a really long time. They are often made out of steel and little cushioning.

In rush hour situations, you’ll often find that trains and buses are crowded. It gets really uncomfortable if you have to stand for the rest of your trip.

On the other hand, private cars are made to be as comfortable as possible for the occupants. There is soft upholstery that hugs your body and plenty of legroom to stretch your legs.

For long-distance trips, a private car beats public transport in almost every aspect. You can stop and rest whenever you want to and some cars even tell you to take a break from driving.

Being cramped in a small space with a bunch of strangers can get really annoying quickly. It gets worse if you get cramps or are sensitive to strong smells and odors.

You are also at risk of an asthma attack because of the different fragrances on a crowded bus or train. Furthermore, people with arthritis or movement disabilities are at a disadvantage due to limited space.

5. Cars Are Safer From the Risk of Crime

It’s no secret that public transportation modes are a hub of crime activities. From pick-pocketing to muggings, there is just a list of risks.

Because of the close proximity to others, it becomes easier for criminals to take your things. Most criminals find the subway and buses easier targets for their activities.

Another issue is having to walk alone from a bus station or subway in the late hours of the night. Some people get off work late and criminals know this and eventually target their victims this way.

There’s always the risk of hijacking in a car, but the risk of crime on public transport is higher. You can always lock your car doors in not-so-safe areas and be on the lookout at night.

In a car, you can always take precautions such as hiding your valuables in the trunk of the car. You are then able to park as close as possible to your destination and reduce the risk of a mugging.

Moreover, when driving your own vehicle, you can get from door to door without a hassle. Having to stop blocks away from your destination puts you at risk of being mugged or worse.

6. More Independence in a Private Car

Being independent is also one of the most important reasons why people have their own cars. You don’t have to rely on other modes of transport that are often unreliable.

In your own car, you can go wherever you please whenever you want to. This gives a certain feeling of independence and freedom.

Public transport has to be planned ahead of time, so you don’t miss the schedule. You have to wait for it according to set times.

Using your own car, you can plan departure times comfortably without pressure. Some cars now even let you plan your trip in advance.

A car allows you to have complete control of the route you take on your trip. This is great if you don’t feel like taking certain routes or taking the freeway.

With that said, public transport is not all doom and gloom. It has been around for a long time and it is forever being developed.

There are some people who take public transport but also have their own cars. They might need a break from driving or simply don’t want the struggle of limited parking spaces.

Yet the biggest factor in going for public transportation is that it is much cheaper. This is one of the most important factors for people who commute a lot.

Types of Public Transport

  • Trains
  • Ferries
  • Taxis
  • Trams
  • Buses
  • Urban Rail

Advantages of Public Transport

  • Public transport is cheaper
  • Public transport is safer for the environment
  • Public transport reduces noise pollution

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