5 Cars Without Center Consoles (Bench Seat Option)

Are you a driver who likes to keep large items in their front passenger seat? Then, you must have found it uncomfortable to reach over the center console each time you wanted to grab an object.

We have compiled a list of high-quality cars without center consoles to help you easily access any item you keep on your front passenger seat.

1. 2013 Chevrolet Impala

Usually, sedans come with center consoles. The 2013 Chevrolet Impala is an exception to the rule. This car swaps the regular bucket seats and center console to a front bench seat, thus increasing the seating allowance from five to six occupants.

Despite being a sedan, the 2013 Chevrolet Impala provides an impressive cargo space that is only matched by trucks.

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2. GMC Yukon

All GMC Yukon trims, save the Yukon Denali, lack center consoles. The GMC Yukon has one of the largest seating spaces across full-size SUVs. The absence of a center console in the GMC Yukon gives the vehicle the allowance to house about nine occupants at once.

The large seating space in the vehicle makes it suitable for people with big families.

The GMC Yukon’s trunk has a cargo capacity of 39.3 cubic feet. If you fold up the second and third seats in the car, you get an additional space of 121.1 cubic feet.

What’s a full-size SUV without off-road capability? The GMC Yukon offers a strong front bumper and all-terrain tires that easily help the vehicle handle rough roads.

At a minimum price of $52, 695, the GMC Yukon may seem expensive. Nevertheless, the vehicle offers compensation for its high price with its reliability. The Yukon has decent fuel economy and high-tech safety features.

The average mileage for the GMC Yukon is 23 mpg. Its safety features, like blind-spot monitoring, and rear park assist, can protect you from danger while driving.

3. Pre-2010 Chevy Impala

You can find some older Chevrolet Impala with bench seats, and therefore no center consoles.

4. Buick LeSabre (older models)

In older models of the Buick LeSabre, the front bench seat presented a continuous seating area that spanned the width of the vehicle’s interior.

These bench seats were characterized by their broad and plush cushioning, often upholstered in materials like fabric or leather. A prominent feature of this configuration was the absence of a center console, which allowed for a more open and spacious feel in the cabin.

Instead of a console, the space between the driver and the passenger seats could accommodate a third passenger, though somewhat snugly.

This setup also facilitated easier movement between the front and back seats, a convenience that was somewhat offset by the necessity of a column-mounted shifter for the transmission, and a dashboard or steering column mounted controls for the radio and climate system.

5. Ford Crown Victoria

Similar to the Buick LeSabre, older models of the Ford Crown Victoria often featured a front bench seat, particularly in the base and LX trims.

The bench seat, broad and accommodating, usually came with premium cloth or vinyl upholstery, offering a blend of comfort and practicality.

The absence of a center console in these models meant that the front cabin had an unobstructed area in the middle, making it possible to seat a third person in the front row.

The lack of a center console also meant that all controls, including the transmission shifter, were mounted either on the steering column or the dashboard.

This not only allowed for more seating space but also gave the interior a more airy and spacious feel, reminiscent of the classic American car design, which emphasized comfort and roominess.


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