Mini Trucks Weight & Dimensions: 7 Examples To Know

Part of the checklist for buying a mini truck is the dimensions, weight, and how much load it can actually haul.

Instead of finding them one after the other on your own, here’s a quick peek at the dimensions of the popular mini truck brands.

Dimensions and weight for mini trucks:

Mini Trucks Length  Width  Height  Curb Weight Max Load
11.2 ft 4.9 ft  6.2 ft 2007 lb  1103 lb
Honda Acty 10.6 ft 4.9 ft 5.8 ft 1476 lb 770 lb
Suzuki carry 10.6 ft 4.9 ft 6 ft 1490 lb 770 lb
Subaru Sambar 10.9 ft 4.6 ft 6.3 ft 1628 lb 710 lb
Mitsubishi Minicab 11.2 ft 4.9 ft 6.3 ft 1630 lb 772 lb
Mahindra Supro 12.4 ft 5.1 ft 6.2 ft 2667 lb 850 lb
Tata Ace Mega  12.5 ft 5 ft 6.2 ft 4321 lb 850 lb


Check out our article over here for details about these truck brands. It’s a great read if you consider buying a mini truck!

Let’s get started!

How Much Weight Can A Mini Truck Carry?

Mini trucks will typically carry 700-800 lb. The Mahindra Supro is a little stronger and will carry up to 850 lb.

What Are The Limitations Of Mini Trucks?

Mini trucks have limits with regards to vehicle length. They are not as long as pickup trucks so apart from the weight you also have to consider the size of the payload you want to move.

Their bed load capacity hangs around an average of 772 lbs.

Somethings the engines are replaced with a bigger one for more enhanced carrying capacity and greater performance. For instance, the version built for Indonesia was an upgrade to the 543 cc Suzuki Carry and it’s made stronger.


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