Michael Thomas writes about cruisers, cafes, sportbikes, baggers, choppers— all things motorcycle.

My Career as a Moto-Writer

I’ve been writing since I was scribbling, and I’ve been hanging around motorcycles and motorcycle people for just under two decades.

An old roommate of mine fabbed custom bikes. Our garage was his shop, and he ignited my interest and beckoned me to visit chopper shows all around Texas. I went to school for writing, so it was only natural for him to lean on me for write-ups on him and his bikes. 

Before I knew it, I was writing about motorcycles as often as I was riding.

In addition to the many Harley’s and Honda’s I once had regular access to, I’ve owned a Triumph Bonneville and an Indian Scout before buying my dream bike three years ago, a 2018 Indian Chieftain Limited on which I’ve put 54,000 miles.

I’ve written travel blogs and articles, blogs, captions, and descriptions of every type of bike under the sun and have edited and fact-checked various motorcycle blogs.

I came to Motor & Wheels as an editor, but motorcycle people tend to click up, and we got along so well that I decided to hang around and do what I do—write about bikes!


Motorcycle Expert

In addition to owning and maintaining various bikes and living and working with bike builders and moto-shop owners, Michael Thomas has been writing, ghostwriting, editing, and fact-checking motorcycles articles for years.

Motorcycling Adventure

Michael has done over 85,000 miles of intensive moto-camp touring through Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, California, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Nevada, Tennessee and has roasted every road worth mentioning in Texas where he resides.

Motorcycle Safety Course

Michael passed the motorcycle safety and education course and is Class-M licensed by the State of Texas.

Latest Articles

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