How Long Do Honda Silver Wings Last? (5 Examples)

In 2001, Honda launched the Silver Wing.

With a modest-sized scooter and a 582cc motorcycle engine, a touring-comfortable seat, windshield fairing, and enough storage space to keep you and your passenger’s clothes dry from the elements on a long-distance haul, the Silver Wing is what the moto-market calls a maxi-scooter.

The Silver Wing gives scooter riders a chance to hit the road and head state to state, but how long do Silver Wings last? Find out in this article.

Here’s How Long the Honda Silver Wing Lasts:

The Honda Silver Wing can last over 100,000 miles if it’s stored properly, ridden regularly, and serviced per the maintenance plan Honda suggests for riders in the Owner’s Manual. Since the average Maxi Scooter is ridden for 4,000 miles a year, a well-kept Silver Wing could last for 25 years. 

How Many Miles Do You Get on a Honda Silver Wing?

You can get over 100,000 miles on a Honda Silver Wing if you take good care of it. Honda’s premier Maxi Scooter has a robust engine meant for long-distance riding, and there are plenty of Silver Wings that have been on the road since 2001, with well over 100,000 miles on the odometer.

I’ve never owned a Silver Wing, and despite how badly I’ve always wanted to try one out, I never have.

To bring our readers some real-life examples of high-mile Honda Silver Wings, we heard from a few Silver Wing owners online, and this is what they said:

  1. The first rider I encountered snapped a picture of his odometer reading of over 120,000 miles.
  2. Another Silver Wing rider was beyond stoked when they heard Honda have a scooter with which he could travel long distances with his wife. And he did. The couple clocked right around 152,000 miles on their Silver Wing.
  3. The above couple also boasted confidently about a friend of theirs they claimed clocked 200,000 miles without an issue on a Honda Silver Wing, but we couldn’t confirm that with the owner themselves.
  4.  Another Silver Wing rider spoke up to brag about the 125,500 miles he packed onto his scooter at a ripping rate of 40,000 miles a year.
  5. And finally, one of the forum fan favorites spoke up and confirmed that his 2002 Honda Silver Wing scooter has 172,483 miles on it and counting. The rider had moved on to something different and passed the Silver Wing down to his son. We joked that his grandson might be on it someday if it continues to perform as reliably as it has for the first 172,483 miles—time will tell.

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What Is Considered High Mileage for These Models?

The used market considers a Honda Silver Wing to be high mile when it crosses 50,000 miles. This is based on a general standard for Maxi-Scooters under the assumption that all riders push their scooters to its engine’s limits as they’re marketed to new riders. Silver Wings tend to live past 100,000 miles.

For those of our readers in the market for a used Honda Silver Wing, you might wonder if that scoot you saw online with 55,000 miles on the clock is a good deal, even though it is considered high mileage.

The fact is that even though the Blue Book value of a used Silver Wing drops after it’s considered being high mileage, that doesn’t mean it’s not a smart buy.

You may get a sweet deal on a used Silver Wing that has ten years of life left, even though its 50,000-mile odometer reading is considered high mileage.

The simple truth is that Honda makes motors that run well past their vehicles are considered high mileage; mileage has little bearing on how much life the Silver Wing’s got left.

Other factors, like maintenance, storage, and riding habits, have much more to do with how much life the Silver Wing has left, despite its high (or low) mileage.

  • Before assessing the longevity of a used Silver Wing, consult the factory service manual.
  • The service manual gives you a better understanding of maintenance questions to ask the previous owner. It also lets you know what kind of ownership responsibility you are in store for should you buy the little Honda.
  • Check the condition of the Silver Wing’s filters, fluids, tires, body, and engine to get an idea of how often the previous owner serviced the scooter to know how long it will last. Ask for maintenance records, crash reports, and have them start the scooter so you can listen for any weird sounds.

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How Many Years Does a Honda Silver Wing Typically Last?

A Honda Silver Wing maxi-scooter can last over 25 years if it’s broken in properly, stored safely, and ridden responsibly per Honda’s guidelines. The average scooter is ridden 4,000 miles a year—a scooter like the Silver Wing that lasts over 100,000 miles can serve for 25 years.

Its bullet-proof motor and Honda’s expert research and development, design, and engineering squads contribute to the Silber Wing’s long life. 

Honda’s premier maxi-scooter can last as long as anything else out there, but exactly how many years it lasts depends on a few variables, most of which have to do with the owner’s etiquette.

Silver Wings have been on the road for over 20 years and counting and still run great regardless of the high mileage.

A Honda Silver Wing can last 25 years if:

  • You store it indoors or under a rugged tarp to protect it from the elements.
  • If indoors, mind any corrosive airborne chemicals.
  • Ride your Honda scooter per Honda’s suggested use.
  • Service your Silver Wing scooter per Honda’s suggested intervals.

Is the Honda Silver Wing Reliable?

Thanks to a motor engineered by Honda’s legendary team, the Honda Silver Wing is one of the most reliable maxi scooters on the moto market today. The comfortable two-up scooter is as reliable for in-town commuting as it is for long-haul touring, and it’s got the storage space to accommodate either.

The Silver Wing was built to be a tourist scooter; Honda made sure its engine could power the 551-pound scooter along with a potential passenger and gear.

Honda had already made a career out of dominating the touring market with the Gold Wing, and reliability is the name of the game on long-haul motos, so:

  • Honda gave the Silver Wing scooter a Honda-reliable powerhouse of an engine—
  • —a 582cc liquid-cooled four-stroke parallel twin.
  • This performance package is fit for a small-medium-sized cruiser motorcycle, never mind an automatic scooter.

The engine barely has to work to power the scooter—it endures little to no stress if the bike is maintained correctly and ridden responsibly, making the Honda Silver Wing reliable for the literal long haul.

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Does a Honda Silver Wing Last Longer than other Scooters?

The Honda Silver Wing does last longer than other scooters, as it’s a maxi scooter meant for touring long distance. Its power-house of a 582cc, liquid-cooled, parallel-twin four-stroke motor is built to ride long and last longer. 

That said, how long your Honda Silver Wing lasts depends on ownership. 

  1. Riding your Silver Wing responsibly per its intended purpose will ensure it lasts as long as any other scooter out there. 
  2. How many owners did it have before you? A Silver Wing with a long-term owner will probably last much longer than a scooter that’s been passed around and cared for sporadically.
  3. Properly storing your Silver Wing is essential to its longevity. A scooter has to be properly prepped for storage if it’s going to sit for a long time, or its seals will dry out, its carb will clog up.

In short, properly storing and maintaining your Honda Silver Wing while riding it regularly will ensure it lasts longer than other scooters.

What Typically Breaks First on a Honda Silver Wing?

The first things to break on a Honda Silver Wing are the handlebar clamp and holder. Honda used the same clamp and handlebar holder on both the 2002 and 2003 year models, and they addressed the issue via a recall, so most of the Honda Silver Wings on the road today have the issue resolved.

That said, there may be some Silver Wings on the used moto-market that were neglected by their owners and weren’t taken in for the free recall service upgrade. 

  • Vibration on these SWings could cause the handlebars to detach.
  • Losing the ability to steer on any vehicle is no joke, especially on a two-wheeler. 
  • If you own a 2003 or 2003 year model Honda Silver Wing and you’re experiencing loss of steering, take it into a Honda dealership near you for a free upgrade before your bars detach entirely.

6 Great Tips to Make Sure Your Honda Silver Wing Will Last Long

Here are some tips to make sure your Honda Silver Wing will last long:

1. Avoid Revving the Engine Excessively

Don’t crank the throttle back before you take off; even if it’s in neutral, you’re stressing the engine. Have fun and ride that SWing to your heart’s desire—it’s made for zipping and hauling, don’t rev it excessively for no reason to avoid putting pressure on both the engine and the transmission. 

2. Take Breaks During Long Tours

The Silver Wing is meant for long-distance trips, no doubt. Its ergonomic riding position, comfortable seat, and storage space beg the Swing owner to hit the bricks and scoot state to state. The Silver Wing is liquid-cooled; it can take the beating of long-distance trips no problem, but giving your engine a rest every few hours will keep her lasting long.

3. Don’t Overload the Storage Space

Honda designed the Silver Wing with enough storage space to accommodate not just a rider but a passenger. That said, the Swing has a limit. Check the scooter’s owner’s manual to see the weight limit of your particular year model, and be sure not to overload the bike (you can travel the entire country with just one pair of jeans, trust me).

4. Keep the Tire Pressure at Spec

A Honda Silver Wing with low tire pressure consumes more fuel, overworking the scooter’s engine. The fuel consumption increase happens because the scooter’s weight displacement changes as the tires deflate. Honda engineered the scooter’s ergonomics and engine to function at peak performance when the tires are inflated to the spec PSI, so keep your tires fluffed. 

5. Store Your Silver Wing Out of Direct Sunlight

The harmful UV rays of the sun can damage your windshield, alter the lubrication fluid’s viscosity and cause corrosion or damage to your scooter’s lines. It can also dry out seals and spoil your fuel, eroding the inside of your Silver Wing’s gas tank. Store your scooter under a rugged tarp or in the garage but away from corrosive airborne chemicals to extend its life. 

6. Follow Honda’s Suggested Maintenance Schedule Per the Owner’s Manual

Keep your Silver Wing lasting long by following the maintenance schedule. A regular oil and filter change and air filter cleaning/replacement are significant, but it’s only the first step. The suggested service schedule includes a thorough inspection of the bike’s engine and transmission and regular lubrication of levers, gears, side stands, and other components. 

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