How Long Do Gladiator Tires Last? (Checked)

If you need tires for your ATV, lightweight or heavy-duty truck, or SUV, you’ll likely come across Gladiator tires when searching.

Gladiator tires have been manufacturing high-quality, competitively priced tires for various non-passenger vehicles since the early ’80s.

The company is committed to keeping up with the latest features and technologies in the tire industry, which has allowed them to gather the attention of SUV drivers, truck haulers, and off-road enthusiasts.

If you’re considering choosing Gladiator tires for the first time and wondering how long the tires will last, check out the information here.

Here’s How Long You Can Expect Gladiator Tires to Last

Gladiator tires are sold with an expected tread life. Gladiator sells tires with different types of tread. Depending on what type is purchased, it will determine how long you can expect the tires to last.

How many miles do Gladiator tires last?

How many miles a Gladiator tire will last depends on the type of tire purchased.

Gladiator manufactures several different tire types, including:

  • Gladiator QR500-H/T
  • Gladiator QR800-AT
  • Gladiator QR700-SUV

Each of these tires is made for a specific vehicle type and has different mile tread life warranties.

For example, the QR500-H/T has a 30,000-mile tread life warranty.

The QR800-AT has a 40,000-mile tread life warranty, and the Gladiator QR700-SUV has a 50,000-mile tread life warranty.

There’s a variety of factors that affect how long a tire will last.

Gladiator does not offer a tread life guarantee because of this, but does offer a satisfaction guarantee as well as advice on how to get the most out of the tires.

How long a set of Gladiator tires will last depends on a variety of factors such as;

  • How often is the vehicle driven?
  • Whether the tires are regularly maintained?
  • Make sure the tires are balanced correctly
  • Taking care of any tire issues as quickly as possible

In general, most Gladiator tires will last about 40,000 miles. So, for most drivers, Gladiator tires will last that entire time.

Measuring how long the tires will last in months or years depends on how often the vehicle-mounted with Gladiator tires is driven. For some drivers, 40,000 miles could last a very long time.

Drivers that put a lot of miles on their vehicles may need to replace their tires sooner.

It’s also important to note that properly installing and maintaining the tires also plays a part in how long the tires will last.

Gladiator tires should be installed and balanced by a professional to ensure the tires will give drivers the best possible ride. The tires should also be balanced regularly.

Many off-road enthusiasts opt for Gladiator tires because of the brand’s off-road performance rankings. However, going off-road often means tires are objected to rough, uneven terrain. This type of terrain can cause tires to become unbalanced.

If a vehicle is driven with unbalanced tires, the tires can wear out prematurely. To prevent this, the tires should be checked regularly.

How many years do Gladiator tires last when not used much?

Most Gladiator tire models come with a warranty based on mileage.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to say how many years these tires will last because the life of the tires is tied directly to how many miles have been put on the tires.

If you don’t plan to use the vehicle-mounted with Gladiator tires very often, you’ll want to check on the vehicle and maintain the tires regularly.

Tires can go flat over time when not in use. When tires don’t have the right amount of air in them, it can cause damage to the tires and the tire’s rims. To avoid this, tire pressure should be checked on a regular basis.

If you notice any issues with your Gladiator tires, it’s essential to determine whether the manufacturer’s warranty covers the tires.

If the tires are covered under warranty, contact the company right away to have your issue taken care of.

Doing so right away will help you increase the longevity of the tires, even when you don’t use the vehicle very often.

Although most tires have a specific mileage limit, Gladiator tires will continue to warranty tires down to the last 2/32 of the tire or for two years from when the tires were originally purchased.

Be aware that tires sitting on a shelf on in a warehouse will not last as long. Here’s now long Tires will last (expiration dates). 

Do Gladiator tires last longer than other brands?

Gladiator tires are heavy-duty, which means they’re made for off-road adventures and hauling heavy loads.

The materials used make them an excellent option for those looking for a tire that will last.

Are Gladiator tires worth the price?

Gladiator tires impress even the pickiest truck tire buyers.

For the price, Gladiator tires impress because of their longevity even when driven in rough terrain.

It’s important to note that Gladiator tires are much more expensive than passenger vehicle tires. But, Gladiator doesn’t make tires for passenger vehicles.

Instead, Gladiator makes tires for off-road enthusiasts, SUV drivers, minivan drivers, and long-haul truck drivers, and trailer tires.

So, when it comes to price comparison, it’s essential to realize Gladiator tires are comparable to other tire brands that only cater to non-standard passenger vehicles in the categories mentioned above.

The heavy-duty tires deliver smooth performance as long as they are appropriately maintained.

Most of the time, Gladiator tires don’t require maintenance.

But, if you plan to drive on rough terrain, it’s imperative to check the tires often to catch any problems before they become a big problem.

The tires are created with heavy-duty materials that are stronger than the average tire and designed to eject stones and other debris, but it’s still necessary to check the tires for debris and damage.

Also, since the tires are covered under a manufacturing warranty, it’s also good to be aware of the warranty and take advantage of it if you have any issues with the tires.

With many advantages to Gladiator truck tires, it’s easy to tell the tires are worth the price tag.

How do Gladiator tires rate?

In terms of off-road performance, Gladiator tires rate very well.

The tire manufacturer created tires that are durable for off-road scenarios. Nearly 75% of first-time Gladiator tire buyers would buy the tires again.

Those that would buy the tires again note the satisfaction guarantee, durability, and variety of choices for reasons they were happy with their purchase.

The only thing buyers are critical of is that Gladiator tire doesn’t offer a guarantee based on the tire’s tread. Some drivers have also stated the tires can be difficult to balance.

To avoid this problem, it’s best to seek a professional to balance the tires correctly before being driven.

Are Gladiator tires considered high-quality?

Gladiator tires are considered high-quality tires.

This brand of tires is often chosen by those driving a lightweight truck, heavy-duty truck, SUV, or ATV over long stretches of road or off the beaten path.

Gladiator’s tires qualify as heavy-duty due to their load ratings and range of available sizes.

The high load ratings allow drivers to put heavy, bulky items in the cargo areas without any hindrance to the vehicle’s ability due to excellent tire safety and stability options.

The tires are also considered heavy-duty because they are very capable of performing on various terrain.

Gladiator tires can easily handle themselves on gravel, mud, sand, and rocks.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for tires to match the way you drive, Gladiator makes what off-road enthusiasts are looking for.

The US-based company manufacturers most of the tires in China, but sells them in the United States.

The tires are made of high-quality materials and include features and technology that have increased their popularity with off-road enthusiasts and light truck drivers.

Features that have impressed drivers include:

  • Wide, rib tread pattern
  • Three-ply polyester casing
  • Stone ejectors
  • Sturdy sidewalls

Gladiator stands behind their products, offers a satisfaction guarantee and is committed to providing customers with tires they will buy every time they need one.

With this in mind, Gladiator tires are worth taking a chance on.

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