Ford F-350 & F-450 & Light: 14 Questions Answered (For Newbies)

The Ford F-Series, which includes the F-350 and F-450, is famous for its combination of ruggedness with luxury.

If you are a newbie using an F-350 or F-450, you may have some questions about the lightning system. But, if you haven’t – start by reading our overview of the best and worst years for Ford 450.

Join us as we answer some questions about the lights in these vehicles. We included questions owners may have concerning the many lightning areas.

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Which Light Bulbs Sizes and Types Do Ford F-350 & F-450s Use?

From research, the bulb sizes for the Ford F-350 and F-450 from 2020 to 2023 are H13 9008 for the LED Headlight Bulbs (High/Low Beam).

For the Ford F350 and F450 models from 2005 to 2019, the bulb size is 9008 High Beam and Low Beam LED Headlight Bulbs Combo with 9145/9140 Fog Light.

The 1999-2003 year models, however, have a bulb size of 6500K for the Headlight LED Bulb.

You may get these bulbs and more on

How to Turn off Daytime Running Lights on a Ford F-350 & F-450?

Ford F-350 or F-450 may offer varying methods to turn off the daytime running lights if equipped, depending on the trim level.

The common method involves the setting, using the information display and the five-way control switch that is on the left side of the steering wheel.

The steps include navigating from

  • Settings
  • To vehicles
  • Then lightning
  • and daytime lights

To turn it off, use the controls to select the off option.

Users can also employ the DRL resistor in the series with the low-beam filament.

However, use a scan tool where both methods failed. Such tools include Forscan to change some settings in the Body Control Module.

We recommend owners refer to the owner’s manual or get support from a certified technician for this method.

Ford F-350 & F-450 Light Indicator Symbols Explained

Here are the warning light indicators you may find on your F-350 and F450. We included the most prominent ones that need urgent repair below.

Charging System Trouble Lights

This includes a battery symbol with red lines. It may mean the battery is bad and will not allow itself to charge or that the alternator is failing.

Brake Trouble Lights

The symbol includes the letter “BRAKE” in red colors. It could signify a serious issue with the brake.

Oil Warning Light

The symbol features an old-school oil lamp or Alladin’s lamp, which signifies the oil level of the car. Where there is a wavy line below the can, it means the oil level is low.

Temperature Warning Indicators

It may appear as the text “Hot Coolant Temp” or a “T” that is upside down with wavy lines. It simply means the engine temperature is too high and needs cooling.

SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) Air Bag Indicator Symbols

The small symbol includes a passenger strapped into the car with a ball figure in his/her front, either in yellow or red color or a beach ball on a lap, according to “Dashboard Symbols”.

The symbol could as well be the letter “SRS” in red. Whichever one, they all signify the same thing. There may be a problem with one or more airbags in the car.

Drivetrain, Shift, or Powertrain Trouble Symbols

The symbol includes a circle with a warning sign in the middle in either red or yellow color. It denotes an issue with an automatic transmission, transaxle, or shift mechanism.

Power Steering Trouble Light

The symbol includes a steering wheel with a warning sign beside it. It means there may be a failure with the power steering and needs urgent attention.

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How Do You Adjust the Light on a Ford F-350 & F-450?

Adjusting the light on your F-350 and F-450 is better done at the night and involves the following steps.

  1. Park your car on the smooth ground facing a wall.
  2. Open the hood of your car and find the Philips’ head screws in the plastic cover on the top of each light.
  3. Turn the light clockwise to reduce and counterclockwise to increase it until you get the desired result.

However, we recommend taking your vehicle to a dealership to help you adjust the lights if they are those from the factory. This is because they may break during the process, which can be expensive to fix.

Do Ford F-350 & F-450S Have Automatic Headlamps?

From research, most of the F-350 and F-450 model years don’t come with automatic headlamps as standard. However, the 2023 F-350 model year and the 2022 F-450 XLT trim level year offer the feature.

Owners can install the automatic headlamp if there is a need. Note that it is necessary to consult professionals for installation.

How Do I Turn Off the Lights on a Ford F-350 & F-450?

To turn off the lights on a Ford F-350 and F-450, you can employ the headlight switch knob, which you can find on the dashboard. With the knob, you can turn off the lights completely.

You can consult your owner’s manual for more inquiries.

How Do I Turn off the Ford F-350 & F-450 Trunk Light?

Turning off the Trunk Light of the Ford F-350 and F-450 involves using the light button Ford provided to the left of the steering wheel.

The button has a symbol of a truck with a light over it for recognition. Push it to put the light off, if you can’t wait for it to go off automatically after 10 minutes.

How Does Auto Light Sensitivity Work?

The auto light sensitivity in the F-350 and F-450 models turns the light on or off whenever necessary. This includes turning it off when you are on a dark road with no other traffic.

It also uses the sensor to scan the road ahead and dim the light to low beams automatically when a vehicle with headlamps on is coming or going ahead of you.

This is mainly to limit glare and prevent obstructing other drivers.

What Can Cause the Drive Light to Blink?

The Drive light of your F-350 and F-450 may blink to signify an issue with the transmission system. This may be owing to high fluid temperature, a stuck valve, or a burned-out solenoid.

Your car will require further diagnosis by a professional repairer for accuracy.

Can I Use Headlight Covers on an F-350 & F-450?

You can use headlight covers on an F-350 and an F-450. Manufacturers like Lamin-X offer a product they specifically design for these models.

However, check if it is legal to use Headlight covers in your state, as not all states allow this.

The Dome/Interior Light Isn’t Working

The dome/interior light may not work owing to some issues. These include a stuck switch in the door latch or an issue with the interior lamp function switch on the interior light’s bezel.

Another problem includes an electrical problem that involves wiring or a blown fuse. However, we recommend taking your car to a licensed mechanic for additional diagnosis and repair.

Ford F-350 & F-450 Light Sensors Explained

The Ford F-350 and F-450 light sensors help drivers detect if there is an object in front of the vehicle to reduce the risk of collision.

It includes a Forward/Reverse Sensing System that alerts drivers when objects are close to the front or back of the car.

Do Ford F-350 & F-450S Have LED Lights?

Most F-350 and F-450 model years don’t offer LED lights as a standard feature except for all 2023 Ford F-Series Super Duty models.

However, the 2020-2022 model years feature LED grill lights.

The Lights Come On but the Car Won’t Start

The light of your truck may come on and may not start owing to varying reasons. Such include a weak or dead battery. It may also be because of a damaged starter, or a blown fuse.

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