Can Electric & Hybrid Cars Jump-Start Other Cars? (Explained)

With their impressive fuel efficiency, lower emissions, and sleek designs, electric and hybrid vehicles have become a popular choice for environmentally-conscious drivers. 

However, despite their many benefits, some drivers may wonder whether electric and hybrid cars can jump-start other vehicles in the event of a dead battery.

In this article, we will delve deeper into the topic of whether electric and hybrid cars can jump-start other vehicles, exploring the potential risks or benefits of doing so. 

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Jump-Start Other Cars With an Electric or Hybrid Vehicle:

While it is possible to jump-start other cars using an electric or hybrid vehicle, it is not recommended. Jump-starting another car with an electric or hybrid vehicle can potentially void the warranty and cause damage to the battery. It’s best to consult your manual or contact a professional.

Do Electric Cars Have Ports To Jump-Start Other Cars?

As more individuals opt for environmentally responsible and sustainable modes of transportation, electric vehicles have become more and more popular. 

The ability of electric cars to jumpstart other vehicles has been questioned, though, as the number of people driving them has increased. 

First of all, it’s crucial to understand that, unlike conventional gasoline vehicles, electric vehicles do not come with a 12-volt battery. They use high-voltage batteries instead to run the electric motor. 

These batteries need particular handling and maintenance because they are more sophisticated and larger than regular automobile batteries.

Despite this, electric cars do come equipped with a 12-volt battery to run the auxiliary systems like the radio, lights, and air conditioning.

Even if this battery is not utilized to power the electric motor, it can still be used to jump-start another vehicle if the owner’s manual for the electric vehicle specifically permits it.

It’s vital to remember that using a 12-volt battery from an electric vehicle to jump-start another vehicle can be risky. Batteries for electric vehicles are delicate and can readily be harmed by inappropriate use. 

A voltage surge that results from starting another vehicle with an electric vehicle could potentially harm the high-voltage battery in the electric vehicle. 

Additionally, the vehicle’s warranty could be void, and the repair costs could be high.

Furthermore, some electric cars have a DC-to-DC converter that allows them to use the high-voltage battery to charge the 12-volt battery. In these circumstances, jump-starting another vehicle can also harm the converter.

Additionally, remember that not all electric cars are made equally. Some models might be able to jumpstart other vehicles, while others might not. 

It’s critical to check your electric vehicle’s owner’s manual or speak with a qualified mechanic to find out if your EV can jump-start other vehicles.

What Can Go Wrong?

It can be tempting to use an electric vehicle to jump-start another vehicle, particularly if the electric car has a 12-volt battery that can be utilized to power auxiliary components. 

However, utilizing an electric car to jump-start another vehicle comes with several risks, and if done incorrectly, it can seriously harm the sensitive parts of your vehicle.

So, what are these risks? 

Below we take a closer look: 

  • Voltage surge: The high-voltage battery used in electric cars operates at far greater voltages than regular car batteries, and a voltage surge can seriously harm these or other delicate parts. The warranty on the car can be voided, and the repairs could be pricey.
  • Damage to the DC-DC converter: Some electric vehicles have a converter that enables them to use the high-voltage battery to charge the 12-volt battery. Jump-starting another car could result in a voltage spike that harms the converter and necessitates expensive repairs.
  • Potential for reverse polarity: A spark or electrical discharge from improperly connected jumper cables could harm the electric car’s delicate parts, including the inverter and engine. Repairing this kind of damage can be challenging and costly.

Although it may be enticing, there are a lot of potential risks when using an electric car to jump-start another vehicle.

Any car that needs help starting must be done alongside the owner’s manual or the assistance of a qualified mechanic.

Can a Hybrid Car Jump-Start an ICE Car?

While it may damage your hybrid’s electrical system if used too much, an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicle can be jump-started by a hybrid vehicle. 

However, to ensure a safe jump-start, it’s important to follow a few safety measures.

  1. So that the jumper cables may reach both batteries, park the hybrid vehicle near enough to the ICE vehicle.
  2. Both vehicles should be turned off, and the emergency brakes should be engaged.
  3. Locate the batteries by opening the hoods of both vehicles. The battery in some hybrid vehicles might be found in the trunk.
  4. The positive terminals of the hybrid car’s battery and the battery of the ICE automobile should both be connected with the red positive cable.
  5. The black negative cable should be connected to the battery’s negative terminal on the hybrid vehicle before being secured to the ICE vehicle.
  6. Start the ICE vehicle. Allow both vehicles to run for a few minutes if they start before disconnecting the jumper cables.
  7. To disconnect the jumper cables, start with the black negative cable on the ICE vehicle and work your way to the positive red cable on the hybrid vehicle.

Not all hybrid vehicles have a 12-volt battery that may be used to jump-start other vehicles.

To ensure that your hybrid automobile can be used to jump-start another vehicle, make sure to consult the owner’s manual or get in touch with the manufacturer.

Will Jump-Starting an ICE Car Affect Your Warranty?

There are a few reasons why jump-starting an ICE automobile from a hybrid or electric vehicle (EV) may have an impact on the warranty of the hybrid or EV.

Firstly, most automakers include precise guidelines on how to jump-start a car. Hybrid or electric vehicle jump-starting may not be advised by the maker and could harm the battery or electrical system of the vehicle. 

The manufacturer’s warranty may not apply to any damage sustained as a result of jump-starting an ICE vehicle with a hybrid or electric car.

Additionally, the battery in an EV or hybrid is usually substantially different from the battery in an ICE vehicle. 

In contrast to the battery in an ICE vehicle, which is made to power the starting motor and other electrical equipment, the battery in a hybrid vehicle is made to power the electric motor and recharge it through regenerative braking. 

Due to this, a hybrid or electric vehicle’s battery may not be appropriate for jump-starting an ICE vehicle, and doing so runs the risk of harming the vehicle’s electrical components or battery and affecting the warranty.

In closing, even though it is technically possible to use a hybrid or electric vehicle to jump-start an ICE car, most automakers do not advise it as it can harm the hybrid or electric vehicle’s electrical system or battery.

Can a Tesla Jump-Start an ICE Car?

The majority of Tesla electric vehicles (EVs) are powered by lithium-ion batteries, which aren’t designed to generate the high amperes (amps) needed to jump-start an ICE vehicle.

Could it be done? Yes. But you also need to consider the dangers involved in powering an ICE vehicle with your Tesla battery.

As previously mentioned, the EVs’ 12V battery and DC-DC converter may be stressed if it jumps an ICE vehicle. Therefore, the DC-DC converter may malfunction and require costly repairs as a result of electrical surges.

The high voltage requirements of a larger ICE vehicle like an SUV, pickup truck, or bus might be too much for a Tesla’s low-voltage battery to handle.

According to the owner’s manual, Tesla owners are advised against charging ICE vehicles with their EVs. It’s recommended to accept Tesla’s word for it, as this will most likely affect your warranty.


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