Are Douglas Tires Any Good? (Checked)

Douglas Tires is an off-brand tiremaker whose products you only can buy at a Walmart store near you. The tires are made using modern materials and technologies that ensure they provide you with good service. The tires are all-season and of generally good quality at an affordable price.

How Good Are Douglas Tires?

Douglas Tires provides buyers with a good value in all-season radial tires that are intended to last for 45,000 miles or more. Its distribution through Walmart stores plus home delivery ensures you can buy them anywhere. And the marketing costs are very low, which helps to keep prices affordable.

How many miles do Douglas Tires last?

Douglas Tires are designed to last for about 45,000 miles. That is a very good service life and holds its own against other brands. Douglas Tires provides a limited warranty for its tires.

So proper maintenance will help to ensure they last as long as advertised.

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If you drive about 10,000 miles per year on a set of Douglas Tires, they should last at least four years. Mounting a new set of four tires to your vehicle about every four years means the tires give you good mileage and service.

If you drive fewer miles per year, the tires should give you even more years of service.

Just about any tire that is designed to last for 45,000 miles requires regular maintenance to hold up for that many miles. But most drivers neglect their tires, which reduces their actual mileage. You need to pay close attention to the air pressure in your tires. A good air pressure gauge will tell you whether one or more tires are low.

A portable air compressor that runs off of power from a cigarette lighter or a USB port is a great tool for keeping your tires properly inflated. When you maintain your tires properly, you should get the maximum service life from them.

Douglas Tires are no different.

How noisy are Douglas Tires?

Douglas Tires do not create an excessive amount of noise. And most are designed to reduce road noise. So you should enjoy a relatively quiet ride while driving on tires from Douglas Tires. They are not particularly noisy and mostly provide you with a quiet ride.

The tread design and rubber compounds used to make them help to maintain good traction while minimizing road noise.

The rubber used to make the tires is of good quality. It is the same rubber used in a variety of other tire brands, including Goodyear tires.

goodyear tires

The tread design of Douglas Tires’ all-season radials and other types of tires also helps to keep tire noise at a minimum. So you should be able to drive down a normal roadway under average driving conditions and not have to listen to the tires singing to you along the way.

But other factors might make it seem like the tires are making noise.

Tire noise has many potential causes.

The road surface is a big part of that.

For example, you might regularly drive on a grooved roadway that is designed to channel water away from the road surface. That grooved road surface can create a lot of noise when the weather is dry and sunny.

The same could happen when the type of paving material changes. You might drive through a section of freeway that tests different types of paving materials.

Such sections of roadway usually have signs indicating the test areas and lateral lane markings that tell you when the surface type changes.

The lane markings and signs help you to know that the different sounds you are hearing are due to the road surface.

That can prevent motorists from becoming stressed about a potential mechanical issue when they hear changing sounds coming from the road surface.

Noisy tires also might indicate a mechanical issue that needs to be addressed. Misaligned wheels could cause the tires to make more noise. So could a worn suspension and other components that affect how the tires contact the road.

Are Douglas Tires reliable?

Douglas Tires’ tires are so reliable that the manufacturer provides owners with limited warranty protection for the first 45,000 miles. As long as you maintain your tires and keep records of balance and rotation services, you should have a warranty that lasts for 45,000 miles.

Many Walmart stores conveniently have tire centers that can handle the balance and rotation and other tire and wheel services. The cost is nominal and the service is done quickly. It also will help to document the condition of your tires if a problem were to arise.

When the seller also provides you with tire and wheel maintenance services, it helps greatly to ensure the manufacturer’s limited warranty would apply to any issues that might occur afterward.

As always, you would need to read the fine print on any warranty that comes with a set of new tires from Douglas Tires.

But normal use and regular maintenance should work in your favor while enabling the tires to remain as reliable as any others.

Are Douglas Tires better than other tires in the same price range?

Douglas Tires makes many different types of tires to fulfill the needs of many different types of vehicles. The tires generally are as good as or better than most that you could find in the same price range.

You can buy standard all-season radials or high-performance tires with special compounds. You could buy extremely aggressive off-roading tires that might carry you across the Mojave Desert.

With Kelly-Springfield designing and manufacturing all varieties offered by Douglas Tires, you can be certain that the tires can hold their own against others in its class.

Many of those other tires are priced significantly higher. And they might not come with limited warranty protection. Some brands force you to pay extra if you want a tire warranty of any kind.

Douglas Tires includes its warranties of between 40,000 and 45,000 miles as a customer benefit. And that adds to the value that you get when you buy a set for your vehicle.

Where are Douglas tires made?

Kelly-Springfield manufactures Douglas Tires. The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company owns Kelly-Springfield and the Douglas Tires brand. So the tires likely are made in Kelly-Springfield’s manufacturing facility in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

The Fayetteville facility is the world’s largest tire manufacturing plant. It also is one of the best-equipped and most efficiently run operations. Kelly-Springfield fulfills most of its tire orders for several brands at the same location.

Kelly-Springfield makes all Goodyear tires and those of many of its subsidiaries, like Douglas Tires.

The tiremaker has been a Goodyear subsidiary since 1935. It is one of the oldest and most respected tire manufacturers in the world.

At a time when many products are made overseas and shipped to the U.S. for sale in stores just like Walmart, it is encouraging to see a domestic-made tire available at a very competitive price.

Are Douglas tires considered high-quality?

As a subsidiary of Goodyear and a product of the Kelly-Springfield manufacturing facility in Fayetteville, it is safe to say Douglas Tires are high-quality tires. They are not a premium brand. And that is why they are not sold at a premium price.

But they are high-quality.

But the tires are well-designed and well-built by one of the best tiremakers on the planet. They are backed with between a 40,000 and 45,000-mile limited warranty that ensures you can get good service life from a set of tires.

The Walmart-only distribution model is very effective.

After all, Walmart is the nation’s largest retailer and accounts for a significant portion of the national economy.

Most people live within a short drive of a Walmart store.

So obtaining a set of new and high-quality Douglas Tires should be easy and affordable to do.


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