Do Tesla Come In All Colors? 6 Great Options (Solved)

Did you know that Tesla cars used to have a variety of car paint colors?

Unfortunately, most of these colors are no longer available because Tesla, in an attempt to streamline production, had to cut down their paint options to just a few standard colors.

This article gives an extensive view and answers all questions regarding Tesla colors.

What Colors Does Tesla Offer As Standard?

Currently, Tesla has five standard colors. They come in:

  • Solid Black
  • Pearl White Multi-Coat
  • Midnight Silver Metallic
  • Deep Blue Metallic
  • Red Multi-Coat

The solid black color was one color produced on the first Tesla in 2012 and it remains one of their standard colors till today.

However, the color will no longer be used as a conventional color and owners will have to pay an extra $1000 to get this paint.

The pearl white multi-coat and red multi-coat colors were introduced in 2013 on the Model S. During the 2013 Model S production, there were some changes to the colors introduced the previous year.

Lots of colors were removed and others were colors renamed. It was also the year the pearl white multi-coat and the red multi-coat color were added and they remain standard to this day.

The midnight silver metallic color was introduced in 2015 on the Model S. It was also the year the popular obsidian color was discontinued to streamline production. If you want the color, you have to pay extra to get it. 

Then, in 2016, Tesla had the largest lineup of all models as they produced 17 battery/drive/software combinations.

This large production brought a sudden realization that the company had to scale down to color options, which led to the removal of the blue metallic color, which was replaced with the deep blue metallic color.

Can You Pay Extra to Have a Tesla in Any Color You Want?

Originally, the company gives owners the luxury to choose from any of their standard colors at an additional cost.

The only color added to the purchasing price of Tesla models is the pearl white. Luckily, For Model 3 and Model Y, owners have the option to pick between the pearl white color and the midnight silver black with no added cost.

Owners with Model S or X will have to pay an extra $1,500 for the midnight silver color. The deep blue metallic color cost an extra $1,000 on the Model 3 and Model Y while the Model S and Model X will cost up to $1,500.

The price for the solid black color is $1,500 for all Tesla models and the red multi-coat color is the most expensive of all. The price to add it to the Model 3 and Model Y will cost $ 2,000 while for the Model S and X, the price will cost up to $2,500, as stated by screenrant.

Also, the company allows for three interior color customizations for their owners. The black interior comes as standard and for free.

To upgrade to black and white color on your Model 3 and Model Y will cost an additional $1,000. Upgrading to the same color with a mix of Walnut Decor on your Model S and Model X will cost up to $2,000.

Owners of the X and S also have the luxury of changing their interior color to cream for an additional $2,000. 

How Much Does It Cost to Wrap a Tesla-Colored Film?

Installing a clear paint protection film on your Tesla ranges from $1,200 to $6,000 according to caranddriver.

A paint protection film (PPF) is a clear bra made of a polyurethane-based film that can be installed on the major parts of your vehicle. It is the best transparent covering that can be installed on your car to avoid rock chips, swirl marks, UX oxidation and other harmful elements.

A car wrap is similar to a paint protection film, only that it comes in various colors. Simply put, it can be referred to as a colored film.

It is made up of vinyl decals that are installed on the surface area of your car. This wrap covers the entire body and the original paint color will be hidden underneath it.

Just be aware of common issues with car wrap. I have personally had issues with using pressure washers, but there are other things to be aware of too.

This vinyl can also be applied to the interior of the car. For instance, it can be added to the dashboard and other parts to give it a distinct look.

This car wrap can also be customized to any color that you want as the colors are designed by a computer giving you infinite color options to pick from. 

If installed correctly, the wrap will do a good job of protecting your original car paint. The price range to wrap a Tesla ranges between $2000 to $10,000 according to caranddriver. This price varies on the following conditions. They include:

  • Coverage (full or partial)
  • The type of wrap
  • Cost of labor 
  • The color 
  • The finishing
  • Location

It is important to note that you also have to pay for removing this wrap on your vehicle. It would cost anywhere around $500 or more when the vinyl is very thick.

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How Much Does It Cost to Have a Tesla Painted Professionally?

The price to get a professional and quality paint job would cost anywhere from $5,000 upwards, as stated by getjerry.

The paint used by Tesla is soft paint and it is very vulnerable to swirl marks and rock chips, especially the Model 3. Thus, it is important to have a maintenance routine and preserve your car’s paint to avoid unplanned expenses.

Tesla advised owners to stop taking their cars to a regular automated car wash because their brush and bristles can affect the paint. Thankfully, the company is taking the necessary steps to improve the paint quality of their cars.

Do You Have Other Options If You Want a Yellow or Pink Tesla?

Tesla does not have a standard color that comes in pink or yellow, but of course, you can opt and customize it to your taste. For instance, the popular figure Addison Rae transformed her Tesla Model X into pink.

Originally, the Tesla Model X has a starting price of $89,990 according to Edmunds and to add the bubblegum pink wrap would cost an extra thousand dollars. The reported price of the Tesla Model X owned by Addison Rae cost about $120,000.

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Can You Get Custom Colors On Tesla? 

One of Tesla’s recent features is the custom color on their cars. When you customize your car, it appears on the interior as well. It applies to all areas of the UI, including your driving visualizations.

You have a wide range of options to pick from and after you’ve picked, you can also pick the kind of finish you want and the colors in the visualization will also appear on the finish of the vehicle as well.

The finish comes in three major options. They include:

  • A solid color
  • Metallic finish
  • Matte finish

In addition, Tesla also provides the option of choosing your vehicle’s trim (chrome or black trim). However, Tesla does not support custom colors on the trim and if you have a trim that is neither black nor chrome, you are most likely in the minority group.


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