Teslas Leaking Water? Here’s What’s Happening (Explained)

Although electric vehicles such as Teslas have unique maintenance and repair needs compared to gas-powered vehicles, there are many similarities, too. They’re all cars, after all.

One of those similarities is leaks.

Although EVs don’t have traditional engine oil because they use batteries instead of engines to power the vehicle, they can still sprout leaks. Like internal combustion vehicles, electric cars can leak water, brake fluid, & windshield fluid.

In this article, we’ll explore one leak in particular – a water leak – and whether this is a common issue with Tesla vehicles.

Do Teslas Leak Water?

Teslas have air-conditioning systems that can leak small amounts of water after being driven. This is perfectly normal among all types of cars. If you experience more than a cup of liquid under your Tesla, you should have it checked. It may be liquid leaking from windshield fluid or brake fluid. 

Let’s dive deeper.

3 Main Types of Fluids in Electric Cars

If you recently pulled your electric vehicle out of your driveway and noticed a leak on the concrete, you may have scratched your head, wondering what caused it. Here’s a complete list of liquids in electric cars.

Obviously, it’s not oil since EVs don’t require any motor oil.

But it could be any of the following:

#1 Windshield Fluid

If you notice a blue, green, or orange fluid leaking from your Tesla, you could have a windshield fluid leak on your hands.

Windshield fluid leaks can occur when the water inside the reservoir freezes, causing the plastic to harden and crack.

If there’s a crack in the tank, it may need to be replaced. If you live in a cold-weather climate, consider using a winter blend brand of windshield fluid to prevent this from happening.

People who use water instead of windshield fluid can also experience leaks due to the water freezing up in cold weather.

#2 Brake Fluid

Brake fluid can leak from electric vehicles just like gas-powered cars.

Brake fluid is typically a clear color with a yellow tint. There are several reasons your Tesla could be leaking brake fluid, including general wear and tear, rusting, & damage to brake components.

Your dashboard’s brake fluid indicator should inform you when the reservoir is low, signaling a possible leak.

#3 Air Conditioning Water

One of the common water leaks you’ll notice underneath your Tesla, or for any vehicle, for that matter, is air conditioning water.

Your car’s air conditioning system pulls humidity from the cabin to cool the air. When the humidity is pulled out of the air, it turns into condensation, and your car’s AC system is designed to drain that water out of the car.

You may notice more air conditioner water under your car during the hottest days of the year when you’re blasting your air conditioner. We have here on why cars leak water from the AC.

How Come I See Water Below My Tesla When Parked?

If you notice water under your Tesla when parked, it’s usually nothing to be concerned about.

Tesla 3 drivers have reported online that they’ve noticed large amounts of water under their vehicles when it’s parked in their driveways or in parking lots.

Typically, this is simply condensation from humidity that is removed when it passes goes over the system’s evaporator coil.

Where Can Water Leak from on a Tesla?

Although water leaking under your car from the air conditioning system is completely normal, you do want to keep a close eye to make sure the leak isn’t originating from somewhere else. Aside from the AC system, some of the other areas your Tesla can leak water include:

Broken Windshield Water Tank

Most drivers use a windshield wiper fluid that is blue, green, or orange.

But if you use water or a solution that contains water and notice that the reservoir tank is broken, you may notice water under your car. If your Tesla is still under warranty, make an appointment to have the reservoir tank replaced.

You may be able to fix the tank on your own using a cement-type glue, but in many cases, the entire tank needs to be replaced.

Interior Leakage

If water is leaking inside your Tesla, it could be due to worn-out rubber seals. Rubber seals can wear out over time when they’re exposed to sun and heat, allowing water to seep into your vehicle.

Another place Teslas can leak is through the glass roof if there are gaps or it doesn’t fit well.

If the gap is relatively small, you may be able to fix it with a rubber/glass sealant.

Water Leakage Under Your Car

Without an internal combustion engine to heat and evaporate the condensation from the AC unit, you may notice an increased output of water from the air conditioner.

If water is being blown toward the underbelly of the vehicle and not the ground, though, check if the AC drain hose is long enough.

Drivers of the Tesla Model 3 have reported issues with sand and water being blown toward the underbelly of the vehicle while it’s running.

Trunk Water Leakage

Some owners of the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y have reported water leakage in their trunks.

If you notice leakage here, contact Tesla about installing a better version of the weatherstrips, and, perhaps, installing an aftermarket rain trunk deflector.

Water Leakage During a Car Wash

If you own a newer Telsa, and water is finding its way into the cabin during car washes, activate the Car Wash Mode, which was released in July 2021.

The Car Wash Mode ensures that all windows, vents, hatch, & charging ports are closed.

What Can Cause a Tesla to Leak Water?

A number of issues can cause a Tesla to leak water.

The most common reason Teslas might leak water is from running the AC during the summertime.

The humidity removed from the cabin air turns into condensation that is funneled to the outside of your vehicle. This is why you see puddles of water where your vehicle has been parked.

Causes of water leaking inside of your car typically have to do with worn-out rubber seals or weatherstrips that allow rainwater to seep in. You’ll want to have these fixed or replaced as soon as possible to prevent water damage to your car.

How Do You Know If It’s a Serious Matter That Needs Attention?

If you notice a puddle underneath your car where it’s been parked, rub your fingers through the water.

If it doesn’t have a scent and it’s clear, then it’s water from the AC unit, and it’s not anything to worry about.

But if the liquid has a scent or color, then another more serious issue could be at play and needs to be inspected by a professional.

Also, be sure to act fast if water is seeping into the cabin. If left untreated, water can damage your seats and floors and even lead to mold.

What’s the Brown Liquid that Leaks from My Tesla?

Some Tesla drivers have reported finding brown fluid under their vehicles. If you notice brown liquid, take the vehicle to a mechanic to have it thoroughly inspected. It may be an oil spill from bearings or similar.

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