Do Ford GTs Last Long? (8 Important Facts)

The Ford GT is a two-seater supercar that offers drivers mind-blowing performance and impressive handling.

Ford only sells the GT to selected people once they’ve met the requirements for owning the car.

Here’s How Long Ford GTs Last

Consumer reviews testify that a Ford GT can last as long as 300,000 miles. However, some consumers have also reported that rust appears on the GT within a year. Furthermore, keep in mind that Ford does not provide free maintenance during the warranty period of the GT.

How Many Miles Does the Ford GT Last?

A Ford GT can last as long as 300,000 miles.

Consumer reviews testify to this, as drivers whose car hasn’t hit the 300,000-mile mark claim, it still works perfectly.

How Soon to Except Rust on the Car

Rust appears on the GT within a year, especially with early generation models like the 2006 GT.

Users who complained about early rust found them on seat rails, bolts, and calipers in the car.

You should also know that the GT is more susceptible to rust if you keep it outside in the winter. To protect your car against rust, keep it in a moisture-free and well-ventilated garage when it is not in use.

If you can afford to buy the GT, you won’t have any problem affording a climate-controlled garage.

How Long Does the GT Last Compared to Similar Cars?

Compared to similar supercars, the Ford GT lasts longer.

Let’s look at the following comparisons:

Ford GT vs. Lamborghini Huracan

Ford GTs last longer than Lamborghini Huracans and also deliver more horsepower.

GT drivers claim they get between 250,000-300,000 miles out of their cars.

On the other hand, Huracan supercars will struggle to last longer than 200,000 miles.

That said, these two cars will likely need expensive upgrades by the time they have 200k miles on the clock.

Ford GTs vs. Porsche 911

Your Porsche 911 will break down before a Ford GT does.

With adequate maintenance, GTs will last an average of 250,000 miles at the very least.

Going by customer feedback, the Porsche 911s will reach 200,000 miles.

However, it seems as if the Ford GTs are more durable, but both cars have the same fuel economy.

Ford GT vs. Audi R8 V10

The Audi R8 V10 has nothing on the Ford GT regarding longevity.

This Audi model delivers just over 100,000 miles before it falls apart.

In fact, the highest mileage pre-owned Audi R8 on AutoTrader has just over 77,000 miles on the clock.

The GT lasts way longer, taking users over 250,000 miles before breaking down.

Is Ford GT Reliable?

Well, it depends on what reliability means when discussing a supercar.

Like all high-performance vehicles, the GT is designed to deliver adrenaline-pumping rides regardless of maintenance or fuel costs.

Considering that many drivers of the GT get upwards of 200k miles on the car, we can say that this supercar is reliable.

That being said, Ford does not provide free maintenance during the warranty period of the GT. This Ford model may not need many repairs, but the problems are always severe when they eventually arrive.

For example, the 2018 Ford GT suffered leakages of the hydraulic fluid, a defect that can provoke fire accidents.

Also, you should check our article about Ford GT and possible key issues.

The Best and Worst Models of Ford GT

The 2005 and 2006 model years are the worst GTs.

While the 2005 model year did not have many complaints, the ones they had were quite serious.

The 2006 model had the highest number of complaints, but they were not as serious as the problems of the 2005 model.

Drivers reported that the car paint was wearing off only about 55,000 miles after purchase.

The engine also stopped quite often in the middle of a drive.

The best model year for the GT is the 2020 offering. This model sports a twin-turbo engine that delivers a mind-numbing 660 horsepower and a melodious sonic boom.

It features futuristic exteriors and a minimalist interior, so drivers can focus on driving.

However, the 2020 Ford GT comes at an eye-popping $500k, so few people will experience driving this engineering masterpiece.

What About Recalls for These Models?

This vehicle has been recalled nine times.

Ford recalled the 2005 and 2006 Ford GT cars to fix certain production defects in their airbags.

Because of these defects, the airbags could burst during a crash, putting passengers at risk.

The 2017 and 2018 model years have also been recalled once. Meanwhile, the 2020 Ford GT has no recalls yet.

Are Ford GTs Expensive to Maintain?

According to users of the Ford GT, the supercar is surprisingly cheap to maintain.

For example, Doug Demuro, the popular car aficionado, says it costs a paltry $113 to maintain a 2015 Ford GT per month.

How Long Do Brakes Last?

If you take your car for servicing regularly, your Ford GT brakes can last as long as 75,000 miles.

How Long Do Batteries Last?

Depending on how well you maintain your car, your Ford GT batteries will last between 4-7 years.

How Long Do Tires Last?

The longest GT original tires can last is 25,000 miles.

If you need replacement tires, get the Michelin stock tires.

They can last for over 100,000 miles, and they only cost about $260.

How Long Do Transmissions Last?

The service life of Ford GT transmissions ranges between 150,000-200,000 miles.

Your transmissions will only last this long if you take them for servicing.

How Long do Spark Plugs Last?

Once your GT spark plugs have lasted for 60,000 miles, it’s time to get fresh shoes.

What Is the Insurance Cost of a Ford GT?

Ford GT supercars require an average yearly insurance cost of around $3,000.

However, factors like your average yearly mileage may earn you a discount.

Tips on how to Prolong the Service Life of your Car

Here are tips to prolong the life of your Ford GT:

  • Don’t pamper your supercar as this can inadvertently lead to issues arising from disuse.
  • Perform regular maintenance and always use OEM spares.
  • Keep your GT in a climate-controlled garage to protect it from the elements and burglars.
  • Ford GTs are designed for extended high-speed driving; however, the car and your wallet will be glad if you don’t always go too fast.


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