How Many Miles & Years Do Ford E-Series Last? (8 Important Facts)

The Ford E-series, popularly called the Econoline, is a set of vans designed for commercial purposes and are configured as delivery vans, buses, and ambulances.

Here’s How Long the Ford E-Series Last

The Econoline vans can last as long as 15-18 years. It’s not unusual to get 500,000 miles on these models when properly taken care of. That means not pulling heavy cargo and doing proper maintenance. These vans are primarily designed to carry people and not big trailers.

How Many Miles Does the Ford E-Series Last?

With proper maintenance, your E-series van can last as long as 500,000 miles.

However, drivers who handle their E-series vehicles carelessly may struggle to get over 300,000 miles out of their van. This includes pulling heavy cargo.

However, this is not always because of mishandling. Businesses often use these vehicles heavily, making them fall apart after a few years.

Most E-series vehicles can last longer than 400,000 miles. Unfortunately, major faults, which cost a lot, start to develop in the vans around the time they reach this mileage.

Sometimes, fixing these faults is more expensive than the vans themselves.

As a result, few people can afford to repair them, and the bulk of users end up selling their vans to junkyards.

How Soon to Expect Rust on Ford E-Series?

The Ford E-series, especially the E-250, start rusting about 8 years after production.

Drivers say rust begins from the floor of the car and later proceeds to the back seats and other parts.

What causes this problem is the moisture that stays trapped in floor mats or carpets for a long time.

After a while, the moisture begins to eat into the metal on the floor, causing rust.

You can eliminate rust on the van by spraying all its parts with a rust converter and filling up the floor with silicone.

Whatever you do, make sure the rust doesn’t spread before you take action.

How Long Does Ford E-Series Last Compared to Similar Vans?

When compared to similar vans, the durability of Ford E-Series vans is average.

The comparisons below will confirm this:

Ford E-Series vs. Chevrolet Express

Ford E-Series vans last longer than Chevrolet Express models.

The Chevrolet Express can last up to 200,000 miles. However, Ford E-Series vans for more than 300,000 miles with proper care.

On a gallon of fuel, the E-series will also last longer than Chevrolet Express vans. E-series vans provide an average of 15 miles per gallon.

Chevrolet Express vans only offer 13.5mpg on the average.

Ford E-Series vs. Mercedes Sprinter

Mercedes Sprinters and the Ford E-Series last for the same number of miles.

If you maintain them adequately, both models will give you 300,000 miles of service.

However, the E-series trump the Sprinter in terms of gas mileage.

Expect your Ford E-Series van to last you longer than a Sprinter on the same amount of fuel.

Ford E-Series vs. Nissan NV3500

Unlike the vans in the previous comparisons, the Nissan NV3500 is way ahead of Ford E-Series in durability.

Whereas the Nissan NV3500 has recorded as much as 562,000 miles, most Ford E-Series cannot go farther than 300,000 miles.

In contrast, Ford E-Series is more fuel-efficient than the Nissan NV3500.

The E-Series offers an average of 15 miles per gallon of fuel. But, its counterpart, the NV3500, can only last about 13 miles on a gallon of fuel.

The Ford E-Series is durable and offers relative longevity with regular.

It also provides a better fuel economy than its peers, something few Ford models can offer.

Are Ford E-Series Reliable?

Consumer Reports rates Ford E-Series a 4 out of 5 in reliability.

In addition, the E-Series vans provide a better fuel economy than similar vehicles.

While the E-Series offer a gas mileage of 15 mpg, the Mercedes Sprinter only enjoys a mileage of 14.5 mpg.

However, they suffer a few common problems.

These include:

  • Faulty Ignition
  • Oil leakages

The Best and Worst Years of the E-series

The E-Series has three popular models: E-150, E-250, and E-350.

Below are the best and worst years for the three models:


2011 is the worst year for the E-150.

The issues were severe, although not widespread. A major problem was the weak glass windows and low-quality transmissions.

1997 is the best model year for the E-150. The model year garnered an overall rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars in positive reviews.

The van received commendations from drivers for its luxurious exteriors and interiors.

However, a few users complained about its faulty transmissions.


The 1997 model was the worst for E-250.

It also suffers serious technical issues.

Users complained about expensive repairs and loose spark plugs in the engine.

The best model year of E-250 is 2009. This model boasts a high cargo capacity.

In addition, it received a 5-star rating from because of the large number of positive reviews from drivers.


The worst year for the Ford E-350 is 2006.

This model year experienced widespread engine problems, and users had to spend higher amounts for repairs at lower mileage.

The 2013 model year was the best for the Ford E-350 in recent memory.

Users reported no major problems, and they didn’t have to shell out huge sums for repairs.

What About Recalls for the Models?

The E-Series was recalled 18 times during its over five decades in production.

Here is a breakdown of the recall actions:

Model Year No. Of Recalls
1994 6
2001 5
1992 5
1990 4
2003 4
1997 4
1976 2

Ford E-Series Model Year List

The Ford E-Series was introduced in 1961, and production ended in 2014.

It was produced for 59 years and was the bestselling commercial van offering in the U.S.A market between 1980 to 2015.

Considering its lengthy production run, it won’t be expedient to list all the model years in this article.

Are Ford E-Series Expensive to Maintain?

According to Repairpal, yearly maintenance on E-series vans cost about $775.

Repairs can be very expensive. In fact, many users abandon their E-series van when they develop faults because of outrageous repair costs.

How Long Do Brakes Last?

Brakes on Ford E-Series vans last for about 30,000-60,000 miles.

How Long Does the Battery Last?

Depending on how well you maintain them, the service life of your battery can range from 2 to 6 years.

How Long Do the Tires Last?

It depends on the type of work the van does.

If you use the van to ferry passengers, it should last for about six years.

More strenuous activities may make the tires wear faster.

How Long Does the Transmission Last?

You can expect your Ford E-Series transmissions to last for about 130,000-180,000 miles.

How Long Do the Spark Plugs Last?

 Your spark plugs can last for over 9 years with adequate maintenance.

What is the Insurance Cost of Ford E-Series?

It costs around $1197 per year to insure your Ford E-Series van.

Tips to Prolong the Life of your Vehicle

Like every other van, perform regular maintenance, check your tires, and look out for body defects.

Because most E-Series vans are used for delivery and other intensive activities, you need to keep up with periodic maintenance to get the best out of the vehicle.

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