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5 Most-Common Problems With Triumph America

A quick browse around for the best motorcycles will usually pop out one or more Triumph models. Triumph has outdone itself countless times by delivering some of the most reliable motorcycles around.

This holds true for the Triumph America. The bike gives an all-round stellar performance for both beginners and old-timers who love motorcycles.

Although the Triumph America can have you grinning from ear to ear when riding it, it still a few minor issues here and there.

Here are a few of the issues one might experience with the Triumph America:

1. Triumph America Ignition Problem

The ignition problem on most Triumph America bikes has been around since the bikes earlier models. Ignition problems will occur for an America owner at one point in the bike’s lifetime. It usually starts with the bike just dying and unable to start.

This prompts most owners to instinctively check the oil and fuel levels, only to find that they are both at normal levels.

Owners also check the spark plugs to make sure they are functioning correctly. This problem has left many Triumph Americas on the side of the road with no apparent reason. This is because the problem has a lot of parts that are suspected to be the culprit. What happens is that the bike would crank up but not start, and on Triumph bikes, this points to many different reasons why it would occur.

After many attempts to sort it out, the problem for most ended being a faulty igniter. The igniter is relatively easy to replace.

The issue that gets most Triumph America owners agitated is that the faulty igniter and its symptoms often indicate problems with other parts. This is why most have tried checking the pick-up coil, battery, and spark plugs to try and diagnose the problem.

2. America Starting Problems

The Triumph America has been known to have a few issues when it comes to starting up. This is when the bike is started, and it shows no life whatsoever in terms of cranking the engine. When you insert the key to turn on the bike, usually the indicator lights on the speedometer will turn on, but when starting the bike, it is totally unresponsive.

There are a few Triumph models with this same issue, but on Triumph America, all the fuses and lights work correctly, but the starter shows no sign of life.

The typical thinking is to make a diagnosis of both the starter and the battery. The battery is the usual suspect in this case. Motorcycle batteries aren’t as big or long-lasting as those on cars, so they die out quickly and need replacing.

A good recommendation is to switch out the battery with one that is fully functional. The trick here, though, is to ride the bike for a while and let it sit and cool down and then try starting the bike again.

This is because, having replaced the battery, the Triumph America would start up, but later on, have the very same issue resurface again with the bike being unresponsive.

Having checked the battery and the starter, most owners who ran into this issue found out that it was actually the alarm on the bike.

When the alarm on the bike is broken, the bike switches off the starter as a sort of anti-theft mechanism. This then renders the bike unresponsive to starting. Alarms for the Triumph aren’t costly and can get replaced under warranty.

The main problem with this was that the alarm is usually never checked, or it is checked last when running a diagnosis. This means more time spent trying to figure out why the bike won’t turn over. An unresponsive Triumph America usually points to a whole host of parts to check, and the alarm is often not even a suspect.

3. Uncomfortable Seat

Comfort is one thing that adds to the overall riding experience on a Triumph America. The bike’s handling and power make it a fantastic bike to ride, but not so much for the seat. The seat is one part of the motorcycle that owners complain about.

Motorcycle seats should be as comfortable as possible for the rider, but the seat on the Triumph America seems lacking in that department.

The seat has been reported to feel a bit clunky and not as comfortable for long rides. A ride around town won’t be a problem with the seat, but the problem for longer trips.

Riders who rode the bike for long periods of time experienced hardness on the Triumph America seat. Other owners also complained that the bike seat was a bit higher than the average cruiser.

One of the great things about the Triumph America is that parts and accessories are readily available. This means that installing a custom or third-party seat isn’t much of a hassle.

You can get a seat that is a lot more comfortable and reduces fatigue on long rides. Third-party seats also come with foam cushioning, and you can choose how high the seat gets according to your riding preferences.

4. Faulty Pick-up Coil Issue

This problem is very similar to the starting problems above and has had quite a lot of Triumph America owners confused as to what could be the problem.

The pick-up coil issue is common in other Triumph models as well, and when it is faulty, the bike will die in minutes after starting up.

Other symptoms of a bad pick up coil include:

  • Hard starting: The bike will be hard to start, especially from a cold start, mainly when it has not being used for a while.
  • Rough Idle: The bike makes a rough growling noise, especially when idling.
  • Replacement Spark plugs don’t work: Spark plugs are the first go-to solutions for symptoms such as these. But the bike will soon die out again with the replacement spark plugs in.

This problem is a result of short turns on the secondary, which results in weak sparks and therefore misfiring. The best solution for this problem on the Triumph America is to replace the Ignition coil.

The Nology brand of ignition coils for the Triumph America seems to be the trusted replacement and lasts longer than the stock pickup coils.

5. Windshield Buffeting Problems

The polycarbonate windshield on the Triumph America has been known to have some buffeting. This is when the wind creates too much resistance and the buffeting noise when riding.

A motorcycle windshield is designed to deflect the wind that hits the bike when riding effectively. If the design is not well made, this can cause buffeting issues like on the Triumph America.

This problem does not affect a lot of owners and seems to be dependent on rider preferences and things like the height of the rider.

An old but gold recommendation for most owners experiencing buffeting with the stock windshield was to try a better helmet that would go help to counter the buffeting.

If that doesn’t work, a replacement windshield should be in order. A lot of Triumph America owners opt for the Clearview shields as they have minimal buffeting.  A third-party windshield is a great way to curb buffeting on the Triumph America because you have a chance to choose the height of the windshield according to your preference.

Aftermarket windshields require brackets and other accessories to install them properly. If your Triumph America does not have mounting brackets from the factory or a previous windshield, you will have to spend more to get the bike ready for the new windshield.

General Pros And Cons For The Triumph America


In all essence, the Triumph America is one cruiser that handles really well and has more power to satisfy even the harshest bike critics.

With the 865cc motor, cornering and acceleration is pure joy. The looks of envy while riding by or when the bike is parked is just more evidence that this cruiser is a looker.

If you happen to be mechanically inclined, this bike will be a breeze to work on and fix minor issues or install upgrades, and parts are readily available.

The brakes on the Triumph America are more than adequate, and the sound from the pipes has a distinctive character to it.

What sets the Triumph America apart from other cruisers is the value for money that you get with an easy-to-ride bike that has an excellent resale value.


  • Triumph America Ignition Problem
  • America Starting Problems
  • Uncomfortable Seat
  • Faulty Pick-up Coil Issue
  • Windshield Buffeting Problems

What Do the Reviews Say?

Not everyone is searching for the latest in throttle-by-wire electronics and lean-angle-sensing traction control technology.

Many of us, in fact, feel that two-wheel cruising is best when it’s kept simple. And the low-frills Triumph America cruiser meets that need perfectly, appealing to internal combustion lovers who don’t want every new innovation.

Source: CycleWorld.com

Sporting distinctive good looks (with classic touches like chrome and an authentic chain drive) and an agreeable personality, the 2012 Triumph America is a perfect alternative mid-size cruiser for fun, smooth-riding.

Source: Ultimatemotorcycling.com

What’s the Resale Value On The Triumph America?

Year Mileage (miles) Price ($)
2007 42,259 2,995
2010 11,124 4,995
2013 28,879 5,995
2016 19,058 4,995
2016 8,882 5,799

NB: The above prices are estimates and are subject to change according to location and bike model and mileage.

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