7 Cars Without Infotainment Systems (With Pictures)

The infotainment features in cars have helped improve the driving experience and functionality of modern cars.

Infotainment systems have become a standard feature in new cars. In today’s automobile market, finding a car without one may not be easy.

However, if you don’t want the infotainment system in your car, or find it difficult to use, you will want to go for cars without them.

Are you looking for cars that come with the basic FM/Am radios or you are just reading this article to gain insight? Read through our list of cars to know and pick your favorite among the 7 cars without an infotainment system.

1. 2002 Jeep Wrangler


The Jeep Wrangler models are four-wheeled SUVs that Jeep has been manufacturing since 1986. It is currently in its fourth generation and consumers know the models for their durability and versatility.

Over the years, Jeep has improved the infotainment systems of their cars, but the 2002 Jeep Wrangler trims’ audio system is one with a very basic feature. The audio system of the car is plain and bare, which makes it suitable for people who do not want an infotainment system in their cars.

Finding new Jeep models with no infotainment feature these days may seem impossible, but the 2002 Jeep Wrangler models have no infotainment feature of any kind. However, it includes a stereo that has the standard AM/FM radio, a mast antenna, and 4 speakers.

While the four speakers array was a weak point of the car’s audio feature, Jeep later offered their customers an option for an upgrade. The option includes an extended 7-speaker setup.

The 7 speakers setup features separate woofers and tweeter in the front, rear speakers in the sound bar, and a subwoofer in the center console. However, today, the 2002 Jeep Wrangler audio system has upgrades that include more aftermarket options. The aftermarket option includes sizes 4″ or 4″x6″ speakers on the dash.

The AM/FM radio is a useful feature of the audio system. However, there are available options with better upgrades.

2. 2003 Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee

The 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee does not have any infotainment system. However, it has an audio system that includes two different stereo packages. The base option includes an AM/FM radio, a cassette player, and six speakers. Added in the second option are the dash tweeters.

The upgraded feature Jeep later offered in this model includes a stereo with a CD player, a 6-speaker infinity sound system, and an external amplifier. There’s an optional 10-disc CD changer.

The 2002 Grand Cherokee speakers include the front door speakers, dash speakers, and rear door speakers. These speakers may require a special speaker size when considering an upgrade of your audio system. Also, the infinity audio system may offer some slight challenges to the standard audio features that came with your car.

For a better audio experience in your Jeep grand car, there are also audio system updates available with no infotainment features. Available for your car radio update is a single DIN receiver without modification to your dash. The double DIN will demand you make some changes to your dash.

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3. 2004 Mazda 3

The 2004 Mazda 3 model is suitable for people who need cars that are not expensive, compact sedans, and without infotainment. It is a car for a fun and enjoyable driving experience.

The 2004 Mazda does not include an infotainment system. However, the features include a basic audio system with the AM/FM stereo, 4 0r 6 speaker system, and mast antenna.

The 2004 Mazda 3 FM/AM stereo includes a regular receiver, which you can upgrade for a better experience.

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However, Mazda installed the Mazda 3’s speakers in the rear and front doors. Also, the number of speakers depends on whether it’s a 4 or 6-speaker system. You can also opt for a speaker change depending on your preference.

4. 2003 Nissan Murano

The 2003 Nissan Murano does not have any infotainment system but has an AM/FM radio, 100 watts stereo output, 6 speakers, and a mast antenna.

The AM/FM radio is the standard receiver with an amplifier that is easy to navigate. Also, the audio system speaker includes front speakers and rear speakers. The sizes are all 6.5″ and have a depth of 3″.

It is easy to upgrade your 2003 Nissan Murano audio system. Also, there are upgrade options available with no infotainment features. These upgrades only offer better audio entertainment in your car.

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5. 2004 BMW X5

The 2004 BMW X5  model has a nice interior and exterior look. The car features involve five seats, a nicely rounded front, four doors, nice color options, a rear cargo area, and rear seats which you can fold if you want the cargo area to be bigger.

However, the 2004 BMW X5 does not have an infotainment system. It only includes an audio system with the features of an AM/FM CD controller stereo, 10 speakers, a radio data system, and a diversity antenna.

The AM/FM radio is very basic in the 2004 BMW X5. The car has no DSP and navigation. Also, the CD controller stereo does not include a CD changer. Your audio system comes with an amplifier that you can find at the back of the driver’s side, while your antenna makes it easy to navigate your radio.

For the speakers, the manufacturers installed them in the front and rear doors. Also, there are some basic upgrades you can consider if you want to change your 2004 BMW audio system. Some options come with no infotainment but offer a better audio experience while driving your 2004 BMW X5.

6. 2003 BMW Z4 Convertible

BMW built the 2003 BMW Z4 Roadster to replace the Z3 they manufactured from 1996 to 2002. The car possesses sporting features, such as a wide track, a sleek bonnet, a long wheelbase that has small hangings, and a low center of gravity.

The BMW Z4 has an audio system but not an infotainment system. The audio system includes an AM/FM radio, 10 speakers, and a mast antenna. 

Your BMW Z4 audio system can come with a stereo amplifier or HIFI amplifier depending on the options. The audio system of the 2003 BMW Z4 Convertible is basic and suitable for people who do not desire the modern infotainment features in cars. The AM/FM radio has a standard receiver while the speakers include the front and rear speakers.

Also, there are available updates if you are considering having access to better in-car entertainment in your 2003 BMW Z4 Convertible. Please, read also our article about new SUVs with CD players.

7. 2001 Honda CR-V

The 2001 Honda CR-V is a compact SUV that delivers a comfortable ride owing to a roomie interior. From research, consumers have high confidence in the reliability of the 2001 Honda CR-V.

The 2001 Honda CR-V does not have an infotainment system just like the mentioned cars above. The vehicle boasts an audio system that includes an AM/FM stereo, 4 speakers, and a telescoping antenna.

The 4 speakers are 6.5″ in size in the front and rear, while the AM/FM radio has a basic receiver.

Also, there are audio upgrades for a better audio experience in your 2001 Honda CR-V. These upgrades do not involve infotainment and you can get them online or from dealers around you.

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