7 Cars With Electric Memory Seats (Recalls Seat Position)

In modern cars, even minor details such as seating positions are improved.

Manufacturers now make electric memory seats where you just press a button and the seat adjusts itself. Multiple seat positions can then be stored so you don’t have to remember where the car seat was.

In this article, we look at some cars with electric memory seats that can recall your seat position and adjust accordingly. Meanwhile, explore some popular cars with adjustable back seats.

1. Hyundai Tucson Limited

To get the driver’s seat memory function on the Hyundai Tucson, you’ll have to opt for the Limited edition. However, the electric memory seats are only for the driver’s seat.

There are only two buttons for memorizing the seating position of the driver’s seat. This means only two positions can be programmed into memory for later recall.

A lot of Tucson drivers found that programming the positions was not very easy and had to be done multiple times. The owner’s manual was also not as helpful because it keeps referring to other models.

Programming the driver’s seat position should be an easy procedure and should take a minute or two. However, the Hyundai Tucson often loses its memory and the buttons have to be reprogrammed again.

Memory seats come in handy if one car is used by two people frequently. You can just press a button and recall your seating position.

It’s important to note that programming the buttons can only be done if the car is not moving. This prevents accidents because the driver can be distracted by the movement of the seat.

2. Ford Edge

Ford has taken the memory function to another level by having it control numerous functions in one.

Other than the seat position, you can also program buttons for side-view mirrors and even the steering column.

There are three programmable buttons and each of them is preset for the mirrors, steering column, and driver’s seat. When pushed, all these parts will automatically adjust to their pre-set positions.

You can only program and recall these positions if the car is off or the transmission is in “park” gear. This is really convenient for drivers because they don’t have to get to adjust the seating position.

The 2022 Ford Edge takes things a bit further with the ability to use the key fob for recalling different driving positions. You can easily use your key fob to adjust the seating positions from outside the car.

This also comes in handy if there are two or more drivers using the same car.

3. Kia Sportage SX

Kia cars are increasingly becoming popular around the world because they keep up with modern car features.

The Sportage is one of the models from Kia that comes with adjustable seating positions.

In 2023, the company introduced the Kia Sportage with a range of features to rival against competitors. The Sportage is equipped with up to two presets for different driver seat positions.

On the Sportage, Kia calls this its Integrated Memory System, and it saves positions for the mirrors and steering wheel, too. This comes in handy if you have another driver using the car.

The electronically adjustable seat is responsive and programming the different positions is easy enough.

Electric memory seats are only for the driver’s seat, but the front passenger also gets the eight-way adjustable power seat.

To add to all the bells and whistles in the Kia Sportage, it also has a heated steering wheel and heated and ventilated front seats. All these features come in really handy for long-distance drives.

4. Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid

Choosing the Tech Pack for the Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid gives you access to features such as electric memory seats.

The Driver Position Memory System from Hyundai gives control to seat position, mirrors, and instrument panel lights.

You simply set the desired positions for the driver’s seat, side-view mirrors, and instrument panel lights and store them. Drivers can also store them with the “SET” button and buttons 1 and 2 will be used to recall the positions.

The system beeps twice when a position is programmed and successfully stored. The LCD display will then notify you that the settings are saved.

When another driver has different configurations, you can simply recall your setting with a press of a button. There are only two buttons to store the positions, which is enough for up to two drivers.

Pre-set settings can only be recalled when the car is on and the transmission is in Park. However, the memory recall function cannot be used while the car is moving.

You shouldn’t forget to explore some electric cars with fold-flat seats.

5. Toyota Highlander

The Highlander from Toyota allows you to set up two positions for the driver’s seat and the car mirrors.

This is great if you share the car with another person and want to access your preferred positions quickly.

Toyota made the process as simple as possible because you can just press the “SET” button to program buttons 1 and 2.

You just have to keep pressing the “SET” button for a few seconds to make sure the programming is stored properly.

Once you get the car after another driver, you simply press your appointed button and recall your preferences.

All the buttons are situated on the driver’s side door and there are only three buttons.

In the 2022 Toyota Highlander model, programmed settings can be recalled up to 2 minutes after the car is switched off. This enables you to recall the position in advance for another driver.

To remove the recorded settings, you simply choose the appropriate button 1 or 2 to reprogram the new settings.

6. Ford Explorer

Much like the Ford Edge model, the Ford Explorer also has up to three programmable memory seat settings.

The buttons are available on the driver’s side door and there are only three buttons to avoid confusion.

The process is straightforward for programming the different seat and mirror positions. You simply press and hold one of the three buttons and you’ll hear a chime signifying successful storage.

Programmable components are the driver’s seating position, steering column, and even the power-adjustable pedal. It can handle storage for up to three different drivers, each with its own preferences.

Ford also made it possible to recall the settings using your Explorer’s key fob. You just need to press the memory button for around five seconds until you hear two chimes and the key fob will be programmed.

Only one setting can be stored for the key fob storage. Whenever the key fob is used, the car will automatically recall the settings stored on the fob and adjust all the components accordingly.

Ford also has a feature called “easy entry and exit” where pushing a button moves the seat backward. This is so that the occupant has enough space to enter and exit the vehicle conveniently.

The Ford Explorer was designed with the driver in mind and to make it as comfortable as possible. The front seat is also heated and ventilated for those long winter days and hot summers.

Meanwhile, explore some electric cars with cooled seats.

7. Kia Niro 4

This plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) received a warm welcome from EV lovers and Kia fans.

It sports a great exterior design with great add-on features, such as a memory seat function for the driver’s seat.

The Niro 4 is an exceptionally well-designed vehicle for the price point it’s listed in. There are plenty of safety and smart features to play around with.

Driver seat memory recall is a breeze when setting it up and has two settings that can be programmed. These are located conveniently within arm’s reach of the driver’s side door.

When you set up the two positions, you’ll hear an alert to signify that the position is successfully stored in memory. Pressing the button to recall the position takes the driver’s seat to the appropriate position quite quickly.

Recalling and storing the seat position only works for the driver’s seat and not the mirrors and steering wheel column.

This function is available in competitor cars where the side-view mirrors can also be adjusted to a preferred position and stored.

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