Car CD Player Won’t Stop Ejecting? (Try These Steps)

Most components in your vehicle are susceptible to errors, and your car CD player is not an exception.

A common problem with these cd players is not accepting all the discs inserted.

This article focuses on solving why your car CD player won’t stop ejecting and the possible fixes.

However, only 7 new SUVs come with CD players today.

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Why Does My Car CD Player Keep Ejecting?

There are various reasons behind your car’s CD player ejecting all the discs. It could be that your player only supports specific formats, and the inserted discs are not compatible.

Dust, faulty lens, and damaged players are also reasons for the player’s malfunction.

It would be best to consider the simple troubleshooting tips mentioned here to clear these errors and regain normal functioning.

How To Fix Car CD Players That Won’t Stop Ejecting?

You need to insert an audio CD into your player to play some music in your car. However, sometimes the player swallows the disc, loads it, and ejects it without playing.

The player features a laser inside that reads the data from the disc and converts it to signals your player can understand.

A lens cleaner kit is the best fix for recently installed players with this error.

The kit features a special liquid, brush, and disc used to clean the inside of your car CD player. Once inserted, the disc spins and clears any dirt from the lens.

Here is how to use a CD player cleaning kit to fix a player that keeps ejecting CDs.

  • Open the cleaning solution provided in the kit and pour two to three drops on the brush at the bottom of the disc.
  • Insert the disc into your player with the brush side facing down.
  • After a few seconds, the CD will start playing. As it spins, so will it clean your player’s lens.
  • The disc will automatically eject once the cleaning process is over. You might need to repeat the procedure to achieve a thorough cleanse.

Here are other solutions to fixing your car’s CD player.

Using a Blower

It could be that there are dust particles in your car player, causing it to eject all inserted disks. You can clear the dust particles by using a blower.

Blowing hard into the cd player might also prove helpful to some.

Find a Professional

To avoid messing things up even further, you can consider a professional to help identify the problem and advise on possible solutions.

Factory car CD players can get fixed at their respective service centers at discounted prices.

You can also consider replacing the entire unit with an aftermarket CD player. Some units are better off replaced than fixed.

How Do I Remove a Stuck CD From My Car CD Player?

There are several methods to remove a stuck disc from your car CD player.

Use The Power And Eject Buttons

There is a “force eject” function in some car CD players. The process allows you to get CDs out of the player without tampering with the device.

You must turn your car off before holding down the power and eject button.

Press them simultaneously and hold for around ten seconds; the CD should get spit out.

If the procedure fails when your car is off, try it with your vehicle on. It may be that your unit has the feature but is only active when the car is running.

Note that this command is not familiar to all players. You should consult your player’s manual to identify the right buttons to press.

Using an Extra CD

You can use a blank CD to try and remove a disc stuck in your car player.

The method involves using an empty or useless CD to avoid damaging the disc’s content.

You will need to have your car running before your attempts and ensure you remain cautious to avoid damaging the player further.

Place the blank CD above the second disc and gently slide it in.

You should feel the stuck CD slide under the inserted disc.

Press the Eject button and gently wiggle your inserted disc to get the stuck CD out of the player.

Repeat the process severally as you angle the inserted disc upwards to apply more pressure to the ejection mechanism.

Since most players are mounted on the dashboard, you can get the disc out by firmly pressing the part directly above the player.

Perform An Electrical Reset


An electrical reset helps solve half the problems common with car CD players.

It involves disconnecting the electrical supply to the player and reconnecting it after some minutes. Doing this means you will lose all your radio presets and personal audio settings as they will be reset to their default configurations.

You will need access to your vehicle’s battery to perform an electrical reset.

Disconnect the battery’s negative terminal and wait for at least ten seconds before reestablishing the connection.

Turn the car on after and try ejecting normally.

In some cases, the electrical reset might help restore the ejection function and other player problems.

Use A Taped Knife

You can use a taped knife to remove stuck discs from your car CD player.

You must disconnect all power from the player to avoid the risk of electrocution. Be careful to avoid damaging the player or the stuck CD when using this technique.

Wrap tape around the tip of a knife or any similar object with the sticky side out.

The stronger the tape, the more effective the results. To avoid complications when inserting the blade, place a thin piece of paper on one side of the sticky tape.

You will need to insert the taped knife with the sticky side gently.

Try wiggling it until you feel it on top of the stuck CD, then press it gently. Once you feel contact is established between the two, try lifting and removing the disc gently.

How To Fix My Car CD Player That Does Not Read Discs?

The “No Disc” error is a common problem with car CD players.

It means that your player does not recognize the inserted disc. Possible reasons include defective CD lenses in your player or the CD inserted being incompatible.

Here is a simple troubleshooting procedure to help you clear the no-disk error;

Step 1

Before you start troubleshooting, the first step is to confirm if you are using the correct disk format for your player.

Some players are limited to supported formats, and some do not even recognize burned discs.

Step 2

The troubleshooting will involve cleaning your player with isopropyl alcohol. Drench the liquid in a cotton swab and angle it towards the unit’s laser eye.

It would help to maintain a gentle swap since the lens is a sensitive component.

Step 3

Dry the laser eye with the other end of the cotton swab before confirming if your troubleshooting was successful.

You can consider using a CD lens cleaner disc if it does not work.

Step 4

Cleaning your CD player’s lens is as easy as inserting the disc and pressing play to initiate the cleanse. Once the cleaning is done, the player will automatically eject, and normal functioning will be restored.

Can You Fix Your Car CD Player?

In most cases, you can fix your car CD player effortlessly by following simple routines.

However, some issues require professional input to avoid damaging the unit more. You can try out the various DIY repair tips mentioned in this article before investing a lot in repairs.

How To Clean Your Car Player’s Interior?

There are different approaches to cleaning your car’s CD player’s interior. A cotton swab and alcohol are enough to clean your car’s internal components thoroughly.

You can also use a cleaning disc to help clean the player’s interior.

Insert the disc and let it play.

It should spin around severally for at least ten minutes before ejecting.

Do CD Player Cleaners Work?

CD player cleaner discs create a practical approach to cleaning your player’s interior. It removes dust particles by brushing the CD drive lightly.

Despite its effectiveness, using low-quality discs could cause more damage to your unit.

Why Is My Car CD Player Skipping?

Dirt, dust, and damaged discs are common reasons your car CD player could be skipping some tracks. Ensure you confirm if the problem is with the inserted disc before you begin troubleshooting your player for other errors.

Test it with newer discs and observe if the skipping continues.

If the skipping continues, you may need to try the various cleaning strategies this article shares.

Why Is My CD Player Not Opening?

Your car CD player should automatically open once you press the eject button.

If it jams, you can consider the manual alternative that involves using a small manual eject hole in the device’s front.

A paper clip is among the most available items that can pass through the hole.

Unwind the pin and insert it into the hole to eject the CD-ROM tray. If the gears are damaged, your player might not open further.


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