Can I Have Bumper Stickers On My Car? (6 Professions Checked)

Recently, more people have embraced bumper stickers on their automobiles, which come in different sizes and shapes. These bumper stickers have become more popular over time.

They can help portray messages of support for a particular cause, show the school attended, sporting events attended, and the expression of jokes. A bumper sticker can practically say a lot about you.

This article will discuss if you could use bumper stickers on your vehicle depending on your profession.

Can Cops Have Bumper Stickers?

Cops can use bumper stickers in their vehicles. However, the rules about the use of bumper stickers on police vehicles are different and vary from department and city.

For instance, private decals or markings are not permitted on police cars in Portland. Generally, individuals who are not police officers are not allowed to have police bumper stickers on their vehicles. 

At the time of writing this article, it is unclear whether cops can have bumper stickers on their personal vehicles.

The New York Police Department also frowned at the use of offensive stickers on the private cars of cops. However, this stern warning from the NYPD may not apply to all departments in the United States. 

Can Teachers Have Bumper Stickers?

True, teachers can have bumper stickers on their automobiles.

It is also essential that the content of these decals or bumper stickers does not breach the laws and policies of the school.

They should be careful of the message portrayed with their bumper stickers. 

Teachers are expected to be good ambassadors for the educational brand where they work.

Offensive, divisive, and discriminatory bumper stickers that create a negative impression of the school should be avoided by all means. 

They should also choose bumper stickers that reinforce positivity within their community and should live exemplary lives worth emulating to the students and the education community. 

Can Uber Drivers Have Bumper Stickers?

Uber drivers can paste bumper stickers on their vehicles in as much as the message on the bumper stickers does not breach the laws and policies of the Uber brand. 

Uber, as a brand, has certain rules and guidelines on the kind of bumper stickers that are permitted to be used on vehicles.

However, drivers should note the rules of the bumper stickers on their vehicles. 

Drivers cannot display bumper stickers with unpleasant or disgusting content, such as

  • Sexually explicit material
  • Hate speech, or
  • What others may consider blasphemy

Everyone should avoid bumper stickers with discriminatory and divisive content as these bumper stickers can create a negative impression of the Uber brand and the driver. 

It is advisable to use bumper stickers with positive, inspiring content not known for controversy. 

These inspiring bumper stickers can help create a friendly and relaxing environment for their passengers. 

Can Federal Employees Have Bumper Stickers?

Federal employees can have bumper stickers on their cars, in as much as the content of the bumper stickers does not violate the rules and regulations regarding the employee’s job position. 

Federal employees must understand the potential consequences of showing bumper stickers that could be seen as representing the views or positions of their employers, the federal government. 

It is better to avoid using bumper stickers that could be seen as supporting a political party or a candidate. 

When a federal employee uses a bumper sticker that supports a specific political party, it could be viewed as a breach of the Hatch Act.

The Hatch Act was enacted to prevent federal government workers from engaging in political activity when using government resources or on duty. 

Bumper stickers considered by federal employees should avoid divisive, discriminatory, and offensive views. 

The use of such bumper stickers could harm the image of the agency and the federal employees. 

Suppose you feel a particular bumper sticker will not present your employer well. In that case, it is better to avoid it than use the bumper sticker and cause irrevocable damage to the image of your employer.

There are also places to not place bumper stickers on cars.

Can Military People Have Bumper Stickers?

Military personnel can have bumper stickers on their personal cars, but military persons must strictly follow specific regulations and guidelines.

Bumper stickers that contain

  • Disrespectful
  • Discriminatory, and
  • Derogatory content

to any group or individuals must be avoided. 

Military personnel should also avoid bumper stickers with controversial and offensive messages. They must be held to a higher standard of conduct when they are on duty and in civilian attire. 

It is also crucial for these officials to use discretion in choosing suitable bumper stickers for their vehicles.

Using bumper stickers with discriminating and offensive content can create a wrong impression in people’s minds. 

It is advisable to avoid these stickers to prevent terrible perception. 

Can Lawyers Use Bumper Stickers?

Though the legal profession prohibits lawyers from advertising, using bumper stickers can be a subtle way of telling road users that the vehicle’s driver ahead is a legal practitioner.

Lawyers can use bumper stickers if they do not contain profane words or controversial statements.

Who Else Should Avoid Bumper Stickers?

Bumper stickers can be an expressive way to show support for a cause or send a message, but some persons should avoid using bumper stickers. 

  • Individuals who use rental cars frequently: If you rent vehicles for travel or work purposes, applying bumper stickers is not a good idea, as the car does not belong to you. 
  • Law enforcement agents or judges should avoid using bumper stickers as they should be perceived as impartial always. 
  • Individuals who value privacy. These people should avoid using bumper stickers as they can draw unnecessary attention to your vehicle. 
  • People who change their opinions frequently should avoid bumper stickers. Pasting bumper stickers that no longer align with your beliefs and ideology is not wise.

Applying bumper stickers is a personal choice based on individual preferences and circumstances.

It is essential to consider how other road users may perceive bumper stickers and whether they align with your goals, aspirations, and values. 

Meanwhile, there are also bumper sticker rules you must follow.


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