Do Bumper Stickers On Cars Prevent Theft? (We checked)

Bumper stickers have proven to be effective in different aspects of human endeavors. From marketing and promotional activities to political evangelism, the use of these stickers has become widespread.

Another aspect that bumping stickers seem to be useful is in preventing theft. Because you’re here for an answer, we’ve researched deeply into this area to see if bumper stickers can really prevent car theft.

So, stay on this page to discover how possible that is; what works; and what doesn’t.

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Here’s the Short Answer To Whether Bumper Stickers on Cars Really Prevent Theft:

Bumper stickers do not have the capability of preventing car theft themselves. They can only be used to deter a potential thief, with a caption like “this car is protected by a GPS tracking system”.

However, because bumper stickers could be used to easily identify your car, it may help to prevent theft.

Are There Any Studies on How Bumper Stickers Affect Car Theft?

There have been no notable studies on how bumper stickers affect car theft. However, quite a few reviewers have expressed their verdicts on the use of bumper stickers to deter car theft.

A somewhat surprising deterrent to car theft is stickers. Any obvious and identifiable stickers, paint, or markings on your car will make it easier for police to verify your car.

So, if thieves try to make a stealthy getaway, it will make them stick out like a sore thumb.

Source: Motorbiscuit

Without doubt, bumper stickers, especially the ones with strong tack adhesive, will give thieves a hard time in removing them. That means you get a chance to make your ride easily identifiable by the police when it got taken away by a thief.

Rather than helping to prevent car theft, the use of some certain bumper stickers could even make it easier for thieves to obtain a driver or vehicle owner.

As indicated by Newsweek, the Newnan Police Department in Georgia has illustrated how some bumper stickers could make one vulnerable to car theft.

The Police department claimed that a “baby on board” bumper sticker, for example, could make a parent become labelled as an easy target.

This is because of the assumed impression that the baby on board will create a distraction for the parent, making them easier to be attacked or robbed.

Motor theft has remained a concerned issue in America. And thieves could adopt different methods to achieve their goal. So, while some bumper stickers could send potential thieves away from your vehicle, some other ones could attract a thief to you.

According to the FBI, there were an estimated 721,885 thefts of motor vehicles nationwide in 2019. The FBI stated the “estimated rate of motor vehicle thefts was 219.9 per 100,000 inhabitants”.

Source: Newsweek

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Do Warning Bumper Stickers Really Work?

Warning bumper stickers do work to prevent car theft, but not in all situations. So, it’s not something you can really rely on to safeguard your precious ride.

Having stickers that read “this vehicle is protected by an anti-theft sticker” or “this car is protected by a GPS tracking system” could discourage a thief from attempting to steal the car.

Mind you, since the sticker will only spread an information about a car, which may or may not be true, some thieves may still attempt to steal the vehicle, anyway.

The truth is, warning bumper stickers will definitely deter thieves who only aim for easy theft and not a complex one.

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What Bumper Stickers Do People Use To Prevent Theft?

While having loads of bumper stickers on your vehicle could discourage a thief from thinking of moving away with your car, just one or two warning bumper stickers have remained the most popularly used stickers to prevent thefts.

Notable amongst the most commonly used bumper stickers are the ones with the captions below:

  • Warning: GPS Alarm System Equipped
  • Warning: This Vehicle Is Protected by an Anti-Theft Sticker
  • Warning: GPS Tracking System Equipped
  • Don’t Touch! Anti-Theft System
  • Viper: Alarm System & GPS Tracker Installed on this Vehicle
  • Equipped With Millennial Anti-Theft Device
  • Vehicle Is Fitted With a GPS Tracking Device Linked and Monitored By the Police

You’d notice that these sticker captions all emphasize the presence of an anti-theft device on a vehicle. That’s to show that bumper stickers cannot deter theft themselves; they can only help to discourage a thief. So, you can’t really rely on them.

The following are more reliable anti-theft devices for your vehicle:

  • Visible or Audible Alarm System
  • Steering Wheel Lock
  • GPS Tracking Device

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Even with the use of a proper anti-theft device, it is still important to be mindful of where you’ll park your vehicle, as either of these can be hacked or disabled.

Final Thoughts

The use of bumper stickers has become so popular in different parts of the world. From advertising to politics and security, these sticky notes have proven to be so versatile over the years.

However, since bumper stickers are not security devices in any way, they cannot guarantee the safety of your vehicles. While its usefulness in deterring theft has been greatly pronounced, it is best to actually install a security device in your car to ensure its safety.


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