Why Do Black Cars Have More Problems? (Explained)

Do you know black-colored cars are more prone to problems than other cars?

Aside from the fact that they have more body parts problems, studies also showed that black vehicles are 12% more likely to have accidents in the daytime and 47% more likely to get into a collision at night.

Why does this happen? 

You are about to find out in this article the reasons black cars have more difficulties than other cars. We would also chip in their benefits alongside their general maintenance.

Why Do Black Cars Have More Problems?

If not everyone, but most people feel that the black color is sleek. In fact, before buying, most people ask ‚Äúdoes it come in black‚ÄĚ.

There is something extremely cool in the black color.

It is a popular choice because it portrays affluence and power. However, black cars do come with their own fair share of issues. Below are the common problems and benefits associated with black cars to help you make a healthy decision if perhaps you plan to buy one.

Always Dirty 

The black color is one color that attracts dirt, bird poo and grime easier. It makes it really hard to keep clean because once you are out driving or parked, you can be sure to get noticeable stains when you return home.

It is really a high-maintenance car color, and it takes a longer time to wash, which can be really frustrating.

Swirls Marks Are Obvious 

It is not exactly the case that black cars are more vulnerable to marks; the fact is they are more noticeable on black. Swirl marks often result in a white appearance.

For a white or silver-colored car, it may not be so obvious, but on a black car? It will definitely show.

One common way to reduce marks on your car is to coat it and learn the proper way of washing it. The coating is the extra layer of resin that protects your car and gives it a better outlook.

It Fades Under Sunlight 

It is difficult to maintain the sleek look of your car if it is black. The sun makes the black paint fade faster. It is not possible to always avoid sunlight because you literally have to drive your car. However, it is best advised to look for a shade when parking your car.

It Gets Hot

Black attracts heat more than any other color. It is why you probably sweat more when you put on all-black clothes. The same goes for cars.

It gets hot under sun exposure. It is a literal oven even if you spend a few minutes under direct sun. The AC could help to reduce this effect, but you still have to park in a shade or enclosed spot unless you want to keep the engine running while the car is idle.

If you live in a cold climate, you’re not the target audience for this point.

It Is Prone to Accidents 

You might still be shocked when we stated earlier that black cars are more likely to crash than other vehicles because who would have thought that a car’s color can be associated with their lives, basically?

But then, facts and figures have shown that black cars are more dangerous. They are likely to have a crash 12% higher than white cars and 47% higher at night time, as stated from the statistics from Monash University in Australia.

But Are They All Bad?

Definitely not! Aside from the sleek and majestic look it gives to a car, there are major benefits of just having a black-colored car. They include:

Higher Resale Value

According to statistics, black color has more in-demand value. You are more likely to resell your black car at a higher price than brighter colors. As stated by DoneDeal, 22% of resale cars in 2020 were black. This gives black car owners higher leverage in the market.

A Visual Appeal

A shiny and new black car delivers a more detailed outlook. It highlights all the curves and contours in the black color. Little wonder why it has a sleek and appealing look than brighter cars.

Hides Dust

Black cars are forgiving when it comes to hiding just dust. Unless you use a cloth to wipe down the surface, you probably won’t see it. Even if you live in a dusty area with a black car, you can go a few days without washing it.

It Could Provide Warmth

Living in a cold region makes going out difficult, but a black car could retain heat much longer than brighter vehicles.

The black color is a poor emitter of heat so it keeps it around longer. In addition, there are some major facts to answer regarding the use of a black-colored car.

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Do Black Cars Depreciate Faster?

Black cars seem to lose value faster than obscure colors. In fact, popular colors like white and silver also depreciate faster.

According to iSeeCars, over 3 years, black cars depreciate 38.4%, white cars depreciate 38.0% and silver cars depreciate 37.6%.

Less flashy colors like yellow, beige, orange, green, etc retain value longer. The yellow color, in fact, holds its value more by depreciating 45.6% less than the average vehicle.

Do Black Cars Fade Faster? 

The black color is a poor emitter of light and heat, so it absorbs them faster and longer. This makes them heat up quickly and makes them susceptible to fading.

However, this doesn’t mean that other colored vehicles will not fade under sunlight as there is no scientific proof that they last longer in sunlight but once they begin to fade, the black or red color shows more evidently.

Do Black Cars Scratch More Easily

The plain truth is a black car will not scratch more easily than others. It depends on your maintenance. If you drive another colored car recklessly, you will definitely get more scratches than a carefully driven black car.

The reason why people claim that a black car is more prone to scratches is that it is more noticeable on them than brighter colors. You will likely see a scratch on a black car before you see it on a white car.

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How to Maintain Your Black Beauty 

Having a shiny and well-detailed black car isn’t worth it if you do not have what it takes to keep it in that condition. Below are some tips to maintain your car.

Use a Car Washing Soap

Yes, stop that unhealthy habit of using detergents or even dish soap to wash your car.

Car detailing experts have stated that these soaps are not suitable for cars, as they affect the paint and the wax of the car.

Car washing soaps are more subtle and would not affect the wax.

Clean With a Microfiber Cloth Or Wash Mitt

Since you have already started a good job by using a car washing soap, back it up with a microfiber cloth or mitt to clean. They are softer than sponges and can hold more water. It makes the process much faster without affecting the paint of the car.

Use a Clay Bar 

Clay bars are essential for black cars. The product helps to remove accumulated debris and dirt from the car. It also prevents deep scratches and cleans bug splats on the car.


This is one of the most effective methods for maintaining your black car. Waxing strongly protects your car from harmful debris and it also shields the body of the car from direct UV rays.

This keeps the color of the car from fading quickly. The best waxes also give black cars a sleek appearance. 

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