10 Best & Worst Mini Cooper Years (Stats & Examples)

In its third generation of production, the Mini Cooper three-door (aka the Mini Hatch) is a far cry from John Cooper’s earliest Mini.

However, BMW has worked diligently to keep this little car’s persona of cuteness and its fun factor while making the Mini Cooper into a more reliable vehicle. This also contributed to making it one of the cheapest electric cars you can lease.

Here we look into the best years for the Mini Cooper and some years to avoid.

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The best and worst years for Mini Cooper are:

Like most cars, the Mini Cooper has had good and bad years.


So, in 2006, BMW decided to repower the Mini Cooper with a new engine to alleviate some of the issues.

Instead of using another iteration of the original Tritec powerplant, the 2006 Mini Cooper, forward, is powered by the Prince engine (also used by Peugeot).

This change didn’t make it a perfect car, but it did add to the Mini Cooper’s progression toward reliability.

2008 and 2011

In 2008 and 2011, the Mini Cooper had fewer complaints than in other years, showing that the improvements were working to make the Mini more dependable.


The Mini Coopers of the last five years, 2018 forward, are the best models they have made since BMW took the helm and have received the fewest complaints of any other model.

These are the best Mini Cooper models for the highway.

What Mini Cooper years are the most reliable?

Although the benefits weren’t realized immediately by replacing the older engine design of the Mini Cooper, by 2018, the reliability ratings rose from previous years.

Part of the improvement in reliability is due to powertrain improvements.

Tweaks to the Mini Coopers chassis, underpinnings, and transmissions are factors of the current reliability of the later model Mini Coopers.

The most reliable years of the Mini Cooper

2011 Mini cooper

One of the most notable models of the second-generation Mini Cooper was in 2011.

It had only two complaints for the year, which is commendable for any car.

2015 to 2020 Mini Coopers

Consumer Reports awarded the Mini Cooper an above-average score for reliability. J.D. Power has also given these model years the heads up for reliability.

So, if you are in the market for a Mini Cooper, any of these years is a suitable purchase. However, with any car you are considering, research the same model year and model before you decide to buy.

Also, run the VIN (vehicle identification number) to see if the car has ever been wrecked. Little cars like the Mini Cooper do not do well after damage, no matter how good the repair, unless the damage is minor.

2022 Mini Cooper

There are three models of the Mini Cooper for 2022: the Hardtop two-door, the Hardtop four-door, and the two-door convertible.

The biggest complaint for this model year isn’t about reliability but the lack of cargo space and the price.

The Mini-Cooper is a sub-compact car that has the drivability of a race car. BMW goes too far to call it the first street-legal go-cart; it’s so fun to drive. So, if you want a vehicle that can carry a load, the Mini Cooper is the wrong car to buy.

However, the Mini Cooper Countryman is larger than the Hardtop two- or four-door models. Due to its size, it has added cargo capacity and the availability of all-wheel drive.

2023 Mini Cooper

Since this model has just come to market, the jury is still out on its reliability.

However, the complaints made have nothing to do with the Mini Cooper’s dependability.

The common complaint persists about the lack of interior room and cargo capacity of the 2023 model, just as it has been done for other years.

The increased cost of the new models over the same models a few years ago is evident in 2023. It has been a complaint of new buyers. However, the price of used cars is also up and is a market-wide issue, not just a problem with Mini Coopers.

What Mini Cooper years should you avoid?

First, make sure to get familiar with the problems Mini Cooper owners may run into.

Mini Coopers made between 2000 and 2013 or prior should be given a long, hard look before you purchase one. They were still using the Tritech engine, and reliability was abysmal.

However, pre- and early 2000 models of the Mini are either classics or are approaching being a classic.

An older Mini or Mini Cooper in good shape can have a value as high as a new model.

However, some claim any Mini Cooper made between 2000 and 2013 should be avoided.

The 2011 Mini Cooper is an outlier in this group because it has only had two complaints for that model year of all the Minis sold.

A few years ago, the BMW Mini Cooper had more problems than it does today, but diligent attention to its development has produced a car more reliable than it’s ever been.

2007 – 2013 Mini Cooper Problems

These models were the most problematic early models of the Mini Cooper.

They had issues with the following:

  • Bad coil packs cause the engine to run roughly
  • VVT solenoid failure – failure of the VVT solenoid can cause your engine to run rough and will light up the engine check light
  • Leaky valve cover gaskets – you can tell that you have a problem here due to the smell of burnt oil your car produces.
  • Water pump failure is detected by excess coolant on the ground or an engine that overheats.
  • Door latches that don’t work fail to open the doors from inside or outside your car and may lock themselves or not unlock.

These years are not the best options if you’re looking for a Mini Cooper to take on long road trips.

The issues with the timing chain of the Mini Cooper S

The Mini Cooper S gets added power from a turbocharger.

Unfortunately, cars fitted with turbochargers have had incidents of the timing chain exploding and damaging the engine.

BMW issued a recall for the timing chain issue.

So, if you are buying a Mini Cooper S model, be sure the recall work was done before you buy.

Of course, cars seven to ten years old are getting dated, which can be a problem.

In addition, parts have become harder to find and more expensive, and the five owners before you may or may not have maintained their Mini Cooper properly.

Mini Coopers built from 2018 to 2023 are better than an aged Mini Cooper, especially one with more than 100,000 miles on the odometer.

J.D. Power gives the 2022 Mini Cooper a 95 for quality and an 83 for reliability, which is an acceptable score.

Unless it is a classic or weekend racer you can afford to tinker with, buying a newer Mini Cooper is your best bet for finding a reliable one.

What are some typical problems with the Mini Cooper models?

Even the best cars can have mechanical glitches, and the Mini Cooper is no different.

Typical problems with the Mini Cooper include the following.

  • First-generation Mini Coopers (2000 – 2006) were prone to transmission problems
  • First and second-generation (2006 to 2012) Mini Coopers had clutch issues
  • Third Generation Mini Coopers (2013 to current model year) The model years from 2013 forward have produced the most reliable Mini Coopers made.
  • Other common problems with the Mini Cooper include the radiator, the water pump, and issues with the electric power steering pump.

From the first model year, 2000, the Mini Cooper has been plagued with transmission problems, cooling system problems, and clutches that failed long before they should.

However, few cars have the fun factor that the Mini Cooper offers. So, perhaps, a few glitches along the way are worth admission to one of the largest auto clubs in the world.

Bottom line?

From its earliest beginnings, the Mini Cooper got a reputation as a fun car to drive. However, its reputation as a dependable car wasn’t up to par until the last few years.

BMW picked up the reins of the Mini’s future course in 2000.

Since then, it has been slightly enlarged and rebadged as the “Mini Cooper” in honor of its original designer, John Cooper.

Although the Mini Cooper retains the overall shape of the original Mini, which was truly small, it has grown over the years.

Therefore, offering a car that was as fun as the original Mini, yet had the attributes of a BMW, has taken years of innovation.

Snatch it up if you are on the market and find a used Mini Cooper that has been loved and cared for by its owner!


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ⓘ  The information in this article is based on data from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recall reports, consumer complaints submitted to the NHTSA, reliability ratings from J.D. Power, auto review and rating sites such as Edmunds, specialist forums, etc. We analyzed this data to provide insights into the best and worst years for these vehicle models.