Best & Worst Lincoln Car Years (17 Models)

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If you’re thinking about buying a Lincoln, knowing which years are reliable and which ones to avoid can make a world of difference. Our aim is to equip you with the information you need to make a sound choice.

We’ve gathered data from a range of sources, including NHTSA recall reports, consumer complaints, J.D. Power reliability ratings, as well as reviews from trusted automotive websites like Edmunds and discussions on specialist forums.

This data forms the backbone of our insights into the best and worst years for Lincoln car models.

Check more on our data sources below the articles:

The NHTSA recall data and consumer complaints give us valuable insights into potential flaws or design issues for different Lincoln years. A high number of recalls or complaints usually signals trouble and is something to consider when you’re shopping around.

J.D. Power’s ratings play a big role too.

They look at factors such as build quality, long-term reliability, and owner satisfaction. These scores can help you understand how a specific year might fare as the car ages.

We also consult expert reviews from sites like Edmunds. They dive deep into many aspects of a car, including performance, comfort, and tech features, to give you a holistic view of what each model year has to offer.

In addition, we sift through specialist forums to get the down-low from actual Lincoln owners.

Sometimes these discussions can reveal minor issues or unique insights that you won’t find in standard reviews.

Now, it’s important to realizes that the same car model can have very different performance in different years. For instance, if a specific Lincoln model year had issues with its suspension, Lincoln might address this in the following year or even overhaul it in the next generation. Automakers routinely tweak designs and fix issues based on customer feedback and technical evaluations.

In summary, our research aims to provide you with a rounded view of the best and worst years for Lincoln models, pulling from multiple, reliable sources. By doing the heavy lifting, on the data side, we help you make an educated decision when purchasing a Lincoln. Being well-informed can save you from a lot of headaches later on.

Use this information as a guide to find the Lincoln model and year that will best serve your needs and keep you happy for the long haul.

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