Are Teslas Delivered To Your House Now?

As a significant player in the electric car industry, Tesla has become a symbol of the effort to wean ourselves off fossil fuels.  But there’s more to Tesla than its CEO and futuristic cars. The innovative company revolves around its customers’ needs.

Having purchased your new Tesla, you’re bound to have many questions.

This article will look closely at everything you need to know regarding Tesla’s delivery procedures.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Tesla’s Home Delivery:

If you qualify for Tesla’s Direct delivery service, you can get your new vehicle delivered directly to your home address. Generally, you’ll need to be located within a 220-mile radius of a Tesla service center to become eligible. You can request this particular service via your Tesla App.

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In What Areas Does Tesla Deliver to a Home Address?

The Tesla delivery process is a lot different from other car brands. A Tesla vehicle can be delivered to your home address, but there are some limitations on where the company can send their cars.

When using Tesla Direct, the Tesla app will assess eligibility for delivery based on whether your address is within a 220-mile radius of the nearest delivery location.

Alternatively, if you’re outside of this radius, by selecting Carrier Direct delivery service, a third-party company will assist you.

Tesla currently offers customers two delivery options to get their vehicle delivered to their home address:

  1. Tesla Direct: Customers that live in designated locations can use Tesla Direct. Your vehicle will be transported to your home location if eligible.
    • Expect regional variations in the delivery process due to state-specific requirements.
  2. Carrier Direct: For those who live outside the 220-mile radius of a Tesla service center or delivery location but there is a charge.

Tesla currently has service and delivery centers in 35 states in the US.

Some states have multiple centers too. By looking at Tesla’s Service Centres webpage, you’ll be able to see which centers are located in your specific state to see if you qualify for the Tesla Direct delivery service before purchase.

Does it Cost More to Have Your Tesla Delivered to Your Address?

While Tesla offers several delivery options for new vehicles, some will deliver to your home address, and others will not.

Ordering a Tesla through the company’s website using the express delivery option automatically includes delivery for free within the continental United States with no additional fees or charges at delivery time.

The customer will not encounter delivery fees when using the Tesla Direct option. 

However, the Carrier Direct service should be selected if you’re ineligible for this option. This service is conducted by an independent company and will cost extra based on the customer’s location.

If your home location falls within the 220-mile radius of a delivery or service center, you’ll be eligible for shipment to your address via the Tesla Direct delivery option. By utilizing this service, you will not encounter any additional delivery fees.

On the other hand, if you fall outside the 220-mile radius, the only option to get your new Tesla delivered to your home address would be Tesla’s Carrier Direct service.

The Carrier Direct service entails an independent company making this delivery for you in exchange for payment according to the final destination.

If you’re hoping for your new vehicle to arrive soon, Tesla advises opting for delivery at a delivery location or service center instead.

Who Will be Delivering Your Tesla to Your Home?

It’s normal to be concerned about who will deliver your new Tesla. After all, they don’t come cheap. You want to ensure the vehicle arrives in prime condition from a reputable transit company.

One of Tesla’s employees will deliver the car directly to your home if you qualify for the Tesla Direct delivery service.

If you are not eligible for this service, then you can utilize the Carrier Direct method. In this case, your vehicle will be shipped with a trusted independent company instead.

Upon arrival, the employee of either Tesla or the independent company will assist in removing the car from the flatbed truck. However, the benefit of a Tesla employee delivering the vehicle would be that they can answer any questions you might have.

How are Teslas Transported to Your Home?

It may take weeks for a new Tesla to arrive at your door, so you want to ensure it arrives in perfect condition.

Tesla ships its cars via flatbed trucks that are designed to transport large and heavy items without damaging them. The truck is equipped with a hydraulic liftgate that allows the driver to lower the car onto the truck’s bed, where it’s secured by straps and tie-downs.

The flatbed truck protects it from any scratches and dents that occur with other delivery methods.

Therefore, there’s no need to worry about having your new Tesla damaged during shipping.

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Does it Take Longer to Have Your Tesla Delivered to Your Home?

Even though Tesla manufactures hundreds of thousands of cars annually, they often struggle to keep up with the high demand for their vehicles.

While Tesla reportedly delivered over 300,000 cars just in the third quarter of 2022, some customers will likely wait weeks before getting their hands on their new vehicle, depending on the backlog.

When you order a Tesla, depending on your selected delivery method, you will receive an expected delivery date from the company itself.

This notification will be in the form of an email or SMS and a Tesla account notification. Once notified about the delivery date, you can email Tesla to request a change if needed.

Due to logistics, it may take longer for your Tesla to be delivered to your home address.This process requires more moving parts than delivering the vehicle to a delivery or service center.

In particular, the Carrier Direct service option takes the longest because it involves an external company.

When looking at the statistics, it may take longer for your name to move up the Tesla waiting list than the actual delivery to your home. Ultimately, Tesla is delivering cars to your home, but you’ll have to be patient.

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Are There any Benefits to Picking Up Your Tesla at the Tesla Store?

Tesla’s sales model is unique. While most automakers rely on a network of franchised dealerships, Tesla sells its cars directly to consumers through company-owned galleries.

Tesla managed to get around the car dealership laws.

Therefore, if you were to pick up your Tesla, it would be at a gallery in your state or a nearby delivery or service center.

Picking up your Tesla at the dealer has a few benefits. As a first-time owner, you will be guided by your Tesla Advisor through the vehicle and its features.

Additionally, depending on your delivery method, you might save a buck or two and shorten the delivery time.

Overall, visiting a Tesla gallery is an experience that every proud Tesla owner should consider.

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Final Thoughts

It’s unclear how long Tesla will offer its delivery service to a customer’s home address or if it could expand to those outside the 200-mile radius over time. Regardless, it’s another way for the company to differentiate itself from traditional automakers.

For the time being, when you’re ready to purchase your Tesla and want it delivered to your doorstep, simply hop onto their website or app and request one with either the Tesla Direct or Carrier Direct delivery method.


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