Are Pirelli Tires Quiet Or Noisy? (Explained!)

Pirelli is one of the oldest and biggest tire manufacturers in the world.

Its range of tires, while more expensive than average, are of the highest quality. They offer impressive stability, handling, and stylish design.

Here’s How Quiet Pirelli Tires Are

On average, Pirelli tires are comfortable and quiet, although this varies sometimes. Pirelli tires have a Noise Canceling System (NCS) feature designed to reduce road noise and vibration felt by riders. This goes a long way in improving rider comfort and increases ride quality.

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Are Pirelli Tires More Quiet Than Other Brands?

Road noise is a big problem on many tires and decreases comfort and overall ride quality.

However, Pirelli’s advanced noise reduction technology makes its tires less noisy compared to other tire brands.

For example, the Noise Cancelation System (NCS) comes with a sound-absorbing sponge that helps reduce noise and vibration transmitted to the vehicle’s cabin.

With regular tires, every bit of road noise will find its way into the car, but the NCS on Pirellis prevents this from occurring.

Moreover, the NCS reduces road noise by two to three decibels. How? It cuts down tire cavity noise.

Tire cavity noise is created by the reverberation of air present in the tire under rotation. This noise often filters into the car’s internal structure and causes discomfort for occupants.

The NCS soaks up the tire cavity noise and ensures the tires (and cabin) are as quiet as possible.

This doesn’t mean that Pirelli tires don’t have problems with road noise or vibration. In fact, some owners using Pirelli tires have reported excessive amounts of noise while driving.

A visit to forums or sites dedicated to tires such as will show you negative reviews painting Pirellis as noisy tires.

But these aggrieved owners are often in the minority, as Pirellis are known to be quiet in various road conditions.

Particularly, if your Pirelli tires come with the Noise Cancelation System (NCS), you can rest assured knowing that road noise will be minimal.

However, you may start to experience higher levels of road noise as the tire ages and wears out. In those cases, the noise comes from the rear of the vehicle.

If you hear some type of droning or buzzing on your Pirelli tires, check the tread on them. They may be worn totally and need a replacement.

How Are Pirelli Tires Tested for Noise?

Manufacturers such as Pirelli often use the same method of testing the sound level of new tires.

This method, called the noise emissions test, evaluates the external noise of the tire in decibels (dB).

In most cases, engineers will set up a microphone on the fringes of the test track. The distance between the microphone and the center of the track is usually around 7.5 meters, and the mic sits about 1.2 meters above ground level.

The tires in question are fitted to the test vehicle, after which a driver drives the vehicle around the track. For the test itself, the car must travel past the microphone at 50 mph, with its engine turned off.

The noise from the moving car, called “pass-by noise” is recorded from both sides of the track. Engineers often use decibels and black sound waves to denote noise level.

The sound waves are in classes ranging from 1 (Quiet) to 3 (Loud). So, a tire rated at “one wave” makes half as much noise as a tire rated at “two waves”.

Decibels are in regular numerical units and can vary depending on how quiet the tire is.

It is also important to note that narrower tires have to meet a lower decibel requirement compared to wider tires.

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What Pirelli Tires Are the Quietest?

With its pioneering Noise Cancelation Technology, Pirelli can lay claim to producing some of the quietest tires on the market today.

However, some of these tires are quieter than others.

Below, we review Pirelli tires that make the least noise:

Pirelli Cinturato P7 All-Season Plus Touring Tire

Pirelli’s bestselling luxury tire, the Cinturato P7 is the “perfect” tire in every sense of the word. It offers useful year-round traction and is stable even in adverse weather conditions.

The tire also uses a tread mixture that combines low oil and high silica content for reduced rolling resistance.

This ultimately results in lower fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

Moreover, the Cinturato P7’s unique tread design means it lasts longer compared to traditional tires. This means you can use it in various road conditions without expecting it to wear out rapidly.

The Cinturato P7 is also one of the quietest tires in Pirelli’s collection.

Factors responsible for the low noise level on this tire include:

  • Optimized tread patch
  • Improved pitch sequence
  • Advanced tread pattern

The aforementioned features decimate road noise on the Cinturato P7 tire.

Thus, you are guaranteed a comfortable riding experience throughout the entire year.

Pirelli Scorpion Verde All-Season Plus

The Scorpion Verde is a touring tire that provides decent handling and control in diverse driving situations.

It has an asymmetrical tread design with wide peripheral grooves for improved stability at corners.

A combination of shoulder and tread blocks along with sipes allows the tires to provide excellent grip in wet conditions (e.g. light snow).

Besides, the Scorpion Verde has a long tread life and decreased rolling resistance (meaning greater gas mileage).

The Scorpion Verde’s low noise level results from its use of the Pirelli Noise Cancelation System (PNCS).

Combined with the noise-absorbing device in the tire, the PNCS cuts down on road noise produced by the tire. This provides quiet rides for the ultimate passenger comfort.

A few complaints about this tire include its poor performance in deep snow and a higher-than-average price tag. However, we believe that the benefits of this tire outweigh the costs.

And if you cherish a noiseless ride, you would not mind spending a few dollars more to purchase the Scorpion Verde tire.

What Pirelli Tires Are Noisier?

Despite being an innovator in the quiet tire enterprise, some Pirelli tires produce noisy rides.

They include:

Pirelli P Zero

The P Zero is arguably one of the most popular tires in Pirelli’s lineup.

It is a summer performance tire that offers excellent traction, especially on the track.

However, for all its prowess, the P Zero is terribly noisy. In fact, no other Pirelli tire seems to have as many noise-related complaints as the P Zero tires.

For example, an Audi A6 owner who had P Zero tires on his car complained of the excessive noise that filtered into the cabin during rides.

The user found that the noise worsened when driving over bumpy roads or rough concrete. In this case, the owner had used the tires for about 17,500 miles.

Another owner (Mazda 6 GT) reported hearing a loud whirring noise while driving on the highway.

According to him, the tires had only about 12,000 miles on them, which made the problem more perplexing.

Typically, tires age and start getting noisier as they wear out. However, this happens close to the end of their service life (think 40,000 miles and above).

In severe cases, the noise on the P Zero may worsen within a relatively short time.

For instance, a particular driver reported getting a slight droning noise at low speeds (e.g. when coasting). The noise had become excessive, even though the tires had not reached the 2,000-mile mark.

Additionally, the noise predominantly came from the rear of the vehicle.

Reports like those mentioned above paint the Pirelli P Zero as a noisy tire, which may not be the case for you. However, exercise caution before you buy a particular P Zero model.

If you can, read user reviews to know if the model in question is quiet or noisy.

Pirelli P7000 SS

The ultra-high-performance Pirelli P7000 SS is another Pirelli tire infamous for its excess road noise.

A visit to certain online forums revealed a raft of consumer complaints relating to the tire’s noisy performance.

While the P7000 SS offers precise steering and enviable handling qualities, the noise reduces its appeal for many owners.

A good case in point is a BMW 323i owner who bought a set of new P7000 SS tires, only for him to experience pronounced tire noise/roar at high speeds.

This user was forced to replace the tires even though they had not reached the end of their service life.

Other owners (Audis) also reported experiencing increased road noise when using Pirelli P7000 SS tires.

In fact, an owner expressed disappointment at the P7000 SS after his tires worn out rapidly and made noises that’d progressively grown worse.

The likely cause for the excessive noise on the P7000 SS tires is the rapid rate of wear-and-tear.

We’d advise that you exercise caution before buying these tires.

Can You Make Pirelli Tires Quieter?

Maybe you are stuck with a noisy Pirelli tire and don’t know what to do.

Here are some tips to reduce noise on the tires:

  • Carry out regular maintenance:
    Perform rotations, alignments, and rebalancing at specified intervals. Improper alignment or balancing will inevitably lead to an increased level of road noise on the tires.
  • Check air pressure:
    Low pressure in the tires may be responsible for the noisy ride you’re experiencing. Thus, check air pressure regularly and ensure it is up to specifications.
  • Take your tire for an inspection:
    Sometimes, a noisy tire results from mechanical faults, not a design defect. For example, if you hear a low droning noise, it’s likely that compressed air is trapped in the tread gaps.

Which Tire Brand Is the QUIETEST?

Bridgestone tire

From our research, we arrived at the quietest tire brands.

Here they are:

1. Bridgestone

2. Michelin

3. Goodyear

4. Dunlop

5. Pirelli

6. Continental

7. Cooper

8. Hankook

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