Are Delium Tires Any Good? (Checked)

Delium tires come in a wide range of varieties that are sure to meet any need but there is more to the decision than just a mere selection. People want to know that they are making the right choices for themselves and their loved ones.

With so much precious cargo on board, it can be hard to trust brands that are not among the big names.

Delium is about to change all of that, though. This guide is here to answer any and all questions readers may have about this specific brand…..and what they have to offer!

How Good Are Delium Tires?

Delium tires are good tires for of-road driving and they will typically last ofr 40,000 miles when not driven too hard. On the shelf, they will last around 7-10 years, depending on the amount of sunlight and moisture they are exposed to.

How Many Miles Do Delium Tires Last?

Of course, durability is always going to be at the forefront of any motorist’s thought process. No one wants to buy tires that are going to wear out quickly.

Delium tires, on the other hand, are made to cater to the adventurous types out there who are looking for something that can handle off-road excursions.

In most instances, mud tires that are designed for off-road excursions will last for at least 40,000 miles.

Delium tires are no different in this regard. The terrain that is being traveled upon can raise or lower this estimate, however.

What Are The Factors That Affect These Estimates?

According to the experts, tires of this nature are more likely to make it to the 40,000-mile marker if they are being used on pavement, mud, gravel and similarly lose terrains.

In fact, those who rely on Delium tires are urged to use them on the pavement from time to time to extend their lifespan.

What’s the reasoning behind this request? It’s quite simple, actually. Delium tires are designed with deeper treads that need to be flexed periodically.

If the tires are never flexed, the wear and tear is going to accumulate far more quickly. The following questions also need to be asked about the pavement that is being driven upon:

How Often Is The Vehicle Being Driven On The Pavement?

Those who are using their Delium tires to make their way from their home to their favorite off-road spots do not have much to worry about. They should not be used on rougher pavement on a daily basis, though.

Are The Brakes Being Slammed On a Constant Basis?

This is a question that requires some self-awareness from the motorist in question.

Delium tires are made so that they can easily skid to a stop on looser terrain.

By slamming the brakes on pavement repeatedly, the motorist is shaving years off the expected lifespan of their tires. Those who take it easy are more likely to enjoy a lengthy lifespan.

Is The Pavement Smooth?

The rougher the pavement, the more damage that is done to the tires. Rugged gravel is not as dangerous, but the rockier forms of pavement do not offer any give.

While occasional pavement driving is okay, these tires cannot handle a consistent pounding.

In fact, experts believe that motorists can shave up to 20,000 miles off the tires’ lifespan by subjecting them to the harsh pavement on a daily basis.

The tires will benefit from some moderate flexing on smoother pavements but be sure to not overdo it.

How noisy are Delium tires?

These tires are believed to be noisy by some, owing to their tread design. Nothing could be further from the truth, though. Delium tires are well-reviewed, as drivers everywhere treasure the smooth and quiet rides that they can provide.

Are Delium tires reliable?

As referenced above, these tires are as reliable as the driver allows them to be.

If the motorist is not taking the proper precautions with their Delium tires, they are not going to live up to their expected lifespan.

The reviews more than speak for themselves. While there are some who may be reticent about these tires because of the pricing points, there is something to be said for their performance and durability.

Is the name recognition there yet? No, but those who are truly savvy and not seduced by these types of things are still enjoying Delium tires regardless.

They are smooth rollers once it comes time to hit the streets, without any of the expected buzzing that tends to travel up to the driver’s seat in these instances.

They glide over the blacktop in the best possible way, with no audible hum to speak of. Braking and accelerating are a snap as well. There are no issues with bending corners either.

How do they handle the road?

The handling is top of the line, offering the motorist the peace of mind that they require most.

The tires do not lose their adhesion because of the specially designed rubber compound that Delium offers. Wear and tear is decreased, while wet weather performance is increased. It’s truly the best of both worlds for today’s motorists.

Delium tires also handle rock quite well, as motorists can watch these tires conform to their surroundings. Forward stability and grip are very much up to par, too.

As for dirt performance, the Delium will have no issues in this regard either.

These tires perfectly split the difference between having enough bite to allow the rear to kick and drift, while keeping the vehicle from getting caught in a perpetual doughnut loop.

The hard-packed dirt performance is special, with great give and truly flexible bite. Acceleration and panic stops are no problem.

Are delium tires better than other tires in the same price range?

The answer is a resounding yes.

Not only are Delium tires better than other tires in the same price range, but those who take the time to read the reviews will also find one common theme.

People tend to find these tires to be just as good, if not better, than other tires that are actually more expensive. In fact, a common refrain emerges when motorists take the time to look over the reviews.

These tires are not only considered to be good for their price range….they are considered to be good tires that just so happen to be less expensive.

Motorists who wish to save a bit on their next tire purchase will often turn to Delium for this reason. While others are scared off by the lack of big names, those who take the time to do their homework on Delium tires are handsomely rewarded.

Where are Delium tires made?

While there are some who may believe that Delium tires are a relatively new addition to the equation, the truth is actually much different. This tire company got its start all the way back in 1970, celebrating its 50th anniversary two years ago.

Delium tires are made in Indonesia, by a manufacturer that is heavily focused on performance and quality. At the moment, Delium tires are made for:

  • passenger cars,
  • CUVs,
  • SUVs,
  • light trucks,
  • and industrial applications.

Industri Karat Deli is the manufacturer in question.

This limited corporation is currently based in the county that was formerly known as Deli in the outskirts of Medan, which is located in North Sumatera of the Indonesian archipelagos.

What most do not know is that they were once known as a manufacturer of sandals and rubber flip-flops. From there, they finally began to create inner tubes and tires.

Are Delium tires considered high quality?

These tires are definitely considered to be of the highest quality. Of all the off-road tires that have been tested by various reviewers, the Delium tire always comes back as a winner.

There is no need to be swayed by name recognition or lack thereof.

When making a decision of this magnitude, it is important not to fall into those sorts of traps. It can be a daunting experience, especially to someone who has never had to choose new tires before.

That’s why so many folks panic and latch onto the biggest name that they have heard of.

With Delium tires, all of that is no longer necessary.

There is no reason to go sifting through all sorts of alternatives. At this time, our readers will be left with a few helpful tips that will make their Delium selection process even easier.

How To Zero In On The Best Delium Tires

Delium tires are reliable, high-quality additions to any vehicle but what happens when drivers are unable to make the right choices?

It is not always enough to know about a brand of tire that would work well, there are other considerations that have to be made as well.

An Honest Conversation With Oneself

No one ever wants to admit that they have driving habits that need to be changed. However, this is not the time to be lying to oneself.

The more honest we are with ourselves about our driving habits, the easier it becomes to find the best Delium tires possible. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the size and type of tire that is required by the owner’s manual?
  • What are my personal needs and priorities?
  • Am I purchasing more tire than I actually need?

Those who are willing to answer these questions honestly are going to be able to enjoy a much smoother process than those who do not.

Personal driving habits also have to be considered, so be sure to bear that in mind.

Is There a Major Difference Between New and Used Delium Tires?

Everyone who has driven for any length of time has probably come across a wide range of used tires that are on the side of the road.

Typically, they are free for the taking, which begs the question…..are used tires and new tires of the same quality.

People are always going to want to know whether they are able to save a few bucks on their tire shopping and Delium tires are a common topic of discussion.

While there are instances where a motorist can purchase a slightly worn tire to save a few bucks in a pinch, this is not a recommended practice.

Defects, punctures and normal wear and tear may not be as visible as expected.

On the other hand, new tires come with guarantees and warranties that ensure continued protection for the motorist. When used Delium tires are purchased, the purchaser is basically on their own as soon as the transaction is complete.

By taking the time and effort to purchase new tires, these are the issues that the buyer is safeguarding themselves against. The peace of mind that is provided when new Delium tires are purchased is something that no motorist can put a price on.

The motorist also has the joy of knowing that they will not have to replace their tires anytime soon.


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