Are Avis & Budget The SAME Company? (Quick Facts)

This article explores the intriguing relationship between these two popular rental agencies: Avis and Budget.

Avis Budget Group is the parent company of both Avis Car Rental and Budget Rent a Car. This American holding company, headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey, operates multiple brands in the car rental sector.

As separate subsidiaries, Avis and Budget cater to different customers and markets, but share common ownership.

Let’s dig deeper.

Avis and Budget Ownership

Ownership and Parent Company

Both Avis and Budget are part of the same parent company, Avis Budget Group.

Avis Budget Group operates the Avis brand in various regions, such as South Africa, North America, South America, India, Australia, and New Zealand.

In 2011, Avis Budget Group acquired Avis Europe, which globally reunited the Avis and Budget brands.

What are the differences between Avis and Budget?

The two brands offer different experiences to cater to different types of customers.

Avis positions itself as a premium car rental service, targeting customers looking for a more upscale experience. They are known for their well-maintained, newer vehicles, and offer a variety of luxury and high-end cars in their fleet. Avis also has a loyalty program called “Avis Preferred,” which rewards frequent renters with expedited service, the ability to go straight to their car at most locations, and earning loyalty points.

On the other hand, Budget focuses on delivering affordable car rental options to customers looking for cheap deals.

Their fleet consists of a mix of new and slightly older vehicles, offering competitive prices for a more budget-friendly experience. One of the perks they offer is the “Budget Fastbreak” program, which allows frequent renters to skip the line during pick-up and accumulate rewards points.

It’s worth noting that both Avis and Budget sometimes share facilities at pick-up locations, resulting in a similar pick-up process for the customers.

However, the experiences and options they offer are tailored to provide different levels of service, fitting various customer preferences and budgets.

In summary, Avis targets the premium segment of the market, while Budget caters to value-oriented customers in search of more affordable car rentals.

Are there any benefits of choosing Avis over Budget?

Customers may find that the service at Avis locations can be better, and the cars may be newer than those offered at Budget.

However, keep in mind that experiences may vary depending on the specific location, date, and time of the rental.

A notable advantage of choosing Avis over Budget, especially at airport locations, is the ability to enroll in the Avis Preferred program.

This membership is free to join and allows customers to skip the rental counter when picking up their vehicle, which can save time and make the overall rental process more convenient.

In summary, while both Avis and Budget fall under the same company umbrella, customers might decide to go with Avis for a more premium experience, better service, and the convenience of the Avis Preferred program. Just remember that individual experiences may vary, and it’s essential to shop around and compare both prices and specific offerings to ensure the best fit for your rental needs.

How do Avis and Budget work together?

Avis and Budget are both popular car rental companies, but they have different brand identities and cater to different customer segments. Avis targets upscale and leisure travelers, while Budget focuses on budget-conscious customers. However, these two companies are actually part of the same parent organization, Avis Budget Group.

Avis Budget Group, headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey, is an American car rental agency holding company.

It owns and operates several brands, including:

  • Avis Car Rental,
  • Budget Rent a Car,
  • Budget Truck Rental,
  • Payless Car Rental,
  • and Zipcar.

Despite functioning as separate brands, Avis and Budget share some resources and infrastructure within the Avis Budget Group.

This means that they can leverage their combined fleet size, customer base, and network of locations worldwide to improve their offerings and services to customers. Additionally, they benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of their parent company, which helps them maintain a competitive edge in the car rental industry.

While both companies operate independently in terms of marketing, pricing, and service offerings, they share back-end systems, such as reservation and fleet management platforms.

This collaboration helps streamline operations, reduce costs, and provide a more seamless experience for customers across both brands.

Comparing Avis and Budget

Locations and Operations

Avis and Budget both maintain an extensive global presence, with thousands of locations across numerous countries.

Avis operates around 5,500 locations, while Budget has approximately 3,000 locations worldwide.

Despite being owned by the same parent company, Avis and Budget function as distinct entities with separate operations. This means each brand has its own fleet of vehicles, service offerings, and pricing structures. The companies cater to different customer segments, with Avis targeting the premium market and Budget serving the value-oriented market.

Avis and Budget operate independently, with separate fleets and pricing, but ultimately belong to the same parent company.

Avis: A Brief History

Avis Airlines Rent-A-Car System was founded in 1946 by Warren E. Avis, a former Army Air Corps pilot. The company expanded quickly, and by 1953, it had begun franchise operations in Europe, Canada, and Mexico. Warren E.

Avis sold the company in 1954 to Richard S. Robie, who was a car-rental system owner operating in New England. Avis went through several ownership changes over the years, and eventually became part of the Avis Budget Group.

Key milestones in Avis history include:

  • 1946: Warren E. Avis founded Avis Airlines Rent-A-Car System
  • 1953: Franchise operations started in Europe, Canada, and Mexico
  • 1954: Warren E. Avis sold the company to Richard S. Robie

Budget: A Brief History

In contrast, Budget was established in 1958 by Morris Mirkin, who founded the company with just ten cars in Los Angeles, California. The aim was to offer customers a lower-cost alternative to other car rental options. The company expanded over the years and, similar to Avis, underwent several ownership changes before becoming part of Avis Budget Group.

Important events in Budget’s history include:

  • 1958: Morris Mirkin founded Budget Rent-A-Car with ten vehicles
  • 2011: Avis Budget Group acquires Avis Europe plc, uniting Avis and Budget brands globally

In summary, while Avis and Budget have distinct histories, they are currently part of the same parent company, Avis Budget Group, and operate under its umbrella.

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