11 Toyota Tacoma Statistics You Should Know (Facts & Numbers)

For years, Toyota’s midsize truck offering, the Tacoma, has dominated the U.S. pickup truck market.

In 2019 alone, annual sales of Tacomas were more than double of its closest rival. Fueling the Tacoma’s incredible sales performance is its reputation as a high-quality, rugged, and reliable truck.

Maybe you’re mulling over buying a Toyota Tacoma but want more information before deciding.

We’ve compiled some essential statistics concerning the model for you to consider.

Let’s dive right into it!

How Many Toyota Tacomas Have Been Sold Per Year In The U.S.?

U.S. sales of the Toyota Tacoma truck have seen a steady increase since the model started production in 1994.

The first year saw Toyota sell 88,967 Tacoma trucks, a number that had increased to 141,094 the next year. Since then, average annual sales for Toyota Tacomas have risen from 135,000 [first generation] to 145,000 [second generation].

Now in its third generation, sales of the Toyota Tacoma have maintained an upward growth. 248,801 models were sold in 2019, breaking all existing records.

The lowest year for Toyota Tacoma sales remains 1995 [89,967], which is the first year of its release.

Below is a list of annual U.S. sales figures for the Toyota Tacoma:

Year No. Of Models Sold
2019 248,801
2018 245,659
2017 198,124
2016 191,631
2015 179,562
2014 155,041
2013 159,485
2012 141,353
2011 110,705
2010 106,198
2009 111,824
2008 144,655
2007 173,238
2006 178,351
2005 168,831
2004 152,932
2003 154,154
2002 151,960
2001 161,831
2000 147,295
1999 155,476
1998 152,770
1997 138,558
1996 141,094
1995 89,967

What Year Did Toyota Start The Tacoma Models?

Toyota released the first Tacoma model in 1994, positioning it as the replacement for the older Hi-Lux truck.

Since then, the Tacoma has remained in production until date, spanning 25 years. In those years, it has undergone different major changes in body design, engine, and powertrain.

For its first generation [1994-2004], Toyota offered the Tacoma as a compact pickup truck.

However, the truck’s size and power have increased progressively through its second generation [2005-2015] and third-generation [2015-present].

Now, the Tacoma is classified as a full mid-sized truck.

How Is The Fuel Economy On Toyota Tacomas?

Models in the Toyota Tacoma lineup come in various configurations, with differences in powertrain, engine type, and cab number.

As a result, gas mileage ratings vary wildly across the Tacoma trucks. The 2019 model year alone saw up to eight separate MPG ratings on Tacoma models.

However, we can still give you an idea of the fuel economy on these trucks.

The Toyota Tacoma is not the truck to buy if you intend to save fuel. While it has better-than-average gas mileage, it consumes more fuel than other vehicles in its class.

Rival mid-sized trucks, including the GMC Canyon, Honda Ridgeline, and Ford Ranger, offer a better fuel economy.

For the 2020 models, factors influencing fuel efficiency include:

Engine Configuration

The Tacoma models with six-cylinder [V-6] engines consume more fuel than those with four-cylinder [V-4] engines.

A notable exception to this, however, is the V6-powered 2WD model. Despite having a bigger engine, it beats the V4-powered 4WD model’s fuel economy figures.

The primary reason for this is the difference in powertrain; four-wheel drive is less efficient than a two-wheel drive.


Toyota offers the Tacoma in different powertrain options, including two-wheel drive [2WD], rear-wheel drive [RWD], and four-wheel drive [4WD].

The rear-wheel-drive [V4] Tacoma offers the best gas mileage. The two-wheel-drive model closely follows it.

The four-wheel-drive models [V4/V6], although the most popular, offer the worst fuel economy across the Tacoma lineup.


Drivetrain type also affects gas mileage on these models.

Models with automatic transmission consume less fuel than manual models.

How Quickly Do Toyota Tacomas Depreciate?

Even as more Tacoma trucks leave dealership lots yearly, resale values have remained more robust than expected.

Some older Tacomas even sell for higher prices than newer models.

High demand fueled by a reputation for reliability and dependability has led to reduced depreciation on used Tacoma models.

According to a 2019 iSeeCars study, the value of a Toyota Tacoma will depreciate by 32% after the first five years. That means your Tacoma will retain an incredible 68% of its value after the first five years.

This feat places it atop the midsize pickup truck segment in terms of resale value.

Did Toyota Recall Any Of The Toyota Tacoma Models?

Although Toyota Tacomas rank as some of the highest-quality trucks, they have had few issues over the years.

Some of these issues have been minor and easily rectified, while more severe ones have led to massive recalls.

Per research data, the Toyota Tacoma truck has seen 49 recalls since it started production.

Below is a table showing annual recall numbers for Toyota Tacomas:

Year No. of recalls
2019 1
2018 1
2017 4
2016 4
2015 4
2014 4
2013 6
2012 7
2011 9
2010 13
2009 13
2008 11
2007 10
2006 11
2005 10
2004 5
2003 5
2002 5
2001 6
2000 5
1999 5
1998 5
1997 4
1996 6
1995 6

How Much Do The Tacoma Models Pollute?

Generally, Toyota Tacomas have high pollution figures, a result of their thirsty engines and weak fuel economy.

From our research, we discovered the same factors affecting fuel economy [engine, powertrain, and transmission] affect emissions as well.

Models with lower fuel consumption have lesser emissions and vice versa.

Here are the official EPA emissions statistics for the 2020 models:

Model CO2 Emissions Emissions Rating
Tacoma 2WD Automatic [4-cyl.] 423 gpm 4/10
Tacoma 2WD Automatic [6-cyl.] 431 gpm 4/10
Tacoma 4WD Automatic [6-cyl.] 441 gpm 4/10
Tacoma 4WD Automatic [6-cyl.] 448 gpm 4/10
Tacoma 4WD Manual [6-cyl.] 481 gpm 3/10
Tacoma 4WD TRD-ORP/PRO Manual [6-cyl.] 483 gpm 3/10

 How Much Do The Tacoma Models Tow?

Besides being an off-road beast, the Toyota Tacoma can also serve as a reliable towing vehicle.

The maximum towing capacity across the Tacoma models is 6,800 lbs., while the minimum is 3,500 lbs.

Towing capability across the Tacoma is affected by engine and cab type. V6-powered models haul heavier loads compared to V4-powered models.

Similarly, data suggests that Double Cab Tacomas have higher towing capacities than Access Cab Tacoma models.

How Reliable Are Toyota Tacomas?

Over time, the Toyota Tacoma has maintained a reputation as a reliable vehicle that can handle just about anything you throw at it.

Described as a rugged workhorse by owners, the Toyota Tacoma can deliver thousands of miles without breaking down. This single factor has driven sales of the Tacoma models to the record-breaking levels we see today.

However, some years have seen Tacoma releases that have been less reliable. In particular, the 2009, 2016, and 2017 model years were fraught with widespread consumer dissatisfaction with the truck.

Complaints revolved around defective design and erratic performance of components such as the transmission.

Nevertheless, the Tacoma’s reliability is considered a moot point in most automotive circles.

A 2020 J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Rankings ranked the Tacoma as one of the top three most dependable midsize trucks. Similarly, Consumer Reports awarded the 2020 Tacoma a 3/5 predicted reliability rating.

How Safe Are Toyota Tacomas

Given Toyota’s dedication to safety, it is no surprise that the Tacoma is one of the safest trucks in its class.

The 2020 models received a 4-star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Agency [NHTSA]. The NHTSA tested the Tacoma’s protection for passengers in case of a frontal, side, or rollover crash.

The model also has a Top Safety Pick designation from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety [IIHS]. It is one of the only three pickups to earn a Top Safety Pick/Top Safety Pick Plus designation from the IIHS in 2020.

All Tacoma models come with the Toyota Safety Sense P (TSS-P) suite, which contains an array of high-tech safety technologies.

The TSS-P features include lane departure alert, dynamic radar cruise control, and pedestrian warning system.

What Is The Typical Buyer Demographics For This Model?

Using data from J.D. Power, we discovered that most Tacoma owners are males with a median age of 55.

Besides, they earn, on average, an annual income of $96,471.

Vehicle performance and price matter a lot to this buyer demographic and influence their buying decisions. Besides, they are less concerned about factors such as fuel economy or pollution statistics.

Also, Tacoma buyers are less willing to buy a vehicle from a domestic company, preferring foreign-owned models. Moreover, they consider their trucks to be an extension of their personality and not a mere tool for transportation.

As a result, they prefer vehicles that are unique and stand out from the crowd.

Toyota Tacoma Theft Numbers

You don’t want to buy a truck and have it stolen down the line.

While you can do little to prevent theft, buying a vehicle with historically low theft rates may offer some protection.

Here is a list of annual theft rates for Tacoma trucks extending from 1995 through 2014:

Year No. of Vehicles Stolen
2014 76
2013 108
2012 65
2011 71
2010 77
2009 92
2008 156
2007 206
2006 221
2005 283
2004 259
2003 209
2002 315
2000 236
1999 412
1998 484
1997 333
1996 322
1995 162




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