Will A Hummer Fit My Garage? 4 Things To Know (Before Buying!)

Does my hummer fit in my garage?

If your garage door is below 7 feet, it may not accommodate a Hummer.

Let’s look at the actual dimensions of a Hummer and compare it to that of a regular garage to see if you can keep your vehicle out of the elements!

Hummer Dimensions

Model Year Height (Inches) Width (Inch) Length (Inch)
H1 77, 79, 75 86.5 184.5
H2 77.8, 79 81.3 203.5
H3 73.7, 73.2 74.7 188.1. 212.7


Dimensions of a Regular Sized Garage

A regular one-car garage measures 12 feet wide, 22 feet deep, and 7 feet high. Even the longest Hummer, which measures around 18 feet long, will fit into a standard garage with the dimension above. The only problem you can face is with the height.

Most standard garages have a height of 7 feet. This is perfect for any Hummer even if you have aftermarket tires.

However, your truck may not fit into the door if it has racks on the roof. In that case, you can either remove the rack or modify the door. But it’s often cheaper to get rid of the rack than to change your garage door.

Many houses now have garage doors that are 8 or 9 feet high as the craze for SUVs rises. With big cars comes more significant need for space.

So it’s advisable to make provisions for a high garage door if you plan to buy a jumbo-sized truck.

Before buying a Hummer, check if it has a rack and whether the additional height will allow you to park the vehicle in the garage. If your garage has enough room to accommodate the rack, that is fine. Otherwise, remove the appendage if it is not a necessity.

If possible, ask the seller to let you test drive the vehicle.

Take it home and try driving through the garage door to be sure. Unfortunately, this is not always possible for distance and security reasons. When in doubt, measure the vehicle and your garage.

Do Hummers Need a Garage?

Yes, and no. If you live in an area prone to adverse weather, it is better to park your Hummer in a garage to protect it from the elements.

People who stay in tropical regions with a mild climate can park their trucks outside.

Regardless of the local climate, it is always better to store your vehicle in a garage. A garage keeps the engine warm, allowing it to run more efficiently.

It also protects the exterior from harmful UV rays and keeps your paint shiny for longer. And the safety of the garage reduces the chances of theft or vandalism.

So a garage is ideal if you can afford one.

But if your home doesn’t have a garage or the one you have won’t take a Hummer, no problem. You can get a carport to shield your vehicle from the elements. Detailing can also help protect the exterior and keep the paint sparkling for a very long time.

Avoid parking the vehicle under trees or beneath gutters to prevent water from draining on it.

If you have a Hummer with a sunroof and plan to park it outside, know that the drain pipes can get clogged with dirt and pollen after a downpour. Clogged drains can flood the interior of the truck with water, soaking your floor mats and seats sometimes.

If this happens, consider getting repairs.

But you can prevent the blockage by spraying the roof once a week to remove accumulated particles.

Many H3 owners have complained about the leaky sunroof issue, but regular cleaning can prevent the issue. Still not working? You may have to swap the drain pipes for bigger tubes.

Can You Fit a Garage Opener Above the Hummer?

Hummers come standard with garage openers. For example, the Hummer H2 and H3 ship with the GM Homelink system. This lets you open your garage door automatically without the remote transmitter.

To use the Homelink system, program it to work with the Hummer. The instruction is available in your user manual. If you don’t have the instructions, check the video online.

If your Hummer does not come with the Homelink system, it’s easy to install an aftermarket garage door opener on the truck. Most brands provide detailed instructions to help you program the device to work with your vehicle and the garage.

If you don’t understand the programming controls, you may have to contact the company or seller for help. But most garage door openers are easy to program.

Some Homelink systems won’t program to specific openers from Liftmaster, Chamberlain, and Sears.

If this happens, buy an interface device that mounts on your opener. This will allow you to program the Homelink system. You can get the interface for around $30 at your local store.

How Much Space Do You Need Around a Hummer in a Garage?

The width of the H1’s front door is approximately 3 feet. Leave at least 36 inches between the Hummer and other vehicles to get out of the truck easily. That way, you will avoid scraping the body job.

The distance can be smaller if you are parking close to the wall, but make sure there is enough room to get your things out of the vehicle.

Final Words

The Hummer won’t fit into a small garage if it has a rack or other extras on the roof.

You may have to modify the door if it is too low or remodel the house if the garage is too small. Otherwise, you can leave the Hummer in the driveway if you live in a safe neighborhood.

The most important factors are the dimensions of the truck and your garage. If you plan to buy a Hummer, it is better to measure the height and compare it to your garage door.

It’s best to be sure of your garage door’s dimensions before getting the vehicle. However, new houses now have higher doors to accommodate large-bodied SUVs, so you may not have issues driving your Hummer into the garage.

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