Why Do Some Teslas Have Dual Motors? (Explained)

Some Tesla models have dual motors, which are not common in electric cars.

And this leaves questions on the mind of Tesla owners or about-to-be who are new to electric cars.

Whichever category you fall under, knowing why some Tesla models have dual motors gives you a better understanding of how to enjoy your EV to the maximum.

In this article, we explore why some Teslas have dual motors, how they differ from normal Teslas, the benefits, the range, the version, the cost, the numbers sold, and more.

This Is the Reason Some Teslas Have Dual Motors:

Tesla’s models with dual motors mean one motor in the front axle and one in the rear axle. Dual motors increase efficiency, power, and range when driving. These models deliver better traction on slippery roads with optimized ability.

How Are Dual Motor Teslas Different From Normal Teslas?

Dual-motor Teslas have a motor on each axle, which gives them all-wheel drive capabilities.

These motors deliver torque to the front and rear wheels independently and digitally. However, the single-motor Teslas includes a motor in the rear that only drives two of the wheels except the driveshaft is present.

With dual motor Teslas, all the wheels have access to power. With one motor for power and the other for range, the result of this is the ability to outperform normal Teslas in certain conditions.

One of these major functionalities is the ability of dual motors to still perform in situations where one motor breaks down. However, single-motor Teslas are rear wheels and are more affordable than dual motors.

Also, dual motor Teslas offer more efficient performance on slippery surfaces, higher speed, and deliver 100% of peak torque from a standing start.

They also have better range, improved handling, and other benefits.

You can see how far each Tesla can go on a charge here.

Single motor Teslas, however, have lesser parts that may make them lighter compared to models with dual motors. This may increase reliability, but they have a lesser range, lesser horsepower, and slower starting acceleration.

What Are the Benefits of Dual-Motor Teslas?

Teslas with dual motors offer benefits in many areas. These Teslas have proven to be better than their counterparts in areas such as range, traction and handling.

While some of these benefits may not apply to conventional drivers, most drivers will find them useful in their lifestyle. Here are some benefits you will enjoy in a Tesla with the dual motor.

1. Ideal for Cold Climates

A dual-motor Tesla is an all-wheel-drive vehicle, which improves handling and driving on wet, icy, or slippery surfaces. This is a great option for people who live in areas where the weather is colder.

With one motor driving the back axle, and another driving the front axle, your car has a better capacity to drive on the road even when snow or ice is covering it.

You can easily pull through corners during harsh weather when driving dual-motor Teslas.

2. Offers Longer Range

Dual-motor Teslas offer more range than single-motor models.

For example, the double motors come with long-range batteries, unlike the single-motor Teslas. For people who drive longer distances, these Teslas are a good choice.

Dual motors and bigger batteries mean more weight, but electric cars lose range in cold weather. This is where dual motors win.

Their bigger batteries can offset the loss of range on a chilly day.

3. Delivers Faster Acceleration 

Regular Tesla models offer enough acceleration and speed when we compare them to other electric cars.

Also, some of these Teslas outperform most traditional combustion-engine cars, such as the single-motor Tesla Model 3 standard against the Ferrari Testarossa.

However, double-motor Teslas provide even superior acceleration that single-motor Teslas and some high-performing supercars don’t offer.

For example, the Ferrari F360, Audi R8, or Aston Martin Vanquish’s level of acceleration cannot compete with that of the dual-motor Tesla Model 3 performance.

4. Offers All-Wheel Drive

The all-wheel drive capability dual-motor Teslas offer makes them better at handling wet, icy, or slippery conditions than normal Teslas and gasoline cars.

The car’s ability to turn all four wheels gives it a firmer grip. Thus, while driving on snow or ice, the car is more stable.

They have a better driving experience with less or no tire slippage. With the all-wheel drive, these Teslas reduce issues that may arise when driving on slippery surfaces.

How Much More Performance Does a Dual-Motor Tesla Deliver?

Dual-motor Teslas deliver more performance than their single-motor counterparts. While this performance is unique to each model, these Teslas offer an instant response, so owners can take off faster than they do in their single-motor Teslas.

Also, owners have access to more horsepower than they have in their rear-wheel-drive models. Note that while most vehicles sacrifice horsepower for torque or vice versa, owing to the dual motors, these models can offer both optimally in one car.

How Much Faster Do Dual-Motor Teslas Go From 0 to 60?

All Tesla models are not only popular for being great electric cars, but customers also know them to be one of the fastest electric cars in the industry.

Owing to a carbon spoiler, the 2022 dual-motor Model 3 and Model S can go from 0 to 60 in as little as 3.1 seconds.

The dual motor Model Y takes 4.4 seconds in the long-range model and just 3.6 seconds in the Performance model to cover the 0 to 60 dash. However, with the Model S Plaid, drivers can go from 0 to 60 in 2.1 seconds, according to Car and Driver’s tests.

With this performance, Tesla dual motor models do not offer better acceleration than single motor models but can compete and perform better than some fastest gasoline cars.

How Much More Torque Do You Get With a Dual-Motor Setup?

Owners get more torque from their dual-motor Teslas than the single-motor models. The presence of the dual-motor in these Teslas makes it possible for car owners to get at least 100 lb-ft of torque more compared to a single motor model.

However, some models offer over 100 lb-ft of torque more compared to a single motor model. The 2022 Model S, for example, offers 487 lb-ft torque.

Also, the 2022 Model 3 single-motor Tesla offers 258 horsepower along with 317 lb-ft of torque, while the dual-motor model offers 450 horsepower along with 471 lb-ft of torque. This means not just more torque, but also more horsepower.

While you can get more torque than a single-motor with your dual-motor model, note the Tri-Motor models offer more torque than the dual-motors.

Do Dual-Motor Teslas Have More or Less Range?

The dual-motor Teslas offer more range than normal Teslas. So far, these Teslas have proven to have longer battery range, which provides peace of mind for people covering longer distances.

Also, all the Tesla models with dual range offer more miles than other trims, including the tri-motor models.

The Tesla Model 3 rear-wheel drive offers a range of 272 miles, while the dual-motor Long-Range version offers 358 miles per charge, which equals an extra 86 miles.

At up to 348 miles, the Model X offers a longer driving range but does not have a single-motor model. Instead, customers have to go for its Tri-Motor trim, which offers better power but no higher range than the dual motor model.

Though not as impressive as the Tri-Motor trim, customers still get to enjoy great power and acceleration in their dual-motor Model X.

The Model Y has up to 303 miles for the standard range trim, while the all-wheel drive Long Range offers about 330 miles per charge. Both trims offer dual motors as standard, thus buyers only need to find which suits them.

Note that while the Long Range Model Y offers higher mileage, the standard trim offers better performance.

The Model S offers the longest miles, with a range that is up to 405 miles on a single charge. Despite offering the best range among Tesla models, the Model S also offers great power and control.

The model S Plaid, however, is a Tri motor model that offers about 396 miles of range. However, this model offers faster acceleration and better performance.

Do All Tesla Models Have a Dual Motor Version?

All Tesla models, Model X, Model S, Model Y, and Model 3, have a dual motor version. Also available are add-on options customers can include for a better driving experience.

The Model 3 comes with an option for a dual motor. The dual motor Model S was the world’s first dual electric motor production car and comes with the autopilot feature. Tesla launched this model in 2014 and has since continued to see a rise in its price.

Model Y offers two options for dual motor models. Consumers can choose from the Long Range and the Performance trims. The Model X, however, comes standard with dual motors, namely the standard Model X and the Model X Plaid.

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How Much More Do You Pay to Get a Dual-Motor Tesla?

Dual-motor Teslas are more expensive than single-motor Teslas.

However, these Teslas have proved the prices are worth the performance, but this depends on individual needs and location.

For people living in harsh weather, want more range, or need more speed, dual motor Teslas have proven the best choice so far.

However, note that the prices of Teslas with dual motors vary based on the model and other features. Listed below is each Tesla dual-motor model and how much more they cost:

Tesla Model 3

The 2022 Model 3 is the cheapest, with the rear-wheel drive starting at an MSRP of $46,990, with no upgrades, taxes, destination fees, and others.

Tesla Model 3 long-range dual motor, however, starts at the price of $55,990, making it $9,000 more expensive to get. Note that the Tesla Model 3 long-range production is no longer available until 2023.

Tesla Model Y

The 2022 Model Y is currently the newest Tesla EV and sells at higher prices than the Model 3.

Model Y offers only dual motor options, with the Long Range starting at an MSRP of $65,990. The Performance trim has a starting price of $69,990. Note that these prices get higher when customers include optional features.

Tesla Model S

The dual motor model S starts at an MSRP of $104, 990, but there is an option to include some upgraded features, but with extra charges.

The other version of the Model S is the Tri-Motor Model S Plaid, which comes at an MSRP of $135,990 with no upgrades.

Tesla Model X

The dual-motor Model X starts at an MSRP of $120,990. There is the Plaid model which offers Tri-motor all-wheel drive.

The Model X Plaid version starts at $138,990. Note that customers who are placing orders for the Model X Plain are expecting it no later than March 2023.

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How Many Teslas Are Sold With Dual-Motors?

While we can’t get the general statistics of the dual-motor models Tesla has sold so far, we can only discuss the model Y numbers accurately.

This is because it’s the only Tesla model that offers only dual motors. Thus, the statistic will still be accurate even when the numbers are the overall sales units.

So far, in the year 2022, Tesla Model Y has reached delivery of 500,000 this year from research. While we may not get the numbers of the other models, the Tesla Model Y is the best-selling model so far, thus taking up a higher percentage of the dual motor sales units.

However, the statistics for the dual model 3, X, and S are available as overall sales units with other trims that offer differing motor options.

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