3 Weird Cars People Actually Built (With Pictures)

Some ideas are just too good to not pull off.

Here are some of the wildest car design ideas that were actually turned into reality by some really creative mechanics and car enthusiasts!

1) The Upside-Down Pickup Truck

This car is hilarious.

This mechanic actually built an upside-down car!

This guy is Rick Sullivan. He spent almost six months and more than $5,000 building this crazy pickup truck by parts from two separate vehicles. The car is actually registered and fully road-legal.

It’s made from a 1991 Ford Ranger pickup truck and it has a 1995 Ford F-150 pickup truck body.

You can see a video here of the thing – it’s REALLY FUNNY:

2) The Transparent Car Project

This car is another really weird creation.

It was actually made to show off the safety features inside the car and also to show how cars will be self-driving soon.

The car was driven in the street by models and you can see the airbags as well as many other safety features.

The car was made from acrylic and upwards 90% of the car is actually completely see-through! 

The car features many sensors and radar to avoid collisions and it also features a new seat belt that automatically will loosen and tighten when needed.

The company behind the creation is TRW. They are currently one of the leading automotive safety suppliers in Germany, with clients including Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and Ford, and Toyota.

So, they know what they’re doing!

Here’s a video that shows the car in real action.

The next one is from Russia.

3) The Car With 8 Wheels

This car was built at a garage in Russia and it had a few test runs before they actually decided to finish it and give it a nice red finish.

Again, it was built by a group of mechanics who wanted to create some buzz and attention in the local community around their company.

The project was built around a Fiat Uno hatchback:

The design is a front-wheel-drive model so there’s very little traction on the road.

The design literally makes it impossible to make a decent turn and the engine also sounds like it is really struggling! (see below).

But no doubt the mechanics behind this project really had fun with it!

Here’s the video of the built.

You’ll see that they actually didn’t start out with such a nice car!


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